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20 January 2006

Air America's Malloy Makes News For Nasty Tirade


Malloy's Anti-Conservative, Hate-Filled Tirade Sparks Furor

For one obscure, long-ignored Air America Radio talker, Friday was a big day. To finally get some attention, however, it took an unusually nasty response to a legitimate invitation that may prove to have done Mike Malloy's career more harm than good.

And perhaps, given one key as-yet unreported detail, it won't much matter anyway. More on that in a moment.

When veteran host Malloy was hired for the 10pm-1am shift at Air America, liberal radio fans breathed a sigh of relief, sensing the network was finally recognizing the need for more air talent with broadcast backgrounds.

Unfortunately for them, it didn't begin a trend, as the company courted the likes of Jerry Springer based on name recognition, rather than on-air talent. And Malloy has received little in the way of subsequent promotion or press attention.

Until now, that is. As many blogs and the Washington Post delved into today, Malloy's response to an invite to the conservative CPAC group's annual Washington DC convention was nothing short of bigoted and outright unhinged.

As the Washington Post reported:

For next month's Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), media director Andrea Saul sent 500 invitations to radio talk shows inviting them to broadcast from the Omni Shoreham Hotel. Although most of the broadcasters on-site are darlings of the right, Saul also contacted several liberal hosts and producers -- last year Al Franken came and debated G. Gordon Liddy.

One of the invitations reached lefty Air America Radio's Mike Malloy, who hosts a nightly program carried by 70 stations across the country (though not in Washington) and on XM satellite radio. Malloy wrote:

"Um . . . you're kidding, right? Why would I have any desire whatsoever to attend or participate in a convocation of neo-Nazis????? I had two uncles fight against you [expletive] in WW2. And, now, surprise! surprise! here you all are on US soil. Kindly get the [expletive] off my email. Thanks."

Saul said she was stunned by his response. "I'm all for a difference of opinion, but this is entirely uncalled-for, and all the more offensive when you consider that I'm Jewish, lost family in the Holocaust and had a grandfather almost killed during WWII." Her complaints to Air America execs have gone unanswered. A spokeswoman said the network would have no comment.

So what is Malloy's explanation for the hotheaded, knee-jerk invitation reaction? Also from the WaPo's Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts:

Malloy said yesterday that he shot off his e-mail after scanning the CPAC headliners listed on the invite. "I made the assumption it was from some right-wing nutcase, which I get scores of. I felt I was being baited by one of these groups," he said, "so I responded immediately."

To the extent he upset Saul, Malloy regrets his message -- but nothing else: "What I said inside the e-mail and what I meant is that the conference participants represent what we fought against in WWII. They're fascists."

Guess that means Malloy won't be at CPAC? "Absolutely not."

Yes, Mike, no need to bother debating the other side. They're fascists, just because you say so. Evidence is not necessary, of course, because you're a leftist.

One problem: when a liberal is exposed to unfavorable coverage from the likes of the Washington Post, it has got to be a bad situation.

What the press missed,
however, is that Air America itself may consider him excess baggage. Just this week, Malloy's show was quietly removed from the network's flagship station, New York's WLIB-AM.

Replacing him was ABC's fluffy "Satellite Sisters", in the first move under Air America's unannounced new "pay-to-play" plan, where every hour after 7pm and on weekends is now potentially for sale. It's a last-ditch effort to save the company, but with expenses long out of control, it's unlikely to help much.

Air America fans complain about the change here. For sheer entertainment, this post can't be beat:

Mike has asked us to "be nice" and explained that it was just Air America business. I suspect, however, that shutting Mike up is strictly "Swift Boat" business. They are out to get Mike. New York is just the beginning of the right-wing jackals campaign to silence the Malloy clarion voice of truth.

Me be nice about Air America caving to the Swift Boaters? Yeah, Mikey. As If...

With a national audience
of 186,000 listeners 12 and older, according to data from late 2005 (the loss of WLIB will make this number far smaller), Malloy's not providing much benefit to Air America. But he wasn't costing them much, either, with an annual base salary of $90,000.

While that's miniscule compared to the network's other talk hosts, Malloy also benefits from having wife Kathy on the payroll, as a $60,000-a-year producer.

While Mike Malloy may now find himself on our radar, it's not necessarily a career positive.

there's some confusion as to what will ultimately replace Malloy at 10pm, with one trade report indicating Caribbean music will retake the timeslot. That would mean WLIB owner Inner City Broadcasting has actually reclaimed the time period.

Because Air America leases time from Inner City (ICBC) to run its programs on WLIB, this would actually be a far more troubling sign, suggesting either cost-cutting or an inability to pay ICBC the full amount per their contract.

For now, however, listeners have been hearing ABC's Satellite Sisters, leading to the confusion. Since the company very quietly made this move, the real story is difficult to determine.

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Photo: Malloy via Washington Post


  • Love it when libs compare conservatives to Nazis. Nazi is
    short for National SOCIALIST...

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 21 January, 2006 03:45  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger Justin, at 21 January, 2006 07:12  

  • i agree that malloy was WAY off base. however, you again make this claim:
    It's a last-ditch effort to save the company, but with expenses long out of control, it's unlikely to help much.
    Please provide a list of such expenses, and also a list of revenue. You must have it, or else you couldn't justifiably make this claim.

    By Blogger Justin, at 21 January, 2006 07:12  

  • Agreed, Justin. Claims like that should be backed up with sources. By the way, I would suggest that everybody look up the meaning of fascist, and ask themselves if that isn't what we see creeping into this Land of the Free these days? I'm not a fan of Malloy's "Joe Pyne" style, but I know exactly what he's talking about.

    By Blogger Freespirit, at 21 January, 2006 13:07  

  • Yeah, they're dyin over at AAR, alright. Sounds like they're going to pull the plug this week at WLIB. After all, look at this...

    Also, on fascism...

    By Blogger Freespirit, at 21 January, 2006 13:26  

  • Brian,
    I check in daily just to read the comments left by you Liberal Fans. If they dislike you so much, why do they leave multiple messages daily? Why are they defending AAR? Why are they defending the Nazi statement? Why do I ask these silly questions?
    Just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work. If your Lib fans would attend a Business Class, they may understand how a business is failing without looking at a Balance Sheet.

    By Blogger BurbankErnie, at 21 January, 2006 13:30  

  • Love it when libs compare conservatives to Nazis. Nazi is
    short for National SOCIALIST...

    This just might be the most moronic, uneducated statement any wingnut has made to this blog. And that is really saying something!!

    Hey Baloney! After all this time banging your vacant skull against Franken and AAR, it appears that your wingnut audience just keeps getting more and more stupid. Good job.

    By Blogger HeadHunter, at 21 January, 2006 17:16  

  • interesting all you do is call people "wingnuts" and you dont address that the nazies were national socialist

    By Blogger Shari, at 21 January, 2006 17:39  

  • interesting all you do is call people "wingnuts" and you dont address that the nazies were national socialist

    Yay! We have another candidate for the most ignorant post to this blog.

    High school history class should have taught you that the Nazis despised socialism and communism. And the marxist-left political organizations in Germany during the period - the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and the Communist Party (KPD) - viewed the Nazi Party (NSDAP) as their ideological enemies. Indeed, it was the Nazi Party's opposition to socialism and communism which prompted German conservatives and business to support and fund them. It was also one of the major reasons Nazi Germany invaded the Communist Soviet Union in 1941. Fascist movements and neo-nazi organizations are generally recognized to be at the extreme right of the political spectrum.

    To associate the Nazi Party with socialism because of the the organization's original name betrays the utmost ignorance of the subject and an appalling lack of education. But this is generally the case for all of Baloney's wingnut supporters.

    By Blogger HeadHunter, at 21 January, 2006 18:29  

  • Portland numbers DOWN .3 from Summer.

    KPOJ (Fall 05) 4.1 (Summer 05)4.4

    People are getting tired of AAR in PDX.

    By Blogger Sailor Republica, at 21 January, 2006 22:47  

  • Now I know Wikipedia has taken a lot of flak, but here's their post on the National Socialist German Workers Party

    And to compare conservatives to Nazis is like saying all people with Autism have mental retardation--aside from being short-minded, it's just plain DUMB! That old song has been tried too many times!

    And to you on the left, do you actually care that Iran's so-called President has been described by one Savage as The New Hitler? If this Iranian dumb-you-know what is a president, then I must be a Red Sox fan--which I am not!

    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 21 January, 2006 22:52  

  • Felt compelled to look up Nazi and Nazism in my two dictionaries and online after reading phlims post.

    My two dictionaries said basically, Nazi - member of party that was controlled by Adolf Hitler 1933 - 1945. Nazism - National Socialism. Yes, the one dictionary is rather old - 1979. The online versions were similar so I just copied and pasted Merriam-Webster Online. Nazism "the body of political and economic doctrines held and put into effect by the National Socialist German Workers' party in the Third German Reich including the totalitarian principle of government, state control of all industry, predominance of groups assumed to be racially superior, and supremacy of the f├╝hrer."
    Then I thought I would dig up my sons history book for more reference, but stopped looking for it because he is 21 and figured they had rewritten history already. But then I remembered a book I started reading last year called "The Warsaw Uprising" written by George Bruce. He served in WWII and then became a journalist. His book is well documented. The bottom line is Nazis were BAD. We are talking genocide, complete control, etc. I'm Polish and could hardly believe the crap they have had to go through.

    Why is Mr. Malloy comparing right-wingers (myself included) with Nazis? What does he mean "I had two uncles fight against you (explitive) in WWII". The guy isn't making much sense. I guess that's why he doesn't want to go to the CPAC. I think that is the point Brian and others are trying to make.

    Sorry for the long post (you should have seen it before I edited it) but after reading philms rude remarks to Shari I had to respond.

    It just seems like some people can't see the forest for the trees.

    By Blogger nancy, at 22 January, 2006 00:14  

  • It just seems like some people can't see the forest for the trees.

    It's more a case of Baloney's wingnut readers demonstrating their hopeless ignorance and lack of education over and over again. (And sadly... their moronic use of tired cliches.)

    The Nazis called themselves "National Socialists". But they were right-wing fascists, not left-wing socialists. The Nazis were politically aligned and allied with the fascism of Mussolini's Italy. The National Socialism of the Nazis was diametrically opposed to Marxist socialism and communism. Do you think the German Democratic Republic (East Germany, 1949-1990) was actually democratic? Well... similarly, the National Socialists of the Nazi party were not left-wing socialists. In fact, the Nazis were ideological enemies of marxist socialists. They sent left-wing socialists to concentration camps to be killed along with Jewish people and other racial minorities.

    And the Nazis were funded and supported by German conservatives and business of the period for the very reason that the Nazis were anti-socialist/communist. The Nazis, fascist movements, and neo-nazi organizations are acknowledged as extreme right-wing groups. That's why conservatives are sometimes called Nazis.

    Equating Nazis with socialism is like equating communists with conservatives. Ignorant.

    Please... go back to school and get some semblance of an education.

    By Blogger HeadHunter, at 22 January, 2006 01:11  

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