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12 March 2005

It Gets Worse

The Washington State Democrat Party's knee-jerk responses to each new revelation of fraud, incompetence and ineptitude from King County Elections do nothing other than further undermine their credibility.

Today's report, revealing that at least 40 provisional voters may have cast two ballots, either by accident or intentionally, is especially troubling. How it happened is important, sure, but how it impacted the contested gubernatorial race is key.

(Seattle Times- Keith Ervin)

Forty voters who improperly put their provisional ballots through polling-site counting machines in King County during the Nov. 2 governor's election were credited with casting additional votes, county records released yesterday indicate.

Elections Superintendent Bill Huennekens said he doesn't know how many of them might have actually voted twice. "We would have to go back and look at each one of them," he said yesterday.

There are two possible explanations: Either the voters did indeed cast more than one vote, or they were incorrectly credited with more than one vote.

Asked if he plans to examine those voters' records, Huennekens said he has not had a chance to talk about it with his boss, Elections Director Dean Logan.

Logan will appear before the Metropolitan King County Council Monday to answer questions about mistakes in the Nov. 2 election and how the process can be improved.

How to improve the process? The wrong person was elected governor as the result of these blunders and fraud!

Here's where the Dems blow it:

State Democratic Party Chairman Paul Berendt cautioned against jumping to conclusions.

"A double credit oftentimes is human error," Berendt said. "On face value, I don't find that to be that odd or out of character. They'll have to take a look at it to see what they'll find."

The 40 voters in question are among 348 known to have improperly put provisional ballots into counting machines.

Ninety-two of the 348 voters were deemed ineligible to vote because they weren't registered, they were credited with casting other votes or they had signature problems.

As always, expect the details from SoundPolitics.


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