The Radio Equalizer: Brian Maloney

21 March 2005

Barney Frank's Congressional Circus

Democrats Skirt Issues in Schiavo Debate

Watching Barney Frank's House floor farce tonight revealed that Democrats know they look bad on issues of life and death, so the Bay State disgrace and his cohorts worked hard to disguise, duck and deflect the debate toward other issues.

It's not about a hungry woman whose family wants to feed her, let's instead argue about habeas corpus and legal jargon!

Nor is it about a right to live, it's government meddling, where it doesn't belong.

Isn't that a riot to hear from Democrats?

They sounded cold, mean and inhumane, while Republicans passionately argued for Terri's right to live. Democrats responded by complaining about the late hour and giving up their Sunday to be summoned to the chamber.

It's a party with a morbid obsession with making sure innocent people die, while perpetrators of violent crimes get to live.

It's one thing to say that Barney Frank is a disgrace to the Bay State delegation with his antics, but that's not important, it's really about the damage he and his comrades did to their party tonight. They truly embarrassed themselves.

They may have just ensured Republican control of the chamber for many years to come.


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