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04 January 2005

John Fund has the Internet Buzzing Today

The Wall Street Journal's John Fund has had the Internet buzzing today with his allegation made in the (subscription only) Political Diary that the same person's signature may have appeared on more than 300 King County provisional ballots. This would be especially compelling evidence of fraud. It's nearly 100% likely that all of the votes will be for Democrat Christine Gregoire.

From Sound Politics:

Fund states that “A handwriting analyst hired by the state's home-building industry believes there is strong evidence that one person may have signed over 300 provisional ballots cast in a controversial precinct [1823] in which hundreds of voters listed the county's administration building as their home address." Fund then goes on to say that with so much uncertainty in the election that “It's time to call in both state investigators and the FBI and have a look at the anomalies in this race.”

The team at Sound Politics has done absolutely incredible investigative work, everything the Times and P-I refuse to do at a great disservice to their readers. It's more evidence that bloggers are posing a significant challenge to the stubborn Old Media.


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