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26 June 2005

New ABC Reality Show Attacking Conservatives, Christians?

ABC's Agenda Backfires

Will White, Republican Families Choose Minority Neighbors?

(Update: program has been cancelled! Story here)

ABC's attempt at the ultimate in political correctness for a new reality show, has instead hilariously backfired, with furious lefty groups busy denouncing it.

Conservatives and Christians will have just as much to worry about, when "Welcome To The Neighborhood" premieres on July 10, the latest attempt at squeezing the last drop from reality television's sour lemon.

For some reason, the right has been relatively asleep on this, while liberals raise a ruckus. Yet, it's hard to remember when a primetime entertainment series offering was this politically loaded.

In it, three white families in Austin, Texas, one Republican, one Christian and the other merely "opinionated", get to choose which of another group will win a neighboring house and become permanent residents.

The catch: most of the families competing for the home are ethnic minorities, as well as a gay couple and another with lots of tattoos.

The idea that white families would never choose ethnic minorities, gays or weirdos without prodding from ABC producers, forms the premise of this sorry offering.

Why should ABC limit bias and indoctrination to the nightly news, when primetime is ready for the taking?

In the show's promotional materials, found here, the head of the Republican family is portrayed as unhappy about the prospect of Democrats moving onto his street, to the point where he would openly challenge them.

Sure enough, the Christian family wants the new neighbors to share their religious views, reinforcing a liberal perception that people of faith are intolerant of other beliefs.

The Bellamys
Mr. Bellamy is a staunch Republican and would challenge any potential neighbors with politically different views. But the three Bellamy kids would welcome new neighbors who are different. (ABC)

In case the 2 x 4 beating you over the head doesn't hammer the politically loaded points home, a trick is thrown into the mix: the tattooed family happens to be made up of committed Republicans.

I suppose you can guess where this is going: the white, conservative, Christian families are forced to confront their bigotry, that even freaks can be fellow GOP supporters.

Hey, maybe that black family wouldn't be so bad, either, they hope you'll think.

And to think you didn't want them in your neighborhood?

Liberal groups, primarily made of housing advocates, find the show's premise to be racist, because neighbors are allowed to choose who moves in, with a great deal of emphasis placed on ethnicity, homosexuality and politics.

They say that because the show is "real", allowing a home to be awarded based on votes from neighbors is not only discriminatory, but illegal under federal fair housing laws.

The National Fair Housing Alliance has been particularly vocal, contacting the media both in Texas and around the country.

It's the kind of show white liberals in LA and New York develop, hoping for a good pat on the back from civil rights groups, plus a big guilt release.

Too bad the activists hate it.

Funny how the producers claim to be breaking down stereotypes, when in fact it's obvious to everyone on the left and right, they've done more to reinforce them than anything on television in years.

ABC execs are on the defensive this weekend, but holding firm that it will air as scheduled. Here's what they say the program is trying to accomplish:

...with every encounter with these families, the opinionated neighbors' pre-conceived assumptions and prejudices are also chipped away, and they learn that, while on the outside we may appear different, deep inside we share many common bonds. The judges find themselves learning to see people, not stereotypes.

The three neighborhood families who will be judging the competing families all love their quiet, picturesque community and are used to a certain kind of neighbor -- one who looks and thinks just like them. It will be up to this watchful group to decide who should move into the dream house next door and who should be sent packing.

Sounds like the kind of recycled UC-Santa Cruz leftist dogma I remember from my time on campus.

"Welcome" appears to commit another crime, that of lecturing, talking down to Americans who've heard all of this before.

The Radio Equalizer hopes conservatives will raise just as much of a stink about the program as have liberals. Can we allow an elitist television network to portray us as racist, intolerant bigots, cured of our hate only by a televised re-education camp?

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  • This is absolutely unreal.

    Is this ABC's attempt at reinforcement the myth that evil white Christian conservatives are incapable of discerning others by the 'content of their character'?

    This entire situation does much to explain why I never would ahve known about it. I don't watch TV beyond about 20 minutes of national news per day.

    Wonder why?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 June, 2005 12:43  

  • The networks just don't get it. Or they just don't care. They will continue to offer programming that offends so many. The show begins with assumptions about Christians and Republicans, and also insults the families who must appease them. The more I think about, the angrier I get.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 June, 2005 13:23  

  • "I don't watch TV beyond about 20 minutes of national news per day."

    Which is 20 minutes more than me. Network TV is beyond fixing. Worthless, imo.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 June, 2005 15:16  

  • Actually, I'd like to see a program about a group of evangelical missionaries moving into, say, the SoHo district of Manhattan. Such things do happen, you know. It'd be fun to watch the New Yorkers displaying the kind of kneejerk bigotry often practiced by open-minded liberals.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 June, 2005 15:33  

  • Let's get the word out about this.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 June, 2005 17:06  

  • Liberals are the biggest racists going. Notice the lack of blacks and hispanics in their neighborhoods like Marin County, Scottsdale, Main Line, etc.

    By Blogger Brian, at 26 June, 2005 17:35  

  • Stereotyping white Christians is racist. Would they have done the same with a black family as a contestant?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 June, 2005 18:28  

  • Yawn. The networks' anti-Christian, anti-white-guy, anti-conservative bias is just a broken record at this point. The networks are starting to look like some 50-year-old loser who is still trying desperately to get a rise out of us by playing the same lame tricks he was playing on us when he was 10.

    ABC is so lame and old and boring that I'm nodding off just typing about them.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 June, 2005 21:41  

  • Ditto on the yawns Karig. Who watches Network TV, not me (except football). What I find hard to understand is how they found contestants for this kind of repungant show? Are people that desparate to get on TV? Retract that statement. Given the amount of tasteless reality shows, I guess so.

    By Blogger Jeff, at 27 June, 2005 07:55  

  • I heard a TV producer once say that network executives assume that the only people watching broadcast television are what they consider the lowest of the low--those who can't afford cable or satellite. Broadcast viewers are assumed to be uneducated economically disadvantaged dullards, as even welfare recipients frequently budget for cable.

    It explains a lot, doesn't it?

    By Blogger Catch 22, at 28 June, 2005 00:54  

  • Actually, I'm just a bit surprised to read that you're a fellow UC Santa Cruz alumni. Kind of explains a lot about your politics, though. I consider myself to be fairly liberal but even I found the PC atmosphere there a bit hard to breathe at times. While working a summer job on campus back in '90 I actually found myself listening to Rush Limbaugh and for a few moments he actually seemed like a breath of fresh air--or at least an opposition viewpoint rarely expressed at UCSC. But when Rush started demanding that first all female callers and then all African-American callers have their photographs on file before he'd put them on the air, I realized that giving guys such as him my precious time was a big mistake.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 June, 2005 13:54  

  • The sarcastic liberal Dick Tuck said...

    I fear this show might actually show the process of overcoming prejudice. We wouldn't want those liberal values of tolerance and acceptence accepted by the anti-multiculturist crowd.

    This show might actually show homosexuals, blacks, Muslims as real people, with real values. This show is a threat to our way of life and family values of bigotry and dogmatic insistence on homogeny.

    Nice try, Dick. Too bad your stink bomb of post is nullified by the tone of this piece and the subsequent posts.

    By the way, as someone who supposedly espouses "liberal values of tolerance and acceptence (sic)," you may want to double check the left's treatment of figures like Condoleezza Rice, Janice Rogers Brown, Clarence Thomas, Peter Kirsanow, and blogger Gay Patriot. To many of your ilk, blacks, gays, and other minorities are only worthy of protection if they are liberals. Otherwise, Viva los gringos!

    By Blogger L.N. Smithee, at 28 June, 2005 15:23  

  • According to this link, ABC is pulling the series. I found this on Drudge.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29 June, 2005 22:13  

  • And while everybody is debating the straw man of discrimination, which used to be a virtue, the real issue of people deciding who should own property other than the seller - escapes them. We have certainly been miseducated.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30 June, 2005 11:42  

  • I live in Austin. I think that a far more realistic spin to this show would be to turn it on its head.

    The applicants for the house should be conservative Christians who like to fly the flag and put Republican campaign signs up in their yard. The house should be located in one of the ultra-liberal Central Austin neighborhoods. Then you'd really see a demonstration of bigotry.

    I don't put conservative signs of any type on my car here in Austin. The leftists here would key the car or worse!

    By Blogger Jerri Lynn Ward, J.D., at 30 June, 2005 13:14  

  • Your post said:

    "For some reason, the right has been relatively asleep on this..."

    I only speak for myself, but I have been quiet up until now because this is the first I've heard of this show. If it weren't for Jeopardy!, I would never watch ABC, so I've had no opportunity to see the plugs for this show.

    Primetime network television has been such a constant stream of raw sewage for so long that it has driven me completely away.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30 June, 2005 13:37  

  • ABC = Archie Bunker Channel

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30 June, 2005 13:49  

  • the people of circle "c" are just like everybody else in this country:
    They are alcoholics
    They areliars
    They are bigots
    They cheat on their spouses

    Jim Stewart LOVES strippers!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 July, 2005 13:15  

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