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28 June 2005

Blog Link Action: June 27-28

Links And Updates

--- Welcome to the new readers who heard me on WPRO/Providence today. Nice to have a chance to talk with you!

--- Heard blogger
LaShawn Barber do a great job on WRKO/Boston's Pundit Review program last night. She's clear and articulate, just as effective speaking or writing. Today she has a post about Gitmo's real torturers.

--- Today, the
Sacramento Bee disclosed that it could not locate 43 people used in Diana Greigo Erwin's columns over the course of 12 years.

The liberal writer resigned earlier this year,
I covered it here. Greigo Erwin frequently told heartbreaking tales of poor, disadvantaged people suffering due to an uncaring public and budget-slashing Republicans. Apparently they didn't exist. Some corner of her mind contains a justification for these falsehoods, what a dark and scary place that must be.

--- Thanks to Michelle Malkin for being alert on the "Welcome to the Neighborhood" reality show disgrace discussed below. Michelle is consistently ahead of the curve on many issues. Red State Rant wonders why more conservatives aren't ready for battle on this outrage.

--- Ratings posts will resume Tuesday evening, with a number of additional big cities reporting this week.

--- Please continue to support our advertisers, at the RadioEqualizer and the other blogs you visit. That's what's keeping this whole ship afloat!

--- A new Day By Day cartoon at
Ramblings' Journal.

PoliBlog's Steven Taylor discovers his inner moderate.

Rich explores flag burning and Ten Commandments issues.

--- Wade
got a response from Sen. Durbin. Sort of.

--- Could XM Sat Radio
have a role for Homeland Security?

--- Liberals are
having a field day with Rabbi Daniel Lapin.

--- Mover Mike
goes in-depth on economic and business fallout from the US Supreme Court's Kelo decision.

--- Are the Clintons using Billy Graham?
Blogs Against Hillary has the story.

Josef says there are more King County, WA voting scandals to sort out.

--- Boy is
mASS BACKWARDS on the rise, it's one of the best on Second Amendment issues.

--- A recent discovery:
Real Debate Wisconsin. Have you ever been there? Really enjoyed visiting the state last year, great time of year to check it out.

--- Is PBS worth it?
Pajama Jihad explores.

CapeCodLiving explores land, spending and local taxation, past and present. Amazing how the issues are the same, centuries later.

--- Have you been to
Regime Change Iran yet?


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