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23 March 2005

It Didn't End With 2004 Election

Another GOP Office Hit, Does Anyone Ever Get Caught?
Time to Pay Attention Once Again

Is this the first sign the 2008 election season is underway?

Thugs are attacking GOP offices again, this time in Port Angeles, Washington. Police don't have anything to confirm it was politically motivated, but nothing was taken from the local party headquarters and several pieces of concrete were thrown through windows, according to the Peninsula Daily News.

The paper didn't report that any nearby businesses had also been targeted.

It follows by several weeks another incident that occurred in Frankfort, Kentucky.

They follow to a T an established pattern around the country: a local Republican Party office is vandalized, police don't have any leads or motives, the media dismisses it as the work of bored kids or some other excuse and the story fades.

Do we ever see follow-through on captured culprits? I did some digging: in instances reported nationwide, I could only find one indication of arrests, in a brazen attack on a Republican office by anarchists in Raleigh, North Carolina. In other reports of pre-election violence, I couldn't find any follow-ups, from Flagstaff, to Spokane, to Santa Cruz, Hollister and Frankfort.

Another case that resulted in felony charges, was for five suspects allegedly involved in the slashing of tires before the election, outside Republican offices in Milwaukee.

These attacks got a decent amount of attention last year. But they're obviously continuing and we need to pay close attention.

In Kentucky, the Frankfort office incident was especially sinister: in a late February break-in, thieves got what they wanted: computer data on GOP donors. It was the second instance there alone in just six weeks. As with Port Angeles, it occurred months after the election.

How many have been hit across the nation? Try this search:

Google Search for GOP Office Vandalized

About a dozen different instances emerge just in the first three pages of results (even the New York Times documented at least 40 cases before the election). If that link doesn't work with your (non-Firefox) browser, try entering the words yourself.

(Peninsula Daily News- Port Angeles, Wash -Brian Gawley)
(Tip: Orbusmax)

PORT ANGELES -- Authorities and Republican Party leaders are investigating -- and wondering why -- pieces of concrete were thrown through the window of party headquarters.

County Republican Party Vice Chairman Fred Norton said the vandalism must have occurred between 9 p.m. and midnight on Thursday.

He received a call from Port Angeles police about 12:30 a.m. Friday, and reached the storefront office at 509 S. Lincoln St. about 1 a.m.

The police told him someone had thrown what looked like sections of concrete curb through the window, Norton said.

Two of them went through the windows and hit the office's desk, and the third bounced off the door, bending it and breaking the glass, he said.

Update: so far the only other blogosphere reference I can find is by Matt Rosenberg, of Rosenblog fame, who covered it for Sound Politics. Can we afford to let this go?

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  • I'm a Dinocrat and as I did in the run-up to the 2004 election (I supported K-E) - I am going to condemn this in the strongest possible terms.

    It's obvious to me that the freedom to associate is under assault... unless you're in a union and bought yourself a gov'r.

    By Blogger Josef, at 25 March, 2005 11:26  

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