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18 June 2005

Updates On Recent Key Stories


A Scoff, A Smile, An Invisible Man

A number of interesting updates on recent stories covered here:

--- Alan Colmes wisely took the opportunity to question Bill Clinton on future talk radio plans, according to Radio & Records and All Access today. Clinton scoffed a bit, pouring some cold water on recent reports, but left the door open for a potential program.

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Here's Perry M Simon's All Access report:

If his comments to ALAN COLMES on FOX NEWS RADIO THURSDAY night are any indication, the former President won't be heard as a radio host any time soon.

Countering rumors fed by his close friend HARRY THOMASON in comments to BUSINESS WEEK that CLINTON had discussed a talk radio role with CLEAR CHANNEL, CLINTON said he loves radio but "I think I should do things that I can do because I was president that nobody else can do."

While he said he doesn't really want to do a talk show, he did not explicitly say he would never do a radio show, nor did he deny that he or his representatives may have talked to CLEAR CHANNEL.

It's obvious Clear Channel would kill to have Clinton and that major FOBs are behind the idea. He's the one guy that can save the liberal format before it goes under for good.

It's probably a matter of winning over Bill, which could take a bit longer. I don't think talks would have taken place without Bubba's approval.

Clinton must see the risk involved, it's a lot of work and he might not succeed. But radio industry people I heard from this week thought he could potentially do well.

--- Meanwhile, with a smile, Senator Ted Kennedy (D-insert island joke here), said Friday that everything is grand between his ex-wife and the kids. Oh wait, I think he meant to say he'll charge them a grand a day to stay at his Cape cottage.

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From the Boston Herald's Andrew Miga:

WASHINGTON - U.S. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy said yesterday he is ``very hopeful'' the recent legal settlement involving his former wife, Joan, will pave the way to a fuller reconciliation among estranged family members.

``I know they love each other very much and this has been a very trying and difficult time,'' Kennedy said during an interview in his Senate office.

``I'm very hopeful that they can return to a very normal, happy and loving existence,'' he said.

The Bay State's senior senator said he expected family members would be able to take another step toward restoring harmony later this summer when they gather at the Kennedy compound in Hyannisport on vacation.

Kennedy said his former wife would be visiting with their three adult children then.

``She's planning to be up at the Cape in August,'' he said. ``They always spend time with her there then. I know I'm planning to see her during that period of time.''

Joan Bennett Kennedy, 68, who has battled alcoholism in recent years, fought her children's efforts to take legal control of her affairs during the past year.

Under a legal settlement reached last Friday, an independent attorney was named as her guardian ad litem, her Cape Cod estate was taken off the market and she vowed to address her alcohol problem.

--- Who knew you could be on television and somehow become invisible? That's the sad reality for Tucker Carlson's new MSNBC show (what's it called again?) that debuted Monday.

Ratings have slid to rock bottom after a decent first day fueled by the Jackson verdict, immediately becoming the lowest-rated cable talk show and weighing down MSNBC's lineup.

Thursday, 82,000 people switched away from MSNBC when Tucker's show began and 75,000 tuned in once it was over. That left only about 200,000 people watching any part of his hour.

With new MSNBC management pouring everything into this offering, expect it to stick around for at least a short while, even if ratings stall at these Dennis Miller-like levels.

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Update: liberals and others showering Carlson with praise, even if faint, for being fair and letting people speak. But is it entertaining, will people watch it? One cable news site thinks it might need two years or more to catch on, which was the case with O'Reilly originally, but Tucker's had shows before, what's going to be different this time?

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  • "He's the one guy that can save the liberal format before it goes under for good."

    What's the right wing flavor of the month? Cherry Koolaid or Berry Berry?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 June, 2005 05:34  

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