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23 March 2005

Today's Blog Action

Home Runs From Michelle Malkin

Among them today: further details on the Power Line report casting doubt on the validity of the supposed "Republican memo" spelling out political gains to be made from exploiting Terri Schiavo's situation. Note the Boston Globe as a partner in crime:

In an editorial titled "Exploiting Terri Schiavo," the Boston Globe says the memo was distributed by "Republican leaders." The Globe attributes this information to the two MSM outlets that broke the story: ABC News and the Post.

But neither ABC News nor the Post is saying who wrote and circulated the memo. Indeed, despite an ABC News headline characterizing the memo as "GOP talking points," I haven't been able to find a single instance in which any ABC News or Post reporter stated unequivocally that the memo was written by someone affiliated with the Republican Party.

ABC's Linda Douglass, who first broke the story on Friday March 18, said only that "ABC News has obtained talking points circulated among Republican Senators, explaining why they should vote to intervene in the Schiavo case...."

Charles Babington and Mike Allen of the Post wrote on Monday March 21 that Sen. Bill Frist "denounced an unsigned memo circulated to Republican lawmakers over the weekend...."

Captain Ed's Internet Libel Warning

At Captain's Quarters, Cap'n Ed reveals how British courts are asserting jurisdiction over the entire Internet for purposes of libel and slander suits, where the legal burden is essentially on the defendant to prove he or she didn't defame the plaintiff.

Therefore, a publication distributed entirely outside of the UK could still fall under the court's jurisdiction, if it's available in the country via the Internet.

God help us if the Canadians do this too, or we will face group libel suits for defaming vegans, environmentalists, gay activists, or whoever else wants to sue us, using the courts of an unfree country like Canada.

Teddy Pulls Some Strings

At MassRight, word is out about how Ted Kennedy tried to pull strings to get top-notch medical care for an ailing Boston Globe columnist. Tom Oliphant was already on the way to a better hospital, so Teddy's help turned out to be unneeded.


Matt at Martini Pundit reveals the price of insulting a colleague in Saudi Arabia: 200 lashes.

Voting, Hillary-Style

Georgia's Considerettes ponder the election day damage that could be done by Hurricane Hillary.

Fun Viewing

The Museum of Left Wing Lunacy can't wait to see the new HBO expose on Air America.


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