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21 May 2005

Blog Links For 21-22 May 2005

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--- Somebody smoked a Cuban cigar in the US Senate. Three guesses, need that many? Barking Moonbat has it all.

--- Somehow Michelle Malkin hosts the O'Reilly Factor and keeps her blog updated. Here's the latest on Saddam-Fruit-Of-The-Loom-gate.

--- NWRepublican warns of a major effort to gut the Second Amendment in Oregon.

--- Kent says, mind your manners, while travelling overseas. Chances are, the locals speak English (funny how our immigrant arrivals don't). I could tell a few stories about foreign travel as well.

--- Spokane's Drunken Republican has a fresh post about King County's election fraud.

--- Wind Farm Blog has the latest on efforts to block renewable energy in Congress. A pretty strange bipartisan group, with home district interests, is usually behind these efforts. On Cape Cod, it's the Kennedy family, led by who else but Ted himself.

--- Rosenblog exposes the fraud behind organic foods. How does Matt find all of these great topics?

--- GOPBloggers has very interesting data on what the respective parties think will be hot midterm election issues.

--- P Scott Cummins, a Uganda specialist, has the latest urgent political dispatches from the country. This is what I love about the blogosphere, there are people spending hours covering issues that would otherwise be ignored. Let's pay attention.

--- Red State Rant's Lance thinks Ms. Huffington is playing us for fools, that the new "blog" really isn't one and that there are ominous signs of low readership, as well.

It was funny to read recently that Michelle Malkin worked on the 1994 Michael Huffington for Senate campaign in California, I also know other people who wasted time on that trainwreck. That year I was working on state and local campaigns there.

--- Isn't It Rich thinks the Saddam BVD photo flap is pretty funny. So do I.

--- Mark Noonan at BlogsForBush has the tale of a New Jersey skoolgirl barred from singing a religious song at a talent show.

--- A round-up of Star Wars reviews at The Flag Of The World.

--- Boy does Bizzy Blog know how to lay it out on the table. Very good Saddam and MSM points today.

--- Josef ponders what it's like to be a radio talk show host, based on an Atlantic Monthly piece. Yes, it is very hard, like tennis-- looks easy on TV, but is a whole different ballgame on the court.

--- Mass Right helps me grasp the Bay State political concept of Town Meeting.

--- What talk radio reporter Perry M Simon refuses to do for the NBA.

--- For Northwest and national updates, check Orbusmax, for SE Mass news, it's Cape Cod Today and if it's happening in the entertainment industry, RadioDailyNews has it.

--- Finally, a note from the Radio Equalizer: thanks for the huge support that has driven traffic to all-time levels recently.

Bloggers choose different ways to sustain their sites, I skipped the tip jar and went with advertising. Please support the advertisers to the right to keep the Radio Equalizer going.

Our focus has changed slightly in recent weeks, by popular expectation, there's more of an entertainment industry spotlight, from a conservative perspective. Regional, national and international issues are still here, but readers are clear they want the talk radio and media coverage. I actually get complaint letters when I overlook an Air America story!

I'm seeing myself labelled as a "radio blogger" in the news media, I don't think that's quite accurate, but with the site's name, I suppose that's a logical conclusion to draw.

Which topics do you like best? Please leave a comment below.

Have a nice weekend.

Update: Watch here for a major Air America update and another story about a talk host who trashed his home city in an out-of-state courtroom. And, is Nancy Grace the devil? All coming later this weekend.


  • Wonder what wound up replacing Newsweek on Air on Boston's WRKO (they cancelled it after the scandal)? At the end of the Howie Carr show, Howie introduced his regular caller Kevin Whalen, aka "Kevin From Danvers". Kev will have the Sunday night pre-Drudge
    slot that had been Newsweek on Air (8-9 pm). I guess he's a blogger and will talk about the new media/blogosphere/views "not often heard", etc. He mentioned
    guests the first few weeks will include the Wall St. Journal's James Taranto
    and talk host Hugh Hewitt.

    According to Boston Radio Watch, the show used to air on Boston biz news station WBIX and is called Pundit Review--

    --Bob Nelson

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 May, 2005 03:23  

  • oops, 9-10 pm! my bad--Bob

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 May, 2005 03:24  

  • Thanks for the update, I've also been told that KLIF-Dallas-Fort Worth is still reviewing its options for the program. Listeners voted 92% for removing the program.

    A major California station is also considering its cancellation.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 21 May, 2005 13:34  

  • I like the wide range of topics on this blog.

    The focus on democracy efforts is a good thing, plus having somebody who actually did stuff w/ talk radio is of help.

    BTW: Thanks for the link :-).

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 May, 2005 13:37  

  • Hey, Brian, any ol' thing you want to talk about is just fine with me (as if you needed my permission, har, har, har). Mostly I enjoy seeing you pulling the covers off the liberals at any opportunity. Keep up the great work!

    By Blogger CrankyBeach, at 23 May, 2005 15:40  

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