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19 May 2006

Al Franken, NSA, Media Matters, Al Franken: God Spoke


Just In Time For Summer Softball, Frankenfluff Returns

Will Al Franken's mainstream media fawn- fest ever subside? Given the amount of energy so- called "progressives" allocate toward this effort, there must be some tangible benefit to propping up Mr. Smalley.

For some time, we had attempted to track the Frankenfluff phenomenom, but the sheer volume of softball interviews and puff pieces to cover quickly became overwhelming.

Something about Al makes him untouchable, so how in the world does he pull it off?

At David Brock's Media Matters, for instance, defending Franken from Bill O'Reilly's criticism often appears to be a top priority.

For an answer to this perplexing mystery, we'll first need to check with our close friends inside the National Security Agency. According to at least one half-serious lefty moonbat writing for the San Diego CityBeat newspaper, Franken makes the likely list of subversive men named "Al" targeted for domestic spying:

Holy cow— USA Today broke a significant story last Wednesday. I thought that publication was only supposed to package hackneyed drivel wedged into a hodgepodge of color photos to pacify business travelers so they don’t snap on a connecting flight to Pittsburgh and charge the cockpit with plastic forks.

Who knew they knew news?

But you have to hand it to them. When they break a story, it’s a doozy. Here’s the lead: “The National Security Administration has been secretly collecting the phone-call records of tens of millions of Americans, using data provided by AT&T, Verizon and BellSouth….” Read that again; I’ll wait.

Bastards! I knew they were tracking us. So did you, didn’t you? Of course, according to W they’re not listening, they’re just amassing information for what a USA Today source called “the largest database ever assembled in the world.”

According to me, W, shut the hell up. He went on television Thursday morning and told us that the program “strictly targets Al Qaeda”—and probably Al Franken, Al Gore and Al Green. This is a biggy, y’all. It matters.

In other news, she sells seashells by the seashore.

Meanwhile, Al Franken: God Spoke, a new documentary about the left's apparent deity, continues to generate unquestioning press coverage. While we'd previously hoped the film might shed insight into Stuart's true nature, instead it's turning into a fresh excuse for fawning Franken profiles.

Just in time for Al's 55th birthday comes this Seattle Weekly interview, with all of the tough questioning one would expect from a fan club newsletter:

SW: Because your view of politics is grounded in satire, is there an even greater risk of your platform being too reactive in that stereotypically liberal way? Can reacting to right-wing nonsense have the effect of reinforcing right-wing power, of allowing them to keep the serve?

Franken: People are going to be so sick of [Republicans] by '08—they already are, really—that a campaign is going to have to include a critique of the last eight years. It'd be crazy not to include that. But it'll also have to include a vision going forward—the vision that we have.

More partisan "humor" here:

SW: OK—let's not beat around the Bush. Does anyone really want another comedian in office?

Franken: Well, I think there's a difference between being inadvertently funny and being actually funny. Maybe [voters] wouldn't mind having someone who had real training in comedy. I actually think that satirists sometimes crystallize ideas and concepts and issues more clearly than politicians do.

After months of wondering out loud here, perhaps you might have a theory: including even other leftists, why is Franken treated better by the mainstream media than nearly anyone else? Does he walk on water?

In one of the few challenges to Franken we've ever seen from the left, however, the Brad Blog isn't afraid of Mr. Smalley. This emerging liberal website and its readers believe Franken is keeping quiet on issues important to the "progressive" movement:

I was in studio today with Marc Maron of Air America. First time on his show. A good guy (who got screwed by Air America, btw, when they dumped him from their national morning show.)

I thought I'd take the opportunity, while on Air America's air, to beat up a li'l on Air America, and Al Franken specifically, for not touching any of this Election Reform stuff.

That, Ann Coulter, and a few other rants in a very fast paced 12-minute appearance which I think you'll enjoy...


Well Brad, your story inspired me to tune into Air America's Al Franken Show today (Friday) just to see how Al is doing, what's going on, etc....

His story about Red Lining, Minnesota, and his Family is about as interesting as me telling my friends about the new automatic scooper cat box I purchased a few weeks ago.

17 Minutes into the show, nothing about what is going on....
*CIA Agents outing the Bush Administration
*Explosion in Nigeria Oil Fields
*4 US Soldiers killed today in Iraq
*Gold at 25 YR high's
Nope,, he is going to talk about his stories...
COME ON!!!!!

This after what, 3 hours of boring Jerry Springer?

Hey Air America ---- Give Brad and Myself a 2 hour daily slot and we will DOMINATE the airwaves...

Now, I am going back to channel 84 on XM.


There's something funny going on at Air America Radio.

First Janeane Garofalo shills for the evil neocon $cientology cult and their ripoff detox rundown.

Then Al Franken doesn't cover important stories.

What the hell is going on there??


Between mainstream media elitists and grassroots liberals, that's quite a divergence, isn't it?

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  • seriously, what kind of questions would anyone ask him? he's a comedian and a political commentator. they ask him about those things. do you want them to ask him why he allowed the holocaust to happen?

    By Blogger hardcore conservative genious, at 19 May, 2006 10:03  

  • Fortunately, Franken's "career" is going down the tubes.

    Unfortunately we, the people of Minnesota, will have to listen to his fustian drivel for a couple more years when he attempts to run for the Senate after quitting his show or Air America folds.

    I can just imagine level of softballs he will get from CNN, MSNBC, and the liberal rags when he runs for office.

    Keep up the good work, Brian.

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 19 May, 2006 10:43  

  • "has a career, and you have a BLOG."

    And you have... blog comments.

    By Blogger Fatmouse, at 19 May, 2006 14:27  

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