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05 April 2005

American Blog Rattles Crooked Canadian Government

Circumventing Ottawa
Captain's Quarters Exposes What 'Loonie' Media Can't

(Updated: 6pm Tuesday)

One of the great pleasures of hosting evening talk radio programs in Seattle was in reaching a large number of western Canadians. Many towns in British Columbia and Alberta could hear us more clearly at night than stations in Vancouver and Calgary.

The beauty was in providing a rare opportunity to deliver an American viewpoint directly to Canadians. Their own outlets filter and distort it, leading to much of the animosity that exists toward Americans today. Even still, BC and Alberta residents generally exhibit the most reasonable, common-sense viewpoints you'll find in the country, Vancouver city limits notwithstanding.

This government-induced media repression is designed to protect the corrupt minority-coalition Liberal Party government and ensure that America is seen as the real problem.

I spent as much time as possible north of the border, to get to know this strange and fascinating country, with its exceptionally friendly people.

Canadian talk radio, with some French-language exceptions in Quebec, is notoriously boring, by design: it simply can't be very controversial without running afoul of various laws and special interest mobs looking to file "group libel" suits against the media. For instance, insulting vegetarians on the air could bring a suit against you, filed on behalf of all people who identify as such. As a result, many of the daytime talk programs are filled with dull book authors and discussions of mundane PC silliness.

What a country.

On a much larger scale and in a shorter time frame, American-based Captain's Quarters has done something truly revolutionary- he's given the Canadian people what Prime Minister Paul Martin and his crooked Liberal Party are trying to keep covered up- evidence of sleazy dishonesty that could finally bring down this rotten regime once and for all.

It began just days ago, when Captain Ed Morrissey began to spill the details of the sealed report of the Gomery Commission, which spells out with witness testimony how the Liberals diverted many millions of taxpayer dollars to ad agencies who did little or no work, then moving the money into party accounts.

Canadian publications, including blogs, are prohibited from releasing this information to the public, but with Cap'n Ed's help, it was published in America, then linked from Canadian sites. Now the corrupt Martin regime, along with the Judge Gomery and his commission, are furious at this leak.

They're looking at charges against various Canadian sites, merely for linking to Captain Ed's articles. Now links are illegal in Canada!

Ed is continuing to bring all of the latest details of what is known as AdScam, but the Canadian media is being warned today not to so much as even mention the name of Captain's Quarterly in print or face charges.

Americans need to understand there is no such thing as a First Amendment in Canada. The country has always placed the emphasis on order and (public conformity with) good government rather than freedom.

What Captain Ed has done this last week is break exciting new ground in the blogosphere. Perhaps this medium really does have the potential to bring down repressive governments around the world, allowing people to live in freedom. Canada should be the first place where this occurs.

As for Ed, he deserves an award for his efforts. But I wouldn't try visiting Canada anytime soon if I were him.

: a number of Canadians seem to be using American sites such as this one today, that have links to Captain's Quarters, for whatever reason.

Starting with this site, or others that mention Ed's work, then going to CQ, seems to be the strategy. Of course, if they know how to reach CQ directly, that still seems to be possible from Canadian providers. Or am I wrong about that?

Large numbers are clearly using Technorati's blog search engine to locate the information. I saw a surge in Canadian readers reaching me through these searches within moments of my initial post.

Update: Captain Ed has updated his AdScam posts with the latest.

1.07am Update: Captain's Quarters allows its site traffic to be viewed by the public. Check this out, it will astound you!

Update: Excellent Canadian perspectives here. Plus, new Canadian visitors are now finding my recent piece on Dr. David Ahenakew and whether he influenced young Red Lake shooter Jeff Reise.

Also: CBC News conforms to ban, American sites not named in latest update. The cat's out of the bag, guys!

Captain Ed gets major write up in Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper. Website name not mentioned.

Conservative Party of Canada now in a scramble to prepare for possible snap election. Under Canadian parliamentary system, ruling party can call one at almost any time.

National Post says Martin and Liberals trying to paint themselves as victims, rather than ringleaders, of the sponsorship scandal.

6pm: Ed reports the Canadian Attorney General is looking to prosecute those guilty of linking to Captain's Quarters and other sites. Meanwhile his traffic soars even higher, to stratospheric levels. It's hard to reach his site at times.

An excellent primer on Canadian media restrictions from Ontario Tory Brent Colbert (with a warning on a coming crackdown on bloggers by the evil Martin Regime):

In Canada we have been living under a publication ban for generations imposed on us by the CRTC. Critical thought has been removed from our airwaves. Vicious attacks on institutions and persons that Canadians support and respect is passed off as news. ( Don’t believe me watch the CBC coverage of the passing of Pope John Paul II) .

We have no alternative press, even the free “indi’ tabloids given away in the urban centers are owned by the media giants, (EYE and Now for example)

We have no talk radio, no “Fair and Balanced” cable news, and very little in the way of conservatives in print journalism.

Enter the blogosphere, over the last few days if you had even the simplest reference to the Gomery Commission, Jean Brault, the publication ban, or Sponsorship you would have seen your hits shoot through the roof as web searchers stumble over our little blogs.


  • Howdy Brian - great Blog I'm Canadian and I am posting everything.

    By Blogger darcey, at 04 April, 2005 17:49  

  • small dead animals is reporting soaring Canadian hits...

    Wait till more start watching Fox News and get the real news...

    The truth will set Canadians free!

    By Blogger Maggie, at 04 April, 2005 19:50  

  • Excellent piece, Brian. It's not just the Canadians who need to wake up; this is the type of thing that easily creeps across the border, especially in light of our squishy Supreme Court.

    By Blogger rich glasgow, at 04 April, 2005 23:34  

  • Thanks Darcey and Maggie:

    Thank goodness there are some Canadians who aren't afraid of Ottawa. It's a great new example of what I hope will become a habit: Americans and Canadians working together for a brighter future on both sides of the border.

    Thank goodness Fox News is now available in Canada, after years of being blocked by Liberal-appointed commissioners.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 05 April, 2005 01:22  

  • Rich: Thanks for your comments and for linking to my page.

    Your coverage is excellent, a link to your site "This Is Rich" is available to readers in the very bottom right corner of this page and in the sidebar blogroll.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 05 April, 2005 01:24  

  • Thanks for the plug, Brian. I just recently discovered your blog, and I'll be back often. Keep up the good work.

    By Anonymous kaqchikel, at 08 April, 2005 13:20  

  • Thank you for the refrence to my post on the threat posed by the Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) like the American FCC only much worse.

    If you don't believe that some people in government wish to control the internet you need only to read "The Communications Stream of Conspiracy Commerce" a report commissioned by Hillary Clinton and what was probably what she was refering to when she made her "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" statement.

    By Anonymous Brent Colbert, at 09 April, 2005 11:02  

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