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28 May 2005

Holiday Weekend Links

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Fetches The Blogosphere's Best

--- Alberta's CIVITATENSIS notes that while Canada's corrupt Liberal Party government thinks gay marriage should be a one-sided "debate", Catholic-bashing is perfectly okay, due to the Church's positions on such issues.

--- Bizzyblog thinks Ohio's GOP needs a wake-up call when it comes to congressional campaigns.

--- At Blue State Conservative, a totalled van and Peggy Noonan's home run.

--- Monterey Bay's Cranky Beach wonders if it's smart to throw your blog open to guest writers.

--- A New Hampshire crime wave? Weekend Pundit breaks the sad news.

--- Cam Edwards asks why America is paying to educate Mexico's children.

--- Powerpundit, with a spiffy redesign, takes on Sen. McCain.

--- New England Republican with the latest on Gov. Romney's big plans.

--- Josef has a round-up of the latest developments regarding Canada's corrupt government.

--- Red State Rant with a patriotic reminder of what this weekend is all about.

--- Michelle Malkin has her own compelling weekend roundup.

--- Big Ben not ticking? Viking Pundit has it.

--- Orbusmax and Sound Politics are the places to go for the latest WA state gubernatorial election court challenge news.

--- Instapundit alerts me to a new blog called Choose Honor, by Hiawatha Bray, outstanding Boston Globe writer. He can't believe his guild president would accuse the US military of targeting journalists. When asked to back up her statement, she wouldn't. I'll be addressing this in detail, later.

--- Rich has a great list of Memorial Day quotes and tributes.

--- Joining the blogroll: Cape Cod Media Watch, a new site where liberal and conservative writers have teamed up to monitor newspaper coverage in SE Mass, plus St Louis Media, where Mike Anderson and company have been stirring the pot for five years. I've been reading it for several. Especially good radio forums here.

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  • Brian, keep up the good work on your blog. I enjoy it. You're insights are right on target.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29 May, 2005 15:38  

  • I couldn't agree more, Duane.

    Brian - if you go on KVI, please let me know :-). Gosh, I'd like to tell people.

    And thanks for the link :-).

    By Blogger Josef, at 29 May, 2005 16:04  

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