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24 December 2005

Hollywood MIA, No Blogger Credit, Janeane's Career


Hollywood Stays Home, Plus: Tough Liberal Blogger Lessons

When even the socialist Guardian newspaper takes notice, Hollywood's now well-established pattern of ditching American troops overseas must be especially obvious. Isn't it strange, however, that one of the few on the left to buck the trend is none other than obnoxious Air America Radio host Al Franken?

In what must surely tick off many of his entertainment industry friends, Franken's repeatedly been to Iraq to visit with American troops.

Since we pick on Al pretty much nonstop here at the Radio Equalizer, we thought we'd point out this strange divergence from the rest of his social clique.

What's behind it? Can we properly give Franken credit for going where other elitists dare not travel, or does he have another motive? We have seen him throw his Iraq appearances in the faces of conservative critics, so however well-meaning, it's hard to make the case that Al does much of anything out of the kindness of his heart.

From the Guardian piece:

During world war two American troops away from home for Christmas were entertained by Marlene Dietrich, Bing Crosby and the Marx Brothers. Even in Vietnam Bob Hope was guaranteed to put in an appearance. But soldiers in Iraq are more likely to get a show from a Christian hip-hop group, a country singer you have probably never heard of and two cheerleaders for the Dallas Cowboys.

Just as the seemingly intractable nature of the war has led to a growing recruitment crisis, so the United Services Organisation, which has been putting on shows for the troops since the second world war, is struggling to get celebrities to sign up for even a short tour of duty.

Newton said many celebrities have been wary of going because they think it might be seen that they are endorsing the war. "And I say it's not. I tell them these men and women are over there because our country sent them, and we have the absolute necessity to try to bring them as much happiness as we can."

Fear is also a factor. "They're scared," country singer Craig Morton, who is in Iraq on the USO's Hope and Freedom Tour 2005, told USA Today. "It's understandable. It's not a safe and fun place and a lot of people don't want to take the chance."

Some of the entertainers still willing to travel are die-hard true believers - rock musician Ted Nugent carried a Glock handgun to shows in Iraq last year and said in a radio interview that he manned a machine gun on a Humvee. But many of the USO's regular performers are fierce critics of the war, among them the comic and star of Good Morning Vietnam, Robin Williams, who told USA Today he would like to return to the Middle East in the spring for what would be his fourth tour since 2002.

"I'm there for the [troops], not for W," he said in a reference to the president. "Go, man. You won't forget it. You'll meet amazing people," is his message to stars that ask him about the tours. But the comedian said he mostly tries to keep politics out of the show after he did a few jokes about Bush's brainpower at a base in 2003 and got a chilly reception.

Other critics of the war who regularly perform include the leftwing comedian Al Franken (who is headlining the current tour along with Christian hip-hop group Souljahz) and the punk legend and actor Henry Rollins, one of the Bush administrations most vocal critics.

How do other liberals feel about Franken's visits? Mostly, they seem to stay quiet. If we really wanted to ruin Al's "progressive" reputation, we could begin to shower him with praise.

Wouldn't that be cruel?

RedState has more here.

For Janeane Garofalo,
has it been tough hosting an ignored Air America Radio program, with publicity this year arriving primarily for her West Wing television drama guest appearances?

It's taken especially angry outbursts on cable television to get anybody to write about her politics.

This pattern continues today.

Poor Janeane, there must be nothing worse than being ignored for all of that fringe moonbattery.

With news of liberal
Seattle radio host Mike Webb's criminal charges finally hitting the AP wire, the leftist blogger who broke the story is still not getting proper credit. This appeared in the Tacoma News-Tribune:

A radio talk-show host has been charged with filing a false insurance claim after a June traffic accident.

Mike Webb, 50, host of an evening program on KIRO-AM, pleaded not guilty Tuesday in King County Superior Court to accusations that he forged a document indicating he bought a car-insurance policy from Geico before the June 28 accident.

Geico says Webb bought the policy online one day after the accident, according to charging papers. Webb says he bought the policy at the end of May.

The Seattle traffic accident caused $6,000 damage to Webb’s 2000 Lexus, according to court papers. Webb was not at fault, and the other driver did not have insurance.

Webb showed police a proof-of-insurance card from National Merit, but police say that company hasn’t insured Webb since 2001. Geico’s records indicate Webb bought a six-month policy online June 29, and the next day attempted to file a claim. Geico denied the claim.

For the record, it was "progressive" blogger Michael Hood of Blatherwatch who broke (and still owns) this story.

Even worse, as far as we can tell, Webb's story has still failed to appear in the ultraliberal Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Had this involved a conservative radio host, no doubt it would be splashed all over the front page.

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  • A wingnut in a previous thread wondered why I keep reading this POS if it's so bad.

    I'll tell you why. I and many others had to listen to the paranoid crapola spewed by "Brainless Baloney" for many years at KIRO - and let me tell you, I DIDN'T listen more often than I DID but everytime I DID my blood would boil at the lies, distortions and other right-wing nonsense that was Baloney's stock in trade.

    So for all those bad feelings and all that bad karma, it's payback time. Baloney is reduced to a blogorrhea of poor writing and poor photoshopped images holding up a column of shoddy merchandise.

    So sad that Baloney is reduced to writing spew about people actually working in the broadcast industry. Baloney's objective is one thing - another hate-talk show on the radio and if he can't get it he'll scrawl idiot nonsense on this POS till he does.

    Yeah, Webb is no saint and is even an asshole at times but his radio show was light-years ahead of the Baloney show - he actually had guests on his show - writers, journalists, politicians, musicians, etc. Baloney couldn't be bothered with that - he had to service his ego at all times.

    Some wingnut thought I should be a good "tolerant" liberal. LMAO! Sorry I don't tolerate liars and apologists for crooks very well. I'm not a poodle for a Hannity or Mr. Oxycontin. Just a little failing of mine.

    By Blogger BWTechnical, at 24 December, 2005 12:27  

  • ummmmm, Dovish?? Did you get this worked up about the missing money from the childrens funds that Al is still looking for??? ( maybe you can get really worked up and go to )

    Now, go take your meds and have a very Merry Christmas!

    By Blogger wise_n_texas, at 24 December, 2005 14:21  

  • Dovish-You far left moonbats are the only ones that feel that way about Brian. Anything the left doesn't agree with all of a sudden becomes a "lie". Then they deny lies that are documented and there is evidence for if it involves a liberal. You can spew rhetoric all you want-It won't change the way I or other concervatives view Brian or what he writes.

    All you are doing is showing how intolerent, angry and hatefilled you are. That is what we see and get out of your comments.

    By Blogger Linn, at 24 December, 2005 17:13  

  • Oh my the wingnuts crawl out from under their rocks to defend "Brainless Baloney".

    Let's take one lie. Why was Baloney let go from KIRO? Baloney got on Faux News and told everyone who would listen that it was because he hammered Dan Rather on the TANG memos. That little lie used to be part of his bio on this POS splog.

    Complete bullcrap. Baloney was let go 'cuz his show and his ratings sucked. He was cut from two 3 hour shows on the weekend to one a long time before the Rather flap. It was just a matter of time before he would be let go altogether.

    Other wingnut talkers in the Seattle market said they hammered Rather too and Baloney was full of it. He sure made a lot of friends.

    Now he's tootin' his horn about his Air America "expose". What a laugh! If Air America doesn't make it some other progressive format will - deny ing Baloney a hate talk radio show that will just fail anyway because it's so boring.

    By Blogger BWTechnical, at 24 December, 2005 19:02  

  • Merry Xmas, Brian.

    By Blogger kaqchikel, at 25 December, 2005 01:48  

  • At least Brian is consistent. Merry Christmas, Brian.

    By Blogger Sailor Republica, at 25 December, 2005 05:24  

  • Merry Christmas, Brian

    By Blogger Lokki, at 25 December, 2005 12:47  

  • Funny, someone calling herself dovish would be so belligerant and quarrelsome. Another dichotomy of the modern tolerant left. ;)

    By Blogger SCSIwuzzy, at 25 December, 2005 15:05  

  • brian,

    you look pretty silly writing this, and dimish the rest of your decent work on AAR. read the usa today article.

    hey, actually talk to military families. it's not easy to get people who are well known (yes, franken is well known, as you know) comedians to go to iraq. soldiers seem to enjoy his routine, even the conservative ones who disagree with them. they deserve enjoyment, and the uso helps out at this time when they're away from their families.

    don't let your hatred of franken blind you to the fact that soldiers deserve entertainment every now and then. you make yourself look silly.

    By Blogger thomas555, at 25 December, 2005 16:53  

  • How do other liberals feel about Franken's visits?
    I think they are great. I would think that most people -- conservative, liberal or other -- would agree. Those against the war have a disagreement with the Washington-based decision-makers, not the soldiers on the ground. They are in a tough spot, and deserve a laugh now and then...

    By Blogger Justin, at 25 December, 2005 17:04  

  • Merry Christmas, Brian

    You know you're doing something right when the ilk hates you this much.


    By Blogger Darleen, at 26 December, 2005 12:54  

  • Merry Christman Brian...thank you for all of your hard work.

    By Blogger FYIFYI, at 26 December, 2005 13:11  

  • geez, what a typo!

    that is Merry Christmas!!!

    By Blogger FYIFYI, at 26 December, 2005 13:12  

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