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01 January 2005

San Francisco Can't Learn From Failure

San Francisco liberalism increasingly has two components: one, a stubborn tendency to cling to ideas that have already failed elsewhere. Somehow, the particularly enlightened people of San Francisco will make something work that has been a disaster everywhere else.

Secondly, it's about publicity. The gay marriages on city hall steps were in large part a publicity stunt engineered by SF's egocentric mayor Gavin Newsom. For Newsom, it was a chance to milk the national publicity and placate the radical left at the same time.

Now the issue is gun confiscation, which should get the city back in the headlines after the gay marriage issue died down. Never mind that other cities have tried this and found it a major failure. It's about stubbornness for its own sake:

(Fox News)

"When you get guns out of people's homes and off the streets, it means that that gun is not going to be used in a shooting that kills someone, whether a murder or an accidental shooting," said Chris Daly, supervisor of San Francisco.

San Francisco officials are pushing a ballot measure to prohibit just about everyone who isn't a cop, security guard or member of the military from having a handgun in their home or office.

Supporters of gun rights, however, say the ban would deny basic rights.

"What it's really about, the end game is, taking away civilians' firearms and depriving them of the most effective tool that there is for self-defense," said Chuck Michel, spokesman for the California Rifle and Pistol Association.


  • You're right. I'm sick of all the gays supposedly fighting for their civil rights when all they really want is the publicity. And now the lefties push for gun control- as if we have a problem with violence in our society!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 January, 2005 21:51  

  • If gay marriage was such a big issue in SF, why didn't anybody try to make it happen prior to 2004? Because it was a stunt. Newsom seized upon court decisions in Mass. and Canada and milked the publicity to the end. He and his wife love to be on television.

    Gun confiscation in SF will be a joke. Criminals aren't going to willingly give them up. They are not afraid to break the law as it is. They won't be worried about running afoul of this new law. They only people who will be hurt are law-abiding citizens who need protection from the very criminals that San Francisco loves to coddle.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 01 January, 2005 22:08  

  • Civil rights issues are always just a stunt. You are damn right!

    And since criminals cannot be stopped, why try? Let's just give up. I'm going to buy a handgun soon. Nobody better mess with me!

    Am I the only one who reads this pathetic blog?

    Peace, Brian.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 January, 2005 03:27  

  • Next time, dumbass.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 January, 2005 05:08  

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