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08 April 2005

Yob Watch USA

Hockey Coach Pounds Referee
Brutal Attack Stuns Spectators

A savage attack on an adult recreational hockey league referee by a Cape Cod, Mass., high school coach during a game Wednesday, really leads a person to wonder what generates the level of rage necessary to act out so violently in front of spectators.

All the crowd could do is watch, as Michael Nunges of Barnstable, Mass., allegedly attacked referee William Ahern, in a manner previously seen only during Vancouver Canucks games. Nunges is accused of gouging Ahern's eyes and banging his head against the ice several times.

The story doesn't mention if children were present to view this horrible sight. But would it be anything they haven't already seen on TV?

An Orleans, Mass., district court judge released this ticking time bomb from custody Thursday evening, pending trial. Does that sound like a good idea?

Hasn't society become terribly numb to these these types of stories? Gone are the days where this incident alone might have fueled talk radio for days. I'm not sure that will be the case this time. How long did people talk about the recent Red Lake shootings, as opposed to the Columbine massacre six years earlier, for that matter?

It's American-style yobbish behavior, like the brutal street thugs that terrorize English cities and villages, but without the punchline found in Tony Husband's hilarious Yobs comic strip from England's Private Eye Magazine. There's something really wrong when a simple adult league game results in this savage level of violence.

(AP via Boston Herald)

DENNIS, Mass. - The coach of Barnstable High School's hockey team is charged with attacking and beating a referee who sent him to the penalty box during a men's hockey league playoff game, police said.

Michael Nunges, 36, of Barnstable, was arrested Wednesday at an ice rink in South Dennis. The referee - William Ahern, 48, of West Bridgewater - was treated for head and facial injuries at Cape Cod Hospital and released later that night.

At Tony Kent Arena on Wednesday night, Nunges and a group of men were playing in an adult recreational hockey league where checking players against the boards isn't allowed.

With around 20 minutes left in the game, Nunges started to berate Ahern for calling a penalty on him for tripping, police said. Nunges served his penalty and returned to his team's bench.

When Ahern warned him to stop yelling, Nunges hopped back onto the ice, skated over to Ahern and tripped him from behind, according to police. Ahern told police that Nunges jumped on top of him, gouged his eyes, then ripped off his helmet and banged his head on the ice three or four times.


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