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05 March 2005

MA: Mitt, Just Don't Get in Ted's Car

Politics and the Twilight Zone collide as Gov. Mitt Romney and Sen. Ted Kennedy pal around at the Newton Marriott. The 1994 US Senate opponents joked, as happy aides gushed.

It's strangeness defined.

Romney got the bigger boost out of the exchange, as he needs to mend some of the damage done by his recent national politicking that ticked off a lot of Bay Staters. He indicated an intention to run for re-election in 2006. That's news to the GOP, who all but concede they need to find a new candidate for the race.

Teddy seemed to like having the gov's approval as well, so this was a happy time for both, but a tough day for the rest of us.

(Boston Herald- Kimberly Atkins)

Smiles and back-patting replaced partisan differences as Sen. Edward M. Kennedy [related, bio] and Gov. Mitt Romney [related, bio] displayed rare camaraderie yesterday as they joined forces to push high-tech initiatives.
``This is a great season of being able to work with the senator,'' Romney said at yesterday's Massachusetts High Technology Council annual meeting at the Newton Marriott. ``To be able to hear him today gives you a great sense of his vision and passion and the mission that he has and which we share.''
Excited Kennedy aides spread word of Romney's praise for the man he tried to unseat in 1994, and the senator, in remarks punctuated by light tones and jokes, acknowledged the irony of the alliance.
``I don't know who's more surprised - me accepting the invitation and seeing the governor here, or the governor being here and seeing me here,'' Kennedy said to laughter from the crowd. ``In any event, I am delighted to be here with the governor.''
Romney also gave a strong signal that he intends to run for re-election. ``We'll both be on the same ballot,'' Romney said of the 2006 election, when both he and Kennedy are up for re-election. ``Fortunately people can vote for both of us, and that's the way I like it.''

Gov. Mitt Romney and Sen.
Edward M. Kennedy share a laugh.
(Boston Herald staff photo by Mike Adaskaveg)


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