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02 August 2006

Air America Radio, Gloria Wise Scandal, Al Franken, One Year Later


AAR Lives (For Now), Kids Are The Real Victims

Yesterday, it took
a producer to remind Rush Limbaugh that Tuesday's show represented the 18th anniversary of his highly successful syndicated radio program.

And here at the Radio Equalizer, we discovered that it has now been a full year since we first initiated coverage of Air America Radio's Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club scandal.

While two newspapers (a local Bronx paper and the Daily News) had buried very brief mentions of the Department Of Investigation's probe into $875,000 in taxpayer grants earmarked for the Bronx- based charity (that instead wound up in the liberal talk radio network's coffers), the local media generally refused to do any digging.

At the time, Air America had been on the receiving end of an ongoing series of puff pieces from mainstream media outlets, especially in New York City. To admit to the scandal right under their noses would have been highly embarrassing.

Beginning with this July 27, 2005 post, we've investigated the living daylights out of this ongoing mess. Michelle Malkin and yours truly spent months digging for clues, making phone calls, utilizing sources and documentation.

And until the blogosphere screamed bloody murder about the otherwise- unreported scandal, it was nearly impossible to get the mainstream media to touch it with a ten- foot pole. For over two weeks, several blogs ran an "MSM non-coverage" timer, in order to make the point hit home.

With that push, we were finally able to get the story to go nationwide. In his recent book Painting The Map Red, author / blogger Hugh Hewitt noted our situation.

Contrary to what the network might have you believe, the investigation is ongoing. After the network finally agreed to place the full $875,000 into an escrow account, the wheels have turned ever so slowly. At the very least, shouldn't the company face fines or other sanctions?

And to raise the $875,000, the Air America parent Piquant LLC resorted to a series of bailout "loans" from the "progressive" community.

The New York City DOI has not returned recent calls we've made as to the investigation's status, but at the same time has not issued a public statement on the matter since this September, 2005 press release. For ongoing matters, it's considered routine for the agency to generally remain silent, until they're ready to move forward.

The Radio Equalizer still receives emails asking why those responsible have not been brought to justice, but as you may know, bureaucratic wheels tend to turn slowly. Even now, the $875,000 is sitting in an escrow account that is controlled by an Air America attorney.

The real victims, of course, were the children of the Bronx, who ultimately lost their Boys & Girls Club. Even though other area non- profits were quick to step in and salvage many of the affected programs, the club's charter was stripped away by the organization's national office and the facility was shut down.

We recognize that Air America's hosts, who were mostly uninvolved in these dirty dealings, would not want to upset their employers by talking about the scandal on the air. But it certainly did strip away any moral authority on issues that the liberal talkers might have otherwise enjoyed.

After a period of awkward silence, Al Franken was designated as the talker who could address it in public. When he did so, however, Al seemed to make things worse, with a muddled explanation. Since then, when confronted directly, other hosts have attempted to brush off the issue.

Later, a Radio Equalizer exclusive piece reported that Franken's unreasonable compensation demands seemed to interfere with the firm's ability to repay the Gloria Wise club. When we really began to show that we had a solid understanding of the company's inner workings, Piquant started to fire back at us.

Since then, Al Franken and fellow host Randi Rhodes have attempted to show that they really do care about children, but it's hard to believe they've gained much credibility in this area.

What Franken has really proven is that Air America serves as a cash cow from which he can position himself for a 2008 US Senate run in Minnesota.

And even while staff cuts and other belt- tightening slimmed down the faltering company, Franken and Rhodes pushed to maintain and even enhance huge, bloated compensation packages.

While this issue still lingers in the background, one year later, Air America has more recently attracted attention for its bailouts from billionaires and frequent staff departures. Now, all signs point to the network's most dire financial
situation ever.

Even George Soros can't seem to keep up with this outfit's cash burn rate!

Also noteworthy is that after more than two years, Air America's ratings have generally stunk, with several stations recently dropping the network's programming.

Why is it important to chronicle Air America's antics and business performance? Because this is the network that was heavily touted as the answer to conservative talk radio, a true threat to the dominance of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly. But it didn't quite work out that way, did it?

And for several years, the industry hype was completely out of control, finally dying down only recently.

In the coming days and weeks, watch for a new series of pieces delving into what appears to be the troubled network's worst period yet. Sure, Air America's final chapter hasn't yet been written, but we are closer now than ever before.

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AAR scandal logo by Darleen Click, other images by Pete at IHillary and David A Lunde.


  • Last night, Sam Seder announced that Friday will be the Majority Report's last show, and the blog goes bye bye on Thursday.

    Looks like you're still batting a thousand, Brian.

    But for you libs, I'm sure this is really a blessing in disguise.

    By Blogger Brett, at 02 August, 2006 07:45  

  • Batting a thousand? Brian said A.A would be gone, over and over and over, yet it still continues to pick up affiliates. God bless them, with demonic freaks confusing lesbians with Hezbolah members (Limbaugh) a tatic based on hate, America needs sensible, not hateful talk radio.
    Limbaugh preys on America's inner bigot. To call Hezbolah member "Hezbos", is a slap at lesbians, and a play on hate. Brian licks the ass of a hate monger, and attacks a network because of some scandal which appears to be settled, ignoring the stream of pollution and bile RUINING the talk radio industry. If you love radio, Limbaugh and Savage are your worst enemies, lowering the discourse, promoting hate and regression. They are poison, Limnbaugh is human pollution. Anyone who is affiliated with that pollution, should have an awakening and understand they work for a hate monger. For all the faults and scandals, A.A has a decent product which does not promote venomous hate. God bleess them, the real spiritual folks in America understand why Limbaugh is venom, the fake moralists who use religion as a talking point, (maloney for example) will never get it.

    By Blogger rightwingwhiner, at 02 August, 2006 09:36  

  • let me translate this story for the new bloggers on here -

    maloney ran out of interesting stories, so he copied and pasted this old gem and added a few new lines, but no new info. the end.

    By Blogger hardcore conservative genious, at 02 August, 2006 09:39  

  • I guess Maloney is celebrating the 1 year anniversary of his most successful blog post.

    Congratulations I guess.

    By Blogger Elmonica, at 02 August, 2006 10:09  

  • No no no you guys got the wrong talking point memo. Its not to call Brian Baloney or otherwise throw up some dust, you need to tell everyone how this is really really good news. RWW almost got there, he just lost heart after spitting out the picking up affiliates thing. That is the story and you should stick to it. It worked for Baghdad Bob for awhile, it can do the same for you.

    By Blogger Seriouslyunserious, at 02 August, 2006 10:16  

  • By Blogger frankenlies, at 02 August, 2006 10:22  

  • RWW? You said you were quitting this.

    Guess a crack whore never gets too far from the pipe.

    You gotta feed the baby.

    By Blogger TC, at 02 August, 2006 11:37  

  • Brian,

    Thanks for the update. Any word on AAR's progress toward finding a replacement outlet in NYC after WLIB cuts them off?

    By Blogger Missouri Show Me, at 02 August, 2006 12:20  

  • Frankenlies: a couple of intteresting tidbits there, Im reading them and will give you an honest response a little later. I want to fully absorb the statements first.

    Seriouslness: very sarcastic as always

    TC: ignored, I do not talk to adolescent punks who think they are "punk rock' yet live with mommy

    missouri: I believe they stay on 1190 in NY, bad news for the fascists who only want one view on the airwavs, for future corruption of young impressionable minds. Limbaugh is an outlet for 12 year olds to become polluted. He is an enemy of free thought. Too bad buddy A.A will stay on in NY, keeping the mind's of N.Y open

    By Blogger rightwingwhiner, at 02 August, 2006 12:34  

  • Brian,

    Thanks for the update. Any word on AAR's progress toward finding a replacement outlet in NYC after WLIB cuts them off?

    By Missouri Show Me, at 02 August, 2006 12:20

    I hear they bought a bullhorn.

    By Blogger Brett, at 02 August, 2006 12:35  

  • >>missouri: I believe they stay on 1190 in NY, bad news for the fascists who only want one view on the airwavs counterbalance the liberal
    media elsewhere on the "airwavs" (sic). If the liberals can find
    someone as entertaining and informative as the likes of
    Limbaugh, Hannity, and Ingraham,
    it could be a ratings success.

    The bigger stations who run them
    want to make money. If Franken
    were as entertaining as Limbaugh
    and could pick up as many listeners,
    WABC, WRKO, et al, would pick him
    up instead.

    >> Too bad buddy A.A will stay on in NY, keeping the mind's of N.Y open

    Alcoholics Anonymous?


    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 02 August, 2006 12:44  

  • Racoon:
    entertaining? If you consider venomous hate entertainment, more power to you. I consider it pollution, absolute pollution as I find Stern, Opie And anthony, Man cow, gangster rap and skinheads, pollution. I prefer to grow beyond the junior high mentality of Limbaugh and the rest. Ingram is not that bad, I have no problem with her, just disagreement. Hannity is starting to tow the hate line, and is calling those who question Isreal's actions "anti-semites", dangerous pollution in my book. Dangerous pollution.

    as far as your claim to "liberal media", that is a complete joke. Only a fool would buy that old gag. When I was 13 i thought the same thing, I grew, I started to get it.

    By Blogger rightwingwhiner, at 02 August, 2006 13:14  

  • "we've investigated the living daylights out of this ongoing mess"

    Woodward and Bernstein, man. Woodward and fucking Bernstein!!!

    hahahha, you 'investigated' absolute dick. All you did was restate what the NY Post and Washington Times were already saying. Also possibly made a few calls to the NYC DOI, where I'm sure you're a very feared person.

    Keep trying, Brian. May be one day you'll actually have a real story that you actually initiated. But as of now, you're still a hilarious excuse for a fake journalist.

    By Blogger Mr. Kite, at 02 August, 2006 14:19  

  • This is very off-topic but I was just wondering about something regarding this Israel-Lebanon war.

    According to the media (and actually everyone) the two forces battling are the Israeli Army vs Hezbollah.

    Does Lebanon have an army? If they do, then why aren't they fighting back? If they don't have an army, wouldn't Hezbollah now be its army?

    I'm not trying to choose any side in the issue, just wondered why Lebanon dosn't appear to have an army?

    By Blogger ohio, at 02 August, 2006 14:32  

  • Brett said:
    Last night, Sam Seder announced that Friday will be the Majority Report's last show, and the blog goes bye bye on Thursday.

    Are you sure of this, Brett? I have not seen anything on the websites today. If it is true, it will be further evidence to support Brian's posts about the sad state of ARR.

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 02 August, 2006 14:43  

  • The majority report will no longer exist, because that show was Sedar/garaffalo, I'd imagine the show will now be: The Sam Sedar show. A.A is near it's deathbed, they are changing shows!!! ohhhh my ohhhh my.
    You are sad indeed Benny. Libs libs libs libs libs, do you scream about libs when your with your lover? During orgasm do you cry out lib lib lib lib lib???

    By Blogger rightwingwhiner, at 02 August, 2006 16:14  

  • RWW, remember your July 31 magnum opus:

    "I'm done with this gay blog. I tried to be serious on here, you brought it to this name calling level, you and your small dicked boyfriend, NOT ME. I tried to be rational, you cock slurpers lowered the bar.
    Maloney you lost your most popular poster."

    After seeing your posts today, I wonder what Al Franken would call you?

    could it be...

    And while we're on the "liar" topic. Would you care to offer some of your facts regarding the silence coming from your vaporware radio on Monday night?

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 02 August, 2006 16:33  

  • I was gonna ask the same thing, in a very sarcastic way, of course.

    By Blogger Seriouslyunserious, at 02 August, 2006 16:39  

  • According to Right Wing Whanker's website:
    "And no air conditioning in the home office."

    Office? err.. bedroom.

    He probably went downstairs to ask Daddy why they don't have a/c with a six figure income.

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 02 August, 2006 16:45  

  • I consider myself a skeptical centrist, and was quite receptive initially to AAR to listen to something other than the neverending Bush-c**ksucking fests on Hannity. But, the bottomline is that most shows, and especially Al Franken and Randi Rhodes, are very boring.

    Whenever I change from a lively shock-jock FM station to the Al Franken show, I get a feeling that I got whacked on the head and lost my hearing - Al talks in quiet monotone voice with long pauses. I can't stand it. Randi is not much better IMO. I can predict what she'll talk about today - Bush lied us into the war in Iraq, "they" stole the elections, her personal female anatomy problems, and "we" need to win in 2006. She has managed to stretch a 5 hour maximum of material into two years. Whoever have managed to listen to ALL of her shows, needs to apply to the Guinness Book of World Records for the "Heard Most Repetitions of the Same Words Award".

    Other than that, I find it hilarious how conservative talk radio afficionados manage to call liberal radio deceptive and angry, without collapsing into blackholes from the cosmic weight of the irony. I listened to conservative talk in the 90's, believe me, deceptive and angry Clinton-bashing was item number one on everybody's agenda, and amazingly - still is!

    So, to sum it up:

    1. AAR is boring and lacks content. The hosts are immature, suck at radio, and not entertaining (with an exception of Mike Malloy who is entertaining in a Michael Savage kind of way).

    2. The accusations of deception and anger on AAR coming from the right should be discounted as partisan attacks.

    3. The only way to cope with the general suckage of political talk radio is to approach is for what it is - a bunch of guys with opinions on everything and knowledge of nothing. As Lionel, my fav radio talkshow host says - talk radio does not mean a thing, it's just here to sell advertisement.

    By Blogger Max, at 02 August, 2006 17:00  

  • Max,

    I agree with some of what you said, "That talk radio sucks".

    And its getting worse. Very few, if any, hosts are capable of hearing out callers anymore who might bring up a minimally backed-up opinion contrary to theirs. They just dump the caller asap. The only host that I can say is sometimes the exception is Savage, who seems to appreciate a well put opinion, even if its opposed to his. But your man, Lionel, is one of the worst offenders when it comes to slamming on his callers when they actually start to present a legitimate opinion contary to his.

    Its just a sign of weakness and its becoming a cancer upon talk radio. The callers now are only used as jump off points for the host to launch into his next monologue.

    By Blogger ohio, at 02 August, 2006 17:37  

  • Some wingnut moron blathered: Any word on AAR's progress toward finding a replacement outlet in NYC after WLIB cuts them off?

    The answer is here.

    It looks like Maloney's inside source has evaporated.

    By Blogger HeadHunter, at 02 August, 2006 18:03  

  • But your man, Lionel, is one of the worst offenders when it comes to slamming on his callers when they actually start to present a legitimate opinion contary to his.

    You think so? I have noticed he quiets mostly the "ranters" - those who use their loud voices, be it libs or cons. Just recently he had no choice but to quiet a ranting lib caller who just wouldn't shut the f up. Maybe I miss something, but he seems very courteous to his listeners.

    But I got to hand the award in ability to listen to rants to Tom Leykis. I mean, Jesus, a woman calls in, accusing him of misoginy and disrespect for single mothers, you get the idea, and he just sits there for a few minutes, while the woman on the other end jumps up and down from anger screaming in the receiver. Then he brings in a third person into the conversation, who disagrees with the first caller, and lets the Springer-style entertainment begin.

    By Blogger Max, at 02 August, 2006 18:17  

  • Thanks for the link Headhunter.
    Do any research on WWRL??? Quality!!!

    Should be a good match...even the huge 1.0 share AA brings would be an improvement.

    By Blogger ohioisred, at 02 August, 2006 19:39  

  • Trade website AllAccess reports that the AAR/WWRL deal may not include morning drive. (If I'm reading that right.)

    WWRL is similar signal-wise to WLIB/1190. Slightly different patterns, though. Neither one gets out much to Long Island, for example.

    And WWRL is a higher-band station...more noise. It is only 5000 watts at night, which may be the biggest problem for AAR's new home...

    By Blogger Ohio Media Watch, at 02 August, 2006 23:41  

  • Ohio Media Watch,
    Thanks for the research on WWRL's signal. I thought it was odd that AAR issued such a plain press release with no fanfare and no encouragement from their usual cattle.

    If AAR thought they had a weak signal with WLIB, just wait until they make the move to WWRL. They will have to drop from 25kW during the day to a measley 5kW every night.

    And night is defined sunset to sunrise. That could effectively kill drive-time for most of the year. The worst month will be December - power reduction in force from 4:30pm until 7:15am the next morning.

    In other words - for 13 to 15 hours every day during the prime months of the year (fall, winter, and spring), AAR will be running with a 20% signal.

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 03 August, 2006 00:16  

  • >>"liberal media"

    CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, magazines,
    Boston Globe, NY Times, most comedians, movies, music (hello
    Dixie Chicks), NPR, public TV,
    Air America, Democracy Now,
    the Ward Churchills of the
    world, etc.

    but someone needs to counterbalance
    Rush: 600 huge stations, great
    Franken: maybe 100, weak signals,
    microscopic ratings except maybe
    in Seattle

    Fox News: has most of the highest rated shows.

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 03 August, 2006 03:51  

  • >>venomous hate entertainment, more power to you.

    Actually venomous hate isn't entertaining. Randi Rhodes, Franken, et al.

    >>yet it still continues to pick up affiliates.

    When it gets to 600, and includes
    the major talk signals in each city,
    let me know.

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 03 August, 2006 03:54  

  • Regarding the signal strength of WLIB and WWRL:

    The daylight signal of WWRL is 25000 watts. The daylight signal of WLIB is 10000 watts. It sounds to me like WWRL will be able to reach more of the NYC metro area during daylight. Since the longest day in summer in NYC is 15 hours 9 minutes, and the shortest winter day there is 9 hours 14 minutes, it would seem to me that the average amount of daylight is somewhat greater than 12 hours. This would make it more beneficial to have a stronger signal during the day, which WWRL has.

    By Blogger Ezsuds81, at 03 August, 2006 04:59  

  • Headhunter,

    Thanks for the info, but "Some wingnut moron blathered" is a bit much.

    I note that the press release is dated TODAY, so I fail to see how I am a moron for not knowing this YESTERDAY.

    I have posted at Media Matters, and have received similar attacks on my intelligence. What is it with you hardcore liberals??

    By Blogger Missouri Show Me, at 03 August, 2006 09:38  

  • WWRL, is a disaster signal wise. I agree with Benson (as much as I hate to) you can barely hear the station in the evenings. They would have been better off on a frequency like 930AM in NY. Essentially, A.A no longer has an affiliate in NYC, WWRL is un-listenable in most of the 5 boros, in Brooklyn, you can barely hear the station. I enjoy the Sam Greenfield show and Armstrong williams ( a Republican who is entertaining) and have to listen online, I'm in their main coverage area, and the station sounds awful, radio Disney booms over the rimshot WWRL. Awful decision, 100% awful. Im so happy I have high speed internet, and listnen mostly to internet radio. Those without internet will have to struggle to hear A.A. One can only hope, WLIB continues with "progressive talk" without A.A, NYC needs "progressive radio", that is done in a professional manner (unlike WBAI) and A.A was filling that void. They say over-the -air radio is on it's way out, I sure hope it is. With filth like Savage,Limbaugh,O'riley and Opie and Anthony dominating the dial, lowering the bar to incredible new lows, one can only hope for the sanity of America, people will start listening more to internet radio and other sources for political discussion. Speaking of internet radio, my little show starts tonight, after extensive testing, it is ready to roll. 10PM-mid EST. The only way to fight right wing pollution is to take the air yourselves. This is why I started my program. I encourage other folks to try it as well. The more of us , the more of a change we can make. It took the right 20 years to build a strong propaganda machine by taking over the cable news and A.M radio and softening the reporting of network news, it is up for patriots who care about America to bring sanity back to the news and sanity back to political discussion. Don't just sit there allowing this pollution to infect the minds of American's, FIGHT BACK. Take the medium back, and the internet is a great way to start.

    By Blogger rightwingwhiner, at 03 August, 2006 10:25  

  • ezsuds81 said:
    longest day in summer in NYC is 15 hours 9 minutes, and the shortest winter day there is 9 hours 14 minutes, ... more beneficial to have a stronger signal during the day, which WWRL has.

    The power down occurs on the half-hour, so the range is slightly less. But the key points are

    1.) The largest reduction in broadcast time occurs during the prime months of the year. Talk shows take a hit during Summer due to vacations and other outdoor activities. And since we are talking about New York City, don't forget those week-long power shortages in the summer.

    2.) Human nature makes it incredibly difficult to build a loyal audience during the Fall with these type of small radio stations. That's because the signal keeps dropping earlier and earlier every day during drive time. The evening commuters finally give up in frustration. The same problem occurs to the morning commuters.

    3.) And the AM signal becomes too weak to pick up from many of the homes further from the transmitter.

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 03 August, 2006 10:29  

  • That's because the signal keeps dropping earlier and earlier every day during drive time.

    Is it because AM relies on the ionosphere's reflectivity to reach remote areas? I've heard in highschool that because of that, AM signal strenght drops at night due to the lack of the ionosphere.

    By Blogger Max, at 03 August, 2006 10:57  

  • Won't the advent of HD Radio lead to even more niche formats? I imagine they might be able to scale the income and outgo to allow the smaller markets to make it. Though thats iffy. Theres only so many listeners in this pie. HD won't add many I don't think.

    I'm no expert, but from what I hear its only a couple years away, and actually in motion in many cities already.

    By Blogger ohio, at 03 August, 2006 10:58  

  • Max

    Here is a wikipedia article on the power reduction required by the government on some AM radio stations

    Just scroll down to LIMITATIONS OF AM RADIO

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 03 August, 2006 11:18  

  • The daytime signal of WWRL is basically a wash compared to WLIB. It has more power in the daytime vs. WLIB (25,000 vs. 10,000 watts), but that doesn't really gain it much, if anything.

    Go to and look for yourself.

    What you won't see there, or at any other signal mapping site, is that the noise floor on the AM band has shot up over the past few years due to our insatiable appetite for electrical items. Take those maps and decrease the effective coverage range of WWRL, WLIB or ANY AM station by about 10-15%...and that's being charitable.

    The folks on the edges of the signal will still get it, just with more noise...maybe enough to make it not worth listening. WWRL's problem is that the higher-band AM stations are more prone to such noise problems.

    In short, it's not the worst signal move AAR could have made - at least in the daytime hours. That night time thing WILL hit them in drive time in the winter, particularly afternoon driver Randi Rhodes. (The station may or may not carry AAR's morning drive programming, if the trade reports are correct.)

    And in short, just about any AM signal that is not WABC/WOR/WCBS/WFAN/WINS in New York is a second-tier signal. WLIB and WWRL would likely be third-tier (with the WEPNs and WQEWs of the market in the second-tier position).


    By Blogger Ohio Media Watch, at 03 August, 2006 12:28  

  • I live in Manhattan, and, to be fair, WWRL's signal is stronger than WLIB's, at least in my apartment.

    But, from the press release, I get the impression that WWRL will not be carrying the full slate of AAR programming, meaning that AAR will take a hit in what little ad revenue it has.

    Does anyone know what kind of ratings WWRL gets? I couldn't find the station on Radio&Records.

    By Blogger Brett, at 03 August, 2006 13:55  

  • Could somebody go back to the excellent reporting that Maloney did, when he announced that WLIB was not going to do a longterm lease with AAR and that the short term lease meant that they would be moving soon. Somebody please confirm my memory here. Didn't Maloney nail it? And didn't a certain number of posters here call him names and generally dance around like morons screaming that he had it all wrong. How about quoting a few of these 100% people here? It would be good to see them receive the kind of treatment they regularly dish out to Brian. I would do it but I have a work project. Better yet why dont the lib dopes step up and admit they were 100% wrong and offer Brian an apology. Silly me, that will never happen. Ok lets cane them with their own moronic words.

    By Blogger Seriouslyunserious, at 03 August, 2006 14:12  

  • Could somebody go back to the excellent reporting that Maloney did, when he announced that WLIB was not going to do a longterm lease with AAR and that the short term lease meant that they would be moving soon. Somebody please confirm my memory here.

    Maloney did call it, and he's of course correct.

    And to those who say this development in AAR doesn't matter, keep that in mind when you read of the high ratings people like Mark Levin is getting, as his affiliate list keeps growing.

    By Blogger Charlie on the PA Turnpike, at 03 August, 2006 14:21  

  • Brett:

    This is from the WWRL Wikipedia entry:

    In April 1997 they dropped Gospel programming except for Sunday. They flipped to playing R & B oldies from the 1960s to the 1980s. The format change was not successful. They added some talk shows by 1999. By 2001 they had evolved towards their current format. Although the station was recently able to increase daytime power to 25,000 watts (it's still 5,000 watts at night), WWRL does not achieve any substantial ratings, and has not since their gospel days.

    I checked the Arbitron site;jsessionid=uByy39iCHAjFcu6uQ4lvaA**.piuapp02

    They apparently have been off the chart back through the summer of 2005.

    By Blogger Missouri Show Me, at 03 August, 2006 14:23  

  • More than a few cities now have FM talk stations...Boston, Pittsburgh,
    L.A., etc....and it's a rare bird for one of these to be Air America. I think there was one in Montana for awhile.

    Music is indeed better suited to
    FM, but limitations of AM radio--
    turning down/turning off/changing
    direction of signal at sunset;
    electrical storms, etc. --are
    driving some talk stations to FM.
    And of these, they tend to be
    money-making conservative talkers.

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 03 August, 2006 16:27  

  • I should add that nighttime reception of SOME AM signals can be a benefit--
    the so-called clear channel (no, not the radio company) stations. Air America had one in Cincy for awhile
    at 1530 but they decided to switch to
    sports instead.

    These stations were designed years ago when many parts of the country didn't have adequate radio might not have a country station in your town but you could sure pick up WSM out of Nashville. Rock'n'roll on clear channel AM stations helped to
    make that music more popular etc.

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 03 August, 2006 16:31  

  • >>to infect the minds of American's

    's is a possessive, like
    "Air America's ratings"

    Leave out the apostrophe for the plural:

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 03 August, 2006 16:34  

  • Racoon: I believe if I'm refering to the minds of American's, the apostrophe is acceptable, I could be wrong. The plural in this case is the "minds", the "American's" are posessive of those minds, "American's minds" in other words.

    are you actually attacknig me, because my friend's "office" AKA apartment does not have air conditioning in the room where the computer studio is?? First the apartment is not mine, second the apartment has nothing to do with my father, I live in Brooklyn, my partner lives in Brooklyn, my dad lives in Suffolk county,NY. I know you are obsessed with my father(for some sick reason) maybe because he makes more money than you? Maybe because I moved out at 19, and have worked every single day since that point, and maybe just maybe, you moved out of your family's house at 40? Maybe you are stuck on my father because as I indicated he is a former Republican, who changed his views (meaning he is more aware than you politically)?????? No matter what the reason, I find it quite weird and uncalled for. Now as far as my angry post the other day, where I promised I would leave, well I changed my MIND, hardly a lie. A lie would be along the lines of "Benson is a rational adult", now that would be a lie.

    Charlie posted:And to those who say this development in AAR doesn't matter, keep that in mind when you read of the high ratings people like Mark Levin is getting, as his affiliate list keeps growing

    I respond: it does indeed mean something, as I posted earlier, WWRL is an inferior signal. As far as Levin, ratings are no indication of quality, Levin offers an immature, childish, annoying show, which frankly is nothing but pure POLLUTION. It means to me there is a good 4% of NY who loves to listen to pollution, vile, ignorant POLLUTION, Levin is on the same level as Stern, or Opie and Anthony, pollution for the male market. It is up to real men, to take a stand and reject pollution. People's attitudes are shaped by the garbage these demonic forces spew on the radio. I do not need a hatemonger or pig like Stern or O&A to tell me how to think, or how to act. Insucure men, need the pollution.

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 03 August, 2006 17:00  

  • MOP or RWW:

    Hey, Master Debater! Just love your incoherent attemps at logic. Maybe you should take some time off to recharge your batteries and attend this important seminar in England. And hopefully, the US Customs Department will refuse your entry back to the USA.

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 06 August, 2006 11:06  

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