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27 May 2005

Blogosphere Update: 27 May 2005

'Lexus Liberal' Host Exposed

Plus Other Blog Notes

--- New for Friday, Blatherwatch, a leftist talk radio blog, exposes the hypocrisy of the ultraliberal Seattle talk host who last year called for Bush's execution on "war crimes" charges.

As it turns it, he's a certified Lexus liberal and union-buster. If the "progressive" talk hosts don't believe what they say, how do they ever hope to gain an audience?

Listeners can sniff out a liar pretty quickly, they aren't stupid.

This evening talk host, who frequently rails against the Bush Administration on workplace issues (in fact, whining about Bush is really his only topic), authored two memos calling for decertification of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists union local.

Worse than that, he appears to have been a key part of the effort. So much for credibility.

Blatherwatch believes the host put his personal interests (management brown-nosing) ahead of his supposed political beliefs.

In the interests of fair disclosure, the personality in question is a former coworker.

Meanwhile, he's said to be approaching Air America about a position there. Perfect! He'll fit right in with these low-rated, self-absorbed egomanics!

--- Red State Rant has done an interesting experiment: a multi-blog interview project. First subject: former Georgia Democrat Senator Zell Miller. The result was fantastic, with contributions from a number of top sites.

Check it out here. Lance tells me he'll be doing this again soon, with other top thinkers and leaders.

--- The ever-creative Rosenblog has released the results of Matt's clever Respect-a-Chicken-Day Recipe Contest. Poor Clucky.

--- Coverage of Washington State's Trial of the Century continues, with detailed analysis by Sound Politics, NWRepublican (who rants today about coverage from the Seattle Times) and frequent updates from Orbusmax. Will Republicans succeed in claiming the election stolen by Christine Gregoire & Co.?

--- At GOP Bloggers, Mark Noonan thinks Sen. George Allen of Virginia has emerged as the real winner in the recent Senate battle, standing on principle. Noonan feels Allen has an opportunity to test the presidential waters, if he should decide to take the plunge.

--- Michelle Malkin reports liberal bloggers are now trying to push the idea that the Newsweek Koran story is actually true.


  • He's dead in the water.

    Hell, I've heard the guy...he sounds like he just got out of having a vasectomy. *shrug*

    By Blogger Sailor Republica, at 27 May, 2005 14:11  

  • "Michelle Malkin reports liberal bloggers are now trying to push the idea that the Newsweek Koran story is actually true."

    The FBI confirmed that this did happen.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 June, 2005 13:25  

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