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20 May 2006

Cindy Sheehan, Air America


Does Moonbat Momma's Story Check Out?

Without applying even the slightest shred of intellectual scrutiny, have so- called "progressive" activists been conditioned to absorb anything moonbat momma Cindy Sheehan says? Is she really a political leader, or an emerging cult- like figure?

Running on leftist websites today, here's a partial transcript of a speech Sheehan delivered Thursday to the Spiritual Activism Conference in Washington. Does anything here strike you as a tad bit improbable?

Make Me an Instrument of Peace

By Cindy Sheehan

Not too long ago, I was listening to Air America when a caller to the religious right of war supporter/evangelist Pat Robertson said it didn't bother him that George Bush doesn't follow the law of our land because when we have a man who is a "Christian" in office, we don't need the rule of law!

The caller and, I am afraid too many more people in America are saved from the responsibility of democracy because they believe that George follows a higher law than our Constitution. The person who called in really meant that.

I found that call disturbing for several reasons, but to think that a man who kills his pretend enemies and is a warmaker with wanton disregard for the teachings of Jesus Christ is a Christian flies in the face of everything that I was taught about Jesus of Nazareth and about the Christian faith.

Thinking about how unloving, punitive and unjust the brand of Christianity that George Bush practices is reminded me of an experience that I had in Assisi the first time I visited Italy in January of this year. The Franciscan model of Christianity is totally the opposite of Bushianity.

On that sunny but cold January day, when I awakened in the back seat of the silver BMW that picked me up from the airport in Rome, I was in a charming plaza in front of the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi. The Basilica was heavily damaged in an earthquake in 1997 but is now almost entirely restored.

My hotel room overlooked the same magnificent view of Italy's "Green Heart" in Umbria as the plaza of the Basilica. In the distance I could see all the way to the hills of Perugia, where I would visit next. Breathtaking is merely a word that cannot adequately describe the views!

Beyond merely obnoxious, with her detailed description of touring Europe in a BMW, Sheehan's words deserve to be examined for the sake of accuracy.

Did she really hear a far- right caller make such a statement on Air America? Note Sheehan's lack of specifics.

Cindy, if you don't mind, we have some questions:

Which Air America program aired the call?

When did you hear it?

Rather than a parody or recorded skit, are you sure it was a real person? Could it actually have been during an opening monologue?

To such an outlandish statement, what was the host's reaction? Surely that would have been equally memorable.

If anyone actually managed to hear this alleged call, please use the comment section below to provide us with the details.

Why are we suspicious? For a number of reasons:

Even to a conservative host, much less during Air America's liberal talk programming, we've never heard anyone make such a bizarre statement. Right- leaning shows these days are full of scathing criticism of the GOP and Bush, so when she isn't touring Europe in upscale sports cars, perhaps Ms. Sheehan might care to tune in.

In fact, even outside of talk radio, we've yet to hear any conservative or right- winger make this assertion that Bush's religious views supercede the American Constitution.

While some Air America shows take calls only on an occasional basis, others don't air any at all. Overall, there really aren't that many opportunities to talk with its hosts.

What in the world would motivate this "religious right" follower to even listen to Air America's extremist programming, much less call one of its personalities?

If this right- wing Air America caller really exists and specific details can be provided, we'll be happy to drop this matter. Otherwise, it sounds a bit too much like a cartoon caricature of what Cindy Sheehan thinks a conservative would say on the radio.

To get to the bottom of this, any help would be appreciated.

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Cindy's Postcard: Indymedia, AAR Spin: David A Lunde


  • Looks like the fake Seder is back. The real one wouldn't dare post here, given that my sources HAVEN'T dried up.

    What I'm looking for is this:

    --- Which show
    --- Date
    --- Any transcript or link to the particular audio archive or excerpt somewhere out there on the Web.
    --- Any indication the caller was real and not a plant, parody or part of a skit.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 20 May, 2006 23:42  

  • Brian, you elicit the weirdest comments from the whacked out left.

    Keep up the good work

    By Blogger tradersmith, at 22 May, 2006 17:08  

  • 1.0??? Bwahahahahahaha!!!!

    1.0????? Muahahahahahaha!!!!

    Oh yeah, they're tearing up the ratings!

    If the call ever did happen it was obviously a wacked out far left wing radical kook trying to impersonate someone from the "religious right."

    By Blogger Capitalist Infidel, at 22 May, 2006 19:28  

  • RWW, 05/21/06 @ 20:06: "One awful ratings book, does not spell the end of A.A. It is simply rediculous to think that. Right wing bloggers are taking that one ratings book as the be-all, end-all, final word on Air America."

    RWW, 05/22/06 @ 17:34: "I bet Maloney will not be posting about the air america ratings this month. They went up from .8 12+ to 1.0 12+. Just thought I would be the first to make Brian cry to his mommy tonight."

    Pick one and stick with it, genius. Either the ratings books don't matter (as you impart in your 5/21 post) or they do (as stated in the 5/22 sample).

    And BTW, it's not been just ONE terrible ratings book for AAR - it has been multiple terrible ratings books, and now with the impending loss of the NYC affiliate, the cume is about to plummet. However, I'm sure that you will look at that (unsourced) 0.8-to-1.0 improvement from Bumfart, Indiana and proclaim that AAR listenership nationwide has grown by 25% this quarter.

    If that is the case, dig this here: In pro radio, a 1.0 rating SUCKS. That was the rating that my college station in the Bay Area was getting, with a chock-full FM dial due to overlap of two ADI markets.

    You have asserted that NPR is "not exactly right wing." If that is the case, then AAR has had the left side of political radio all to itself, and hasn't done jack shyte with it.

    And all the shouting and crap-tossing on your behalf will not change that fact. But if Sheldon Drobny (who carries an amazing likeness to "Fat Bastard") wishes to toss his money into that pit, then more power to him.

    By Blogger SierraSpartan, at 22 May, 2006 21:36  

  • The 0.8 to 1.0 ratings "increase" whiner talks about is a one-month trend released today in NYC.

    In the last two full ratings books (3 months each), however, AAR has gone from 1.4 down to 0.8.

    This month's 1.0 so far means nothing, unless it is followed by significant gains in the next two months.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 22 May, 2006 23:34  

  • RWW: "I noticed how nobody is touching "lonwatchmans" ignorasnt comments on public schools. Why is nobody rushing to his defense? Cons always gloss over insanity spouted by their fellow right wing goose steppers."

    There was nothing in the lonewatchman's post to argue with, as he is dead-bang correct. His post needs no defense.

    Furthermore, you seem to be doing an ample job of proving him correct with the spelling and grammatical structure in your various posts.

    Just at suggestion for ya, RWW - if you are going to bang on someone being "ignorant," then it's a pretty good idea to learn how to spell "ignorant" first.

    Just sayin'....

    By Blogger SierraSpartan, at 23 May, 2006 19:18  

  • RWW - it must just suck to be you.

    It looks like you get up every day and find yourself a nice, big bag of lemons to suck on prior to sitting down at the keyboard.

    I can't disabuse you of your venom, nor can I type sense into you, because your rantings make the stuff on DU and Kos look kiddie school. Even the DU and the Kossacks will occasionally admit when they have backed the wrong horse (one example being Jesse MacBeth).

    Not you, though. You're a true one-hundred percenter, incapable of seeing irony or humor in anything outside of your little bubble. You are a sad, sad individual.

    By Blogger SierraSpartan, at 24 May, 2006 22:40  

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