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05 March 2005

Astounding Bias Example From The Seattle Times

Here's one to remember for a long, long time: the day the Seattle Times tried to undercut solid, irrefutable evidence that fraud tainted the 2004 Washington State Gubernatorial election, by focusing instead on the actions of a lobbyist.

The goods have been delivered, the evidence of a stolen election, and the Times is fully aware of it. Names on the GOP's newly released list are tied to instances of illegal voting.

Earlier, the two stories below were reversed on the Seattle Times website main page:

Trickery used to check voters' signatures

Democrats liken the methods used by a builders group to a form of identity theft.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer's website shows even more blatant bias, with the only coverage of the GOP's hand over of the list a story about Democrats scolding them for "smearing the voters."

Update: it only gets worse this morning. The Times site focuses only on Democrats slamming Republicans over their list on not on the real story, the data itself:

Errors in GOP's list of illegal votes, Dems say

Democrats say Republicans are wrong about an alleged vote from the grave and six people accused of voting twice.


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