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20 March 2006

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Assessing Air America's True Station Reach

Between interviews and emails, it's the question we're most commonly asked: how many stations does Air America Radio really have?

Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, it's one we've never been able to answer.

However, thanks to new research done by Political Calculations, as well as our own additional analysis, we should finally be able to shed some light on the liberal radio network's real nationwide reach.

Why does it matter? If Air America can prove it's a viable, growing concern, it might be able to entice stations to carry their programs, or get advertisers on board.

At least in theory, that is.

What does the company actually claim? What can be verified? From either end of the debate over its performance, it's not as black and white as one might imagine.

As a result, this will not be considered a definitive report, just an educated guess.

Company No Longer Trumpeting Affiliate Count

Until a recent website redesign, Air America prominently touted its latest station count at the top of the main page. Because the number continued to increase, it was an obvious attempt at painting a picture of rapid growth.

In the early months, they actually were picking up stations, so there was little reason to question the tally. In addition, there's also a website affiliate page, so it was a simple matter of comparing that list with the stated number.

So how did this previously straightforward situation become fuzzy?

As with other syndicated radio and television programming, affiliates come and go over time. Whenever one signed on, Air America's website list was amended. When others were lost, however, were they removed?

And what about stations that kept just one or two AAR shows in their ongoing lineup? Are they still properly considered network affilates, or is that stretching the truth a bit?

Enter a key grey area.

And in the last year, a bigger issue arose: should they be able to count stations running only the syndicated Thom Hartmann Show as network affiliates? Clearly, they believed the answer was yes.

While Air America parent company Piquant LLC does distribute Hartmann's program, it isn't part of the network's lineup. In fact, he runs at the same time as Al Franken's show.

As a result, that's where criticism of Air America's public affiliate count becomes fair game.

The Difficulty In Determining An Exact Count

In a recent press release, the network claimed 89 affiliates.

Building on the report by Political Calculations, we attempted to look up website addresses for the stations listed at Air America's site, to find their current status.

Making it exceptionally difficult to determine whether they really run Air America, almost a third were too tiny to have any Internet presence.

Raising the possibility they serve merely as translators (and therefore probably aren't affiliates at all), a few others redirect to the websites of larger outlets in bigger cities.

Here's their most recent tally:


XM Satellite Radio ch. 167


Akron, OH - WARF-AM 1350 AM
Ann Arbor, MI - WLBY-AM 1290 AM
Asheville, NC - WPEK-AM 880 AM
Atlanta, GA - WWAA-AM 1690 AM
Bennington, VT - WBTN-AM 1370
Binghamton, NY - WYOS-AM 1360 AM
Boston, MA - WXKS-AM 1430 AM
Boston, MA - WKOX-AM 1200 AM
Brattleboro, VT - WKVT-AM 1490 AM
Buffalo, NY - WHLD-AM 1270 AM
Burlington, VT - WVAA-AM 1390 AM
Chapel Hill, NC - WCHL-AM 1360 AM
Charlottesville, VA - WVAX-AM 1450 AM
Chattanooga, TN - WDOD-AM 1310 AM
Cincinnati, OH - WCKY-AM 1530 AM
Cleveland, OH - WTAM-AM 1100 AM
Columbia, SC - WOIC-AM 1230 AM
Columbus, OH - WTPG-AM 1230 AM
Detroit, MI - WDTW-AM 1310 AM
East Longmeadow, MA - WHNP-AM 1600 AM
Grand Rapids, MI - WTKG-AM 1230
Greenfield, MA - WHMQ-AM 1240 AM
Huntington, WV - WRVC-AM 930 AM
Ithaca, NY - WNYY-AM 1470-AM
Key West, FL - WKIZ-AM 1500 AM
Miami, FL - WINZ-AM 940 AM
Montpelier/Barre/St Johnsbury, VT - WDEV-AM 550
New Haven, CT - WAVZ-AM 1300 AM
New York, NY - WLIB 1190 AM
Petoskey, MI - WWKK-AM 750 AM
Pittsburgh, PA - WPTT-AM 1360
Portland, ME - WLVP-AM 870 AM
Providence-Warwick-Pawtucket, RI - WHJJ-AM 920
Rochester, NY - WROC-AM 950 AM
Rocky Mount, NC - WEED-AM 1390
Sarasota-Bradenton, FL - WSRQ-AM 1450 AM
Springfield, MA - WHMP-AM 1400 AM
State College, PA - WBLF-AM 970 AM
Washington, DC - WWRC-AM 1260 AM
West Palm Beach, FL - WJNO-AM 1290 AM


Austin, TX - KOKE-AM 1600 AM
Baton Rouge, LA - WYNK-AM 1380 AM
Brainerd, MN - WWWI-AM 1270 AM
Chicago, IL - WCPT-AM 850 AM
Corpus Christi, TX - KCCT-AM 1150 AM
Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX - KXEB-AM 910 AM
Davenport, IA - WKBF-AM 1270 AM
Duluth-Superior, MN - KQDS-AM 1490 AM
Ely/Hibbing, MN - WELY-AM 1450 AM
Lafayette, LA - KEUN-AM 1490 AM
Madison, WI - WXXM-FM 92.1 FM
Marion/Carbondale, IL - WINI-AM 1420
Memphis, TN - WWTQ-AM 680 AM
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN - KTNF-AM 950 AM
New Orleans, LA - WSMB-AM 1350 AM
San Antonio, TX - KTXX-FM 103.1 FM


Albuquerque, NM - KABQ-AM 1350 AM
Denver, CO - KKZN-AM 760 AM
El Paso, TX - KHRO-AM 1650 AM
Santa Fe, NM - KTRC-AM 1260 AM
Taos, NM - KVOT-AM 1340


Albany, OR - KTHH-AM 990 AM
Eugene, OR - KOPT-AM 1600 AM
Eureka, CA - KGOE-AM 1480
Fresno, CA - KFPT-AM 790 AM
Los Angeles, CA - KTLK-AM 1150 AM
Monterey-Salinas-Santa Cruz, CA - KRXA-AM 540
North Bend / Coos Bay, OR - KBBR-AM 1340
Portland, OR - KPOJ-AM 620 AM
Reno, NV - KJFK-AM 1230 AM
Riverside, CA - KCAA-AM 1050 AM
Sacramento, CA - KCTC-AM 1320
San Diego, CA - KLSD-AM 1360 AM
San Francisco, CA - KQKE-AM 960 AM
San Francisco, CA - KSRO-AM 1350
San Luis Obispo, CA - KYNS-AM 1340 AM
Santa Barbara, CA - KIST-AM 1340 AM
Santa Cruz - Monterey, CA - KOMY-AM 1340 AM
Seattle, WA - KPTK-AM 1090 AM
Spokane, WA - KPTQ-AM 1280 AM
Victor Valley, CA - KSZL-AM 1230 AM


Anchorage, AK - KUDO-AM 1080 AM
Honolulu, HI - KUMU-AM 1500 AM
Kihei, HI - KAOI-AM 1110 AM
Lihue, HI - KQNG-AM 570 AM

For their analysis, Political Calculations used Wikipedia's count of 84, closely matching the 85 on Air America's official list.

So why, in corporate press releases, does the company claim 89? We don't know.

While stations in Phoenix and Missoula have been dropped from their list, Cleveland's WTAM-AM remains, even though it is cancelling Jerry Springer's radio show.

Current count: 84.

Political Calculations couldn't find Air America on these listed stations:

* (4) KSRO 1350 AM - San Francisco, CA
* (23) WPTT 1360 AM - Pittsburgh, PA
* (136) WTWK 1070 AM - Plattsburgh, NY
* (235) WINI 1420 AM - Carbondale, IL
* (79) KXRA 540 AM - Monterey-Salinas-Santa Cruz

While WTWK has been removed from Air America's site, the other four are still listed. KSRO (actually in Santa Rosa, not San Francisco as the company claims) hasn't a trace of their programming on its current schedule.

WPTT and KXRA run Hartmann for three hours daily, WINI for one. KXRA was actually set up as a left-wing outlet to counter Air America programming on nearby KOMY-AM.

We don't believe these should be counted.

Current count: 80

In PC's "low content" category are these:

(36) WHJJ 920 AM - Providence, RI (Randi Rhodes)
(52) WHLD 1270 AM - Buffalo, NY (Al Franken, Randi Rhodes, Mike Malloy)
(63) KUMU 1500 AM - Honolulu, HI (Al Franken, Randi Rhodes)
(73) WARF 1350 AM - Akron, OH (Al Franken, Randi Rhodes)
(172) KUDO 1080 AM - Anchorage, AK (Al Franken)
(179) WYOS 1360 AM - Binghampton, NY (Al Franken, Randi Rhodes)
(192) WWKK 750 AM - Petoskey, MI (Al Franken, Randi Rhodes, Jerry Springer, Majority Report)
(219) WWWI 1270 AM - Brainerd, ND (Al Franken)

Because Air America markets itself as a full-time network, we don't believe stations carrying just a small portion of the lineup should rightly be considered affiliates.

What's fair? That's a tough call, so we'll err on the side of caution and keep those running at least two shows.

Current count: 77

In addition, we found several double-counted translators or simulcasts in Massachusetts and elsewhere. In the western part of the Bay State, one station is counted on the company's list this way three times, while Boston's two signals are really one legitimate outlet.

In addition, we have questions about KIST-AM in California, which may be a simulcast of KTLK/Los Angeles, but will include it for now.

Current count: 74

Also, we found Eureka's KGOE to be carrying only Hartmann and Sarasota's WSRQ running Springer (next to Rush and Hannity!) Alaska's KUDO-AM 1080 runs Franken and Hartmann. We'll leave it in our count.

KAOI-AM in Hawaii runs Franken in the evenings, after Rush and religious programming! Sorry, Charlie.

Current count: 71

Other question marks- perhaps you can help us with these:

- KTXX-FM Texas (what is it running?)
- KIST-AM Santa Barbara (as mentioned above)
- Others on Air America's list we didn't mention because we couldn't track down station information. For instance, there could be a dozen additional stations running only Hartmann.

Are they in your neck of the woods? Please let us know.

To correct potential errors, omissions and to subtract other stations running little or no Air America programming, we anticipate revising this piece as needed.

What We've Learned

Very few land-based stations carry all, or even most of Air America's network line-up. Outside of Franken and Rhodes, several shows seem to have extremely limited reach outside of New York and a handful of other cities.

In addition, many affiliates are tiny. Three of its biggest stations, in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, are paid large sums to run network programming.

As we've mentioned previously, some of America's largest syndicated radio shows are heard on as many as 400 stations nationwide.

And just as importantly, we don't know how Air America arrives at the 89 stations it claims in press releases. Where are they?

Your Amazon orders that begin with clicks here, regardless of your final purchases, are vital to supporting this site's efforts. Thanks again!

AAR Economics by Pete at IHillary, AAR Crash by David A Lunde


  • KCAA in Riverside/San Bernardino, CA carries just two hours of AAR programming a day and should be included in your "low content" category. The station carries one hour of the Al Franken Show at 11 a.m. and one hour of the Randi Rhodes Show at 4 p.m.
    You can check it out here:

    That leaves the nation's 27th largest radio market with over 1.7 million listeners with just two hours of AAR a day. KTLK (1150 AM)in Los Angeles has a horrible signal that can't be heard at all in most of the Inland Empire that's why the station opened for AAR in the first place. The sports station that was on the station moved to the stronger 570 AM because that was a full market signal that could be heard everywhere in Southern California.

    By Blogger Aaron, at 20 March, 2006 15:53  

  • WTKG in Grand Rapids, MI runs Thom Hartman, but I don't think I've heard them run anything else. WTKG is king of dead air and double feeds in this area, it's not a very proffessional operation.

    By Blogger Lonewatchman, at 20 March, 2006 16:08  

  • and once again we have one of those (rare) occurences when Brian actually seems to be doing some actual, honest investigative reporting.

    Please, Brian, stop me from laughing and keep moving onward with an honesty track. Remove the irrational hatred and stick to the facts, and you might actually succeed in re-creating yourself as a reporter.

    Good, honest stuff...reporting that Air America as a body deserves. Their affiliate count is, at best, worst, it's deliberately misleading.

    That's a story.

    Virtually the only AAR show I find at all informative & entertaining is the much-maligned and hated Al Franken Show. The only remaining show I find entertaining is Randi Rhodes (not informative, just entertaining - but, then, I find Bill O'Reilly entertaining, too - only because he's nuts).

    Lose the snark, and keep the honest reporting!

    (see, unlike many people, I can be reasonable :)).

    By Blogger TJ, at 20 March, 2006 17:27  

  • I'd be very interested in the transmitter power and area covered by those stations, as well.

    By Blogger James Jones, at 20 March, 2006 17:50  

  • Consider the Chapel Hill "affiliate." They have the Al Franken show, now a full 3 hours! Used to be only 2. Then 2 hours of the Majority report, provided the ACC isn't on. Then they carry some of Air Deadbeats weekend shows. They have weekend shows? That was surprising.

    Yet, when I worked in Durham, I could barely get WCHL in my car, maybe 10 miles tops from the station. So, Air Deadbeat barely affects the Triangle (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill) area, which tends to vote Dem. Conservative radio overwhelms talk radio around here.

    By Blogger William Teach, at 20 March, 2006 19:19  

  • I live in Sarasota, FL and listen to WSRQ 1450. Springer lives here in Sarasota and runs from 9-noon. Rush is on at noon-3 and Hannity is on 3-6. I am sure we can count this station as part of the Air America network.

    By Blogger kingronjo, at 20 March, 2006 20:18  

  • I found a schedule for KQNG AM in Lihie, HI.

    It only carries two hours of Al Franken at night. It should be put in the "low content" category.

    By Blogger Aaron, at 20 March, 2006 20:44  

  • Same for KAOI in Maui, HI. Just two hours of Al Franken.

    By Blogger Aaron, at 20 March, 2006 20:48  

  • WellI live in Dallas so I was intriqued by the Dallas radio listing so I went in search of it. I had never heard of the station, KXEB. I found an article that explains why. Here is a money quote:

    In North Texas, Air America's success could be limited by the reach of the low-wattage station. Static nearly drowns out KXEB in some areas, but officials at Border Media Partners, the station's owners, said they were trying to strengthen the signal.

    Now this is only about the 10 largest market in the country so its not that important that anyone can hear you. Here is the closer from the same article:

    "You're in Bush country, you're a liberal, and you have a bad signal. That's a lot going against you," said Jeff Hillery, program director for KLIF-AM (570).

    By Blogger Seriouslyunserious, at 20 March, 2006 21:48  

  • Brian:

    I found this on the station listed in San Antonio. Its apparently broadcast out of Karnes City. This is a wide spot in the road about half way between Corpus Christi and San Antonio. Way out in the boonies. I doubt its heard in San Antonio as that a long way for an FM broadcast. Only 34,000 watts. Here is a listing I found:

    KTXX-FM 103.1 MHz
    Karnes City, Texas

    Here is a website that lists all radio station in San Antonio area. It does not include KTXX, which tends to confirm my suspicion that the signal does not get there. The list does have a Floresville station, which is in the same general area so I think it is meant to be comprehensive. Not 100% sure but I think caliing this a San Antonio station is really a stretch.

    By Blogger Seriouslyunserious, at 20 March, 2006 22:22  

  • Brian - KIST/Santa Barbara is a mirror of the LAX affiliate KTLK on 1150. lists the station address as in Covington, KY, so there is no actual brick-and-mortar station in Santa Barbara proper.

    Its signal is 650 watts unidirectional, but due to the mountain range there in SBA the signal is bounced mostly to the Channel Islands. The 'local' node of the signal barely reaches north past Isla Vista (UCSB) and barely reaches Ventura to the south. The 'distant' node of the signal can be received from Solvang to Thousand Oaks, thus "serving" most of the SLO-SBA DMA.

    I don't know if you consider straight-up mirror sites to be actual serving 'stations' in the calculations or not, but there ya go.

    By Blogger SierraSpartan, at 20 March, 2006 22:45  

  • After doing a tad more digging it appears that another station in the San Antonio area is broadcasting on the same frequency, i.e. 103.1. A station in Bandera Texas KEEP is listed in the San Antonio area and would probably step on an signal that made it into San Antonio. Bandera is just west of San Antonio.

    By Blogger Seriouslyunserious, at 20 March, 2006 23:14  

  • You crappin on me B.M. I broadcast AAR with call-letters WHT at 88.1 FM from my satellite receiver.

    The thing runs 24x7.

    Boo f'in hoo.

    By Blogger @whut, at 21 March, 2006 02:14  

  • Brian,

    Thank you for the link! It's kind of cool to read through the comments here to see the blogosphere at work sorting through what is and what isn't with regard to AAR. I'm pretty confident that you'll have the definitive list in short order.

    By Blogger Ironman, at 21 March, 2006 08:30  

  • Brian:

    WJNO in West Palm Beach only carries Randi Rhodes 3-7 PM. No other AAR shows are broadcast.


    By Blogger Jerry, at 21 March, 2006 12:18  

  • >>While WTWK has been removed from Air America's site

    yes that was the 1070 licensed to Plattsburgh; last year the AAR was
    switched to WVAA 1390 (Burl VT)and 1070 is now ESPN (simulcast
    with 1490 WFAD Middlebury VT). 1070
    is a daytimer while 1390 is fulltime

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 21 March, 2006 12:51  

  • WKZE 1020 AM in Sharon, CT is a daytimer only station that broadcasts AAR programming full time. However, it has such a horrible signal that I don't normally listen. I have heard Franken's show on there, and AAR news. You can add this one to the list.

    By Blogger radioman, at 21 March, 2006 20:39  

  • Since this was sort of a hobby of mine in the early days of AAR:

    * Here in Akron, WARF/1350 does indeed carry Al Franken (now 1 PM-3 PM) and Randi Rhodes (6-10 PM), and a number of the AAR weekend shows - but not all, as they run some "Best ofs" of weekday non-AAR shows.

    * WTAM/1100 Cleveland dropped Springer in full a week ago Friday, and is running a rotation of local hosts before announcing a permanent local host - who will debut reportedly next Monday.

    * KIST/1340 Santa Barbara CA is as far as I know, run locally in the CC Santa Barbara cluster and is not a direct simulcaster of KTLK/1150 in Los Angeles. They may run similar schedules, including the usual CC libtalk diet of AAR, Jones and other shows. I'm pretty sure they have at least one local weekend show. They were doing liberal talk a few months before 1150, and had to change calls back to KIST because of that move.

    I have not actually heard the station, though.

    * About KCAA - for whatever reason, their mindset seems to involve running hour long shows. I think only Don Imus in morning drive lasts more than 2 hours! They also have G. Gordon Liddy for an hour. Maybe they're trying to squeeze as many shows as possible into a daytimer's schedule.

    * It appears KSRO/1350 Santa Rosa CA very recently dropped Thom Hartmann. He was on their schedule until a couple of months or so ago. Perhaps it was to make room for two local afternoon shows (which pushed Jones' Clark Howard into nights, bumping Hartmann).

    * KTXX/103.1 Karnes City TX (a far San Antonio rimshot) is owned and operated by the same folks as KXEB/910 in the Dallas market (Frisco TX) and KOKE/1600 Austin. I found out this week that the three stations apparently simulcast after 7 PM and probably on weekends. KXEB carries many of the AAR shows, and I assume the others do as well. KXEB is in itself a Dallas rimshot, though not an awful signal in Dallas and areas north of downtown Dallas. It probably doesn't carry well into Fort Worth. It's not the worst signal in the market, at least east and north, but is not even close to established signals like 570, 820 and 1080.

    It is certainly not as bad a rimshot as KTXX, which basically counts as a San Antonio station with an asterisk.

    By Blogger Ohio Media Watch, at 21 March, 2006 21:12  

  • Ohio Media Watch

    Just for grins this am I went into the built in radio in my home intercom system and turned the dial over to 910 AM. Sure enough, while barely audible for all the static, there was KXEB with some AAR news. Now I am just west of DFW airport so forget about anyone in FT Worth listening, the static would annoy the hell out of you. And most of Frisco and northern Plano is upscale exurb or suburb ( respectively ) not a good place for AAR to fish. That leaves the east side of Dallas as the only potential audience. I dont know who they attract to this station, but I would guess it aint many. I have never seen a billboard around town announcing their offerings either. Got to wonder how its being paid for, advertisers want ears, unless AAR is buying time on the station...

    By Blogger Seriouslyunserious, at 22 March, 2006 11:09  

  • The thought just occurred to me, remind the SNL long running skit with Mike Myers and Dana Carvey broadcasting out of their basement? I think that is what AAR is doing In Dallas with KXEB. Nobody is listing. Someone have any arbitron rankings for this little station?

    By Blogger Seriouslyunserious, at 22 March, 2006 12:50  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger Jason Baars, at 22 March, 2006 13:56  

  • KXEB does not appear in the latest Arbitron radio ratings in DFW. It doesn't even manage a .1 share for Persons 12+, Monday-Sunday, 6am-midnight. (as of the winter 1 ratings 2006).

    By Blogger Jason Baars, at 22 March, 2006 13:58  

  • If a tree falls or KXEb broadcasts and no one hears it, is a sound made?

    By Blogger Seriouslyunserious, at 22 March, 2006 15:54  

  • More on KXEB in in the Dallas area. If you are not within 8 - 10 miles of the station's southern hemisphere, you will never hear it. Haven't tried the signal to the north, but not many peole live or work in that area. The metropolitan area is too the south and west. You can't even pick up the station ost days at DFW airport, let alon Ft Worth.

    By Blogger Rub, at 22 March, 2006 16:06  

  • About KXEB - my only experience with the station was within their stronger Dallas-area signal reach, so I'm only guessing how badly they'd do from, say, DFW west to Fort Worth, and south of downtown Dallas.

    I've heard worse rimshots, but it most assuredly is a rimshot - and not very professionally run, either. The station imaging voice sounded for all the world like a college kid, and the actual production sounded worse than I've heard high school students putting together.

    If I recall right, KXEB is a move-in from the Sherman/Denison area, like about half the new stations in the DFW market these days...

    Anyway, it's not AWFUL signal wise for places like Dallas, Plano, Richardson and the Rt. 75 corridor, but the Metroplex is a LOT bigger than that.

    By Blogger Ohio Media Watch, at 22 March, 2006 16:13  

  • You are correct that its a scratchy weak signal by DFW airport. The deomographics of Frisco are young growing upscale Exurb, Allen and Plano out edge of upper class suburbs. Richardson is a little older and a little less upscale than Plano but still most areas solidly middle class to upper middle class. All predominantly white residents. All in TEXAS.

    Does any of this sound like the deomgraphic profile of liberals to anyone? So is it a surprise that the needle never moved on the latest Arbitron?

    They would be a lot better off with the same low power transmission south and east of Dallas. Different demographic and a lot more Democrats who might listen to AAR and think it was good.

    By Blogger Seriouslyunserious, at 22 March, 2006 16:37  

  • Even KTLK, a "strong" affiliate of AAR, does not broadcast AAR all the time. You've got Stephanie Miller in the mornings (thank God, Jerry Springer is boring as hell, I heard his show on XM), and Ed Schultz. So, that's "only" 18 hours a day of AAR and the rest from Jones. At least they're not running that jellyfish Colmes.

    You've exposed AAR, buddy. Another business puffing themselves to look better to customers/clients/
    subscribers/advertisers. I've never heard of such a thing, and I'm SHOCKED I tell you, JUST SHOCKED.

    By Blogger Scott, at 24 March, 2006 07:47  

  • I am in Columbus, Ohio, and we have a station that carries AAR, in parts. They have Stephanie Miller in the morning and Ed Schultz in the evening, so they aren't totally AAR. There are some interesting facts about this station:

    1) It is a Clearchannel station (that evil Clearchannel to liberals)
    2) They are having a very hard time getting anyone to advertise, especially for the AAR shows. During the commercial breaks, the majority of the time is used for public service announcements, and when they run out of those, they simply play music for a while until the break is over (not bumper music, this lasts for several minutes)
    3) I wrote once to complain about Stephanie Miller talking over a live Bush speech, and the station manager called me personally and apologized, and said if I wanted real news, to listen to their other station, the one that carries Rush and Hannity. Even the station manager can't stand the format.

    I can't imagine they will keep this station as a liberal station for much longer, they can't be making any money here, this is a very conservative city.

    By Blogger lbinoh, at 24 March, 2006 17:18  

  • n New York during April, its first month on the air, Air America attracted more listeners in the 25-to-54-year-old demographic from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. than did WABC, where the popular Limbaugh is heard. Air America also beat WABC among the 18-to-34-year-old group. That's specifically intriguing to many in the business because talk radio typically draws an older audience."

    By Blogger kirsten, at 14 June, 2006 23:00  

  • The conservative echo chamber believes Air America Radio is going down like Jeff Gannon on an overnight press-pass to the White House. Left-wing talk radio they said, was over before it began. But like all so-called wisdom coming from the GOP noise machine, you better check the facts before you believe it. It turns out that contrary to conservative spin and wishful thinking, Air America, barely a year old, is building an audience and starting to eat in to the market share of conservative talkers who have been around for decades.

    By Blogger kirsten, at 14 June, 2006 23:03  

  • Byron York wrote on, "The latest radio ratings are in and they show continued bad news for Air America." But York cited only New York ratings where Air America's share held firm at a 1.2 rating, at a time that nearly all political talk in New York (and indeed the whole country) showed a decline in the first quarter of 2005. (Rush Limbaugh's ratings tanked by 25% in New York.)

    In the fourth quarter of 2004 Al Franken's ratings in New York were 44% of Rush Limbaugh's. In just 3 months that ratio rose to 60%; that is bad news, but not for Air America. In the same New York winter 2005 ratings, Air America's Randi Rhodes, on in the crucial afternoon drive-time, went up 33%, while the conservative talk shows in same time slot on WABC and WOR each went down 33%. Air America's evening show, The Majority Report starring Janeane Garofalo and Sam Seder went up 100%; while the WOR show in that time slot was flat and the WABC show went down 33%. In total audience, The Majority Report was the number one talk show in New York City in its time slot.

    By Blogger kirsten, at 15 June, 2006 01:04  

  • The liberal talk format has shown great success in other cities as well. Seattle's newly talk-formatted KPTK, doubled in the winter book, Portland's KPOJ AM grew 1000% in audience share. In conservative San Diego, KLSD AM went up 73%. Denver's KKZN AM was up 300%. Other markets with similar success include: Boston, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Sacramento and Columbus. Thus, right-wing talk is declining while left-wing talk is catching on almost instantly.

    By Blogger kirsten, at 15 June, 2006 01:06  

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