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24 March 2005

"One-Dollar Girls" Face Exploitation

More UN Wrongdoing, Liberals Defend Agency

Have you noticed that the very same "progressives" who slam the US for every supposed instance of wrongdoing, are silent when it comes to constant fraud and abusive actions, by UN troops and officials all over the world?

In fact it's surprising to see the Washington Post taking the initiative to write such a story.

Many girls in Kabila's war-ravaged Congo are in such bad shape they're willing to sell themselves for a glass of milk. A dollar's the best they can hope for from obviously generous UN peacekeepers and officials.

Like the Oil-For-Food Scandal, this is another UN atrocity that liberals are busy pretending isn't happening. Their utopian ideal of global government is much more important than the welfare of starving girls in Congo.

Expect the silence to continue from Ted Turner and all the other UN apologists.

(Emily Wax, Washington Post via Seattle Times)

BUNIA, Congo — She's known in the community as a "one-dollar U.N. girl." At night, she sleeps on the cracked pavement outside a storefront. In the mornings, she sashays through the dusty streets, clutching a frayed parasol against the blinding sun.

Yvette and her friends are also called kidogo usharatis, Swahili for small prostitutes. They loiter outside the camps of U.N. peacekeepers, hoping to sell their bodies for a mug of milk, a cold soda or — best of all — a single dollar.

"I'm sad about it. But I needed the dollars. I can't go farm because of the militias. Who will feed me?" asked Yvette. At 14, she has a round face with wide eyes beneath a cap of neatly shorn hair, and her hands rest on her hips in an older girl's pose.


  • Yeah, and the Bush administration is just running off at the mouth about it.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 April, 2005 22:27  

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