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06 January 2006

Art Bell News, Washington Post Update


WaPo Needs Broadcasters, Bell News, David Lee Roth Watch

Thanks to a help-wanted ad placed today, we're getting a slightly better sense of how "Washington Post Radio" will sound once on the air. Sure enough, they do realize they'll need qualified broadcasters to get through each day.

What in the world, however, are they going to talk about? Will it simply come down to rehashing the headlines every ten minutes?

And since they've indicated it's an attempt to steal away liberal NPR listeners, how will this format accomplish that goal?

The ad ran in today's Inside Radio, an industry trade publication primarily faxed to executives and other managers. It sounds like they're in a big hurry. Perhaps they should raid the NPR stations for "talent"?

If you're having trouble reading it here, click on the image itself.

In addition, DCRTV reports the Washington Post had actively shopped around this concept to others, including Clear Channel, who apparently turned it down.

Another tragedy for Art Bell, of Coast-to-Coast AM fame, who lost his wife Ramona (age 47) to an asthma attack yesterday while in Laughlin, Nevada. They'd been married for 15 years.

Read more at Radio & Records, Coast-to-Coast's website and Whitley Strieber's Unknown Country site (origin of this photo).

New York's news media is keeping close tabs on David Lee Roth's "progress" so far trying to fill Howard Stern's shoes. Is it a hopeless task? Is Roth merely a sacrificial lamb?

From the New York Post today:

Rating Howard's replacement

David Lee Roth took on well-worn talk-radio topics like abortion, gay proms and legalized prostitution ("We should control it and regulate it").

Unlike Wednesday, when he stopped taking listener calls after several of them bashed him, he took lots of calls yesterday, and most were fans.

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  • AAR was all excited that they could pickup listners from Stern-- Is that working? What are the ratings?

    By Blogger FYIFYI, at 06 January, 2006 18:36  

  • Only if Al Franken brings in the strippers... and I'll bet he could make that sound really, really dull and especially unfunny.

    By Blogger eLarson, at 08 January, 2006 11:06  

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