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03 August 2006

COO Carl Ginsburg Departure, Air America Radio


For Programmer Ginsburg, A Stormy Departure

Exclusive To The Radio Equalizer

By Brian Maloney

After a stormy contract and compensation dispute, a key Air America programming manager has abruptly departed the company, leaving several of the liberal radio network's hosts in a precarious position.

According to a reliable internal source, Chief Operating Officer Carl Ginsburg cleared out his desk and returned company property yesterday, after his just- expired contract wasn't renewed.

After heated exchanges between dueling lawyers and managers, Ginsburg was able to secure only a brief extension from the firm, said to last until the end of the year.

Ginsburg and his attorney found that to be inadequate and he immediately resigned. In addition, the COO was looking for a previously- promised bonus to be guaranteed, which the company was unable to provide.

And unlike previous managerial departures, Ginsburg will not "remain" in any phony "consulting" role. He's outta there.

Due to Air America's increasingly dire financial straits, it has recently been unwilling to make substantial committments to anyone, other than Randi Rhodes and a handful of mid-level managers.

More than any of Air America Radio's other recent executive departures, Ginsburg's exit will have a dramatic impact on the network's programming. Unlike other managers, he had a direct, hands- on role, as head of the programming department.

In addition, Ginsburg was especially involved in securing "pay- to- play" contracts from leftist groups and media outfits, as the network increasingly relies on brokered, infomercial- style shows to survive. Air America's night and weekend schedules are now dominated by this type of programming.

Ginsburg's tenure was marked by a ruthless, but dedicated, approach to the network. Unlike some of the network's execs, he could be considered a true believer in the cause. And despite the COO title, in many ways, he seemed to have more power and influence than those above him in the chain of command.

For one thing, he spent well over two years at the network, outlasting many who have come and gone in short periods of time.

After he alerted staffers to his impending exit, major concerns immediately began to erupt, especially by some on- air personalities whose careers may be on the line.

For instance, morning host Rachel Maddow has been seeking a new position elsewhere on the schedule, with Ginsburg directly involved in that process. While morale was already quite low, it is now said to be sinking to new depths.

All of this adds up to Air America's most significant departure yet.

With so many managerial positions now open and the company increasingly lacking funds to cover basic expenses, it's hard to determine how Air America could ever hope to get back on track.

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  • "it's hard to determine how Air America could ever hope to get back on track.

    When did you ever state or imply they were "on track"?

    By Blogger none, at 03 August, 2006 15:45  

  • Franken had an interesting Freudian flub today. When intro-ing a piece on Katherine Harris's troubles at the end of the first hour, he said "Katherine Harris had another blow to her show today."

    He, of course, meant to say "Senate campaign". But to Franken, "show" and "Senate campaign" are interchangable.

    By Blogger BF, at 03 August, 2006 16:55  

  • Brian,

    Kudos to your research skills!

    Once again you land a scoop before the mass media even has a clue. The detail you supply on the behind-the-scenes activity is very enlightening.

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 03 August, 2006 17:00  

  • No, not dead yet.....

    But soon, my little ones.... soon.

    By Blogger Lokki, at 03 August, 2006 17:27  

  • brian "bs" baloney (another face of the hydra that just formed) says:

    "Well, it looks like Brian "BS" Baloney, is NOT going to report on the latest AAR deal... "

    This is in reference to Air America's forced move to WWRL at the end of August. What's to report? The Radio Equalizer had this story months ago. Additionally, I think it's a kindness not to report this story. Below is some wikipedia information which, while not definitive, is probably accurate enough for our purposes here.

    "Although [the WWRL] was recently able to increase daytime power to 25,000 watts (it's still 5,000 watts at night), WWRL does not achieve any substantial ratings, and has not since their gospel days.

    Additionally, the New York Post isn't as kind as Billboard about the move:
    "THE liberal Air America radio network is going to be harder to hear in New York.

    Next month, it is switching stations - to a weaker AM station, WWRL (1600 AM).

    Al Franken and his lefty colleagues are leaving WLIB (1190 AM) apparently because they couldn't come up with enough cash for the owners, former Manhattan Borough President Percy Sutton and his son, Pierre.

    Starting Sept. 1, Air America will be on WWRL, at the top of the dial where AM signals are weakest - especially at night, when greater FCC restrictions apply. "

    Oh, and Liberal Outlaw, we've had this discussion about proving that Air America is in bad financial condition before:

    Given these little tidbits:

    Moving to a weak station in their flagship city. Hosts leaving. Writers cut. Losing stations. Low arbitron ratings in every market. Major company officers fired or resigning.

    I'd say the onus is on YOU to provide evidence to the contrary.

    By Blogger Lokki, at 03 August, 2006 18:42  

  • Normal people do not listen to Air America and their pathetic ratings prove that to be true.

    I suppose normal people listen to Michael Savage and support advertising for dating services and investing in Dinars.

    By Blogger @whut, at 03 August, 2006 21:20  

  • "As Brian previously reported, AAR can't give long term contracts or bonuses, except to the celebs. .....
    As Brian previously reported, greed and ego is running AAR, not common sense.

    As a decades long veteran of radio and the business I can say these statements apply to a huge number of radio stations and radio companies across the nation.

    By Blogger Ron, at 04 August, 2006 02:31  

  • Is is so fun to watch the bile flow from the nasty, bleedin' Libs in the industry. I haven't had so much fun since when Tom Leykis got booted from KFI. Keep it up Libs. You only hurt yourselves and your collective reputation.

    By Blogger PCD, at 04 August, 2006 08:36  

  • Bush wins again:

    Normal people? By your definition. Do normal people think that Savage, a blatent bigot, who states black people are crackheads, when refering to voter rights? Who thinks that any Jew pro-peace is siffering frm "holocaust mentality"? Or Limbbaugh who ties in his hatred of lesbians with terrorists by using the term "hezbos"???? I don't think normal, sane, fair people listwen to that GARBAGE. A.A is not filled weith bigotry, stereotypes and subliminal racism. Your favorite show's are.
    Lets see I know plenty of normal A.A listeners
    Person A. Math tutor profession, salary $50,000. Friend of the Orthodox Jewish community, popular tutor in that community, respected and loved
    Person B: para-legal, and law student, religious person, involved with yoga healing, expert in health, spirituality, and top of the class. From a family of doctors.
    Person C: computer programmer, age 58, close to retirement, salary $100,000 +, father and family man

    None of these folks are hateful, nor bigoted. Normal folks, with constructive lives and careers, loving families and friends.

    You are a judgemental piece of human excrement. shall I judge who listens to right wing radio
    A. divorced 50 somethings, angry at society
    B. young college kids in frats, sexist, bigoted, elitist type.
    C. ignorant "nu-metal" Republicans, young crowd of meat head, mosh pit kids, violent, rebellious, unformed minds and beliefs.
    D. Retired 60+ folks, stuck in the 40's, duped by the rhetoric, who tune out when the bigotry starts. Real "Republicans" ,woth a lot of time on their hands

    As far as WWRL, they over the last 5 years, have become a "talk from both sides" format, talk from the left and right, featuring Sam Grenfield, Armstrong Williams, Alan Colmbs, Larry Ellers, at one time Steve Malzberg(local right winger in NYC) and actual Jewish rabbis (representing the moderate right). To lump it as a "black station" is not 100% accurate, the station is a mix of personalities, and plays Caribbian music on weekends(which they will most likely keep)

    Run along you sick, bigoted hack
    Limbaugh is calling your attention, obey , obey "its not Iraq, its Iran" "its not Iraq its Iran". Let Limbaugh's words seep into your Gullible little mind. Let him think for you, let him control your ideas, has he taken over your brain yet, loser?

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 04 August, 2006 11:14  

  • BushWinsAgain,

    Please explain what is happening with Bush's little butt boy Rick Santorum?

    As for Lieberman, the Democratic party doesn't want Bush cocksuckers for candidates.

    By Blogger none, at 04 August, 2006 11:46  

  • MoP - Nice new name, same RWW bullcrap.

    "As far as WWRL, they over the last 5 years, have become a "talk from both sides" format, talk from the left and right, featuring Sam Grenfield, Armstrong Williams, Alan Colmbs, Larry Ellers, at one time Steve Malzberg(local right winger in NYC) and actual Jewish rabbis (representing the moderate right). To lump it as a "black station" is not 100% accurate, the station is a mix of personalities, and plays Caribbian music on weekends(which they will most likely keep).

    And switching to AirAmerica during the week reinforces that situation exactly how?

    If the RL takes the full AAR package, then you'll get Greenfield and Williams bumped for Mark Riley and Rachel Maddow. Larry Elder (along with Ron Daniels) will be bumped in favor of Sam Seder. Three mid-day community health-related shows bumped in favor of Al Franken.

    Yep, that's sure some good "diversity" going on there at AAR.

    By Blogger SierraSpartan, at 04 August, 2006 12:07  

  • JD.
    point taken, but currently the station is not a "black station" as far as format. It is wider a format than the way your goofy friend described it. He is trying to politicize the format change. This is not a case of "rich liberals" taking over a black station. More like a network taking over a mixed talk format station. I like WWRL currently, and wish A.A could have landed on AM620 or 930AM instead (both leased time wasteland stations with good signals) I posted facts, not "crap". The station is not currently a "black format", more of a diverse talk format. Jeez. I stopped the other poster from making a political issue into a radio format change. I see what the creep is doing, and all you have to offer is an attack? GROW UP. If I did not post the truth, many people would have taken "bush wins" viewpoint as grounded and solid, which it is NOT, it is disengenuine and has an agenda. His goal was to attack "liberals" yet again. My job as a responsible blogger and talk show host is to clear the muddy waters, of right-wing trickery. In other words, I'm your worst nightmare

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 04 August, 2006 12:17  

  • back to Bushwins:
    drooler posted:.... are a constant reminder to normal people that the Dems are to insane and pro-terrorist to get back in power.

    Funny I remember 60% of Democrats voting against the Iraqi war initially. The results of this war is a clearly anti-Isreal, anti-American, pro-Iran, pro-syria Iraqi government. If you read the news and don't just listen to Limbaugh you would know this. Liberals warned you folks this would happen before we invaded, you decided to ignore the facts. In other words, you by supporting the Iraqi war and the Iraqi government (which you do by drooling over Bush) are pro Hezbolah, pro-Iran, pro-Syria and Anti-Isreal. Your lack of thinking puts you in this pro-terrorist group. I was against the war from day, as most Dems and liberals, therefore not in the pro-terroist group. You and the rest of the lemmings on the T.V and radio are complicit in forming an Anti-American Iraqi government, practically more dangerous than Saddam. Saddam at least was not alligned with Iran. You sir, are pro-terrorist. Not "liberals", YOU and your little crew of lemmings.
    2 can play the "you support the terrorists" game, difference is, I proved it. You have no backing to your claim.

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 04 August, 2006 12:29  

  • Seriously: I post the truth.
    I take great offense to being called pro-terrorist because I'm not a Bush lemming. Is the PM of Iraq, not anti-Isreal? Is the PM of Iraq, not in support of Iran? Is the PM of Iraq not a Hezbolah sympathizer? My points ae valid, and I honestly do not think "bush wins" is pro terrorist. I was playing his goofy name calling game. I'm beter at it , than him, because I backed it with reasoning. Did you catch my show last night? I had a blast. I'm glad you at least find my posts amusing, the problem is there is truth and logic to back my humor.

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 04 August, 2006 12:47  

  • RWW,
    Anyone with a half a brain realizes that after the civil war further destroys Iraq, the post war Iraqi government will be closely aligned with the Iranian goverment.

    Instead of an enemy at its borders, Iran will have a new ally.

    Thanks you cocksucking neocons.

    By Blogger none, at 04 August, 2006 12:55  

  • Seriouslyunserious said:
    Anyone care to go look up what Mr Headhunter was spewing back when Brian called the non-extension of WLIB lease?

    Good idea, let's take a trip down memory lane.
    Here are few gems pulled from the characters who need to eat some crow:

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    "brian, you are treading a thin legal line here. you are saying that there is a problem with AAR and that they are losing WLIB. you have no evidence to back it up, and others are citing you as if you actually did."

    "As previously reported, the New York Daily News, the New York Post and other media outlets had recently predicted the demise of the deal between the two companies [AAR & WLIB] because of Brian Baloney"

    "I got an even more radical idea: how about Maloney presenting some evidence to support his claims? Maloney is not a journalist or any type of reporter; he's a former talk show wingnut who is currently unemployed. He has zero credibility."

    "strike 4,398 for Maloney. Congrats on your final attempt at credibility. When this story falls flat you shan't even get the Post to reprint your bull."

    "What I find more interesting is how your predictions have once again failed to pan out. Your credibility is sure going down faster than Rush's ratings."

    "He also said AAR would be kicked off WLIB within a month or so."

    "I wonder if all those right wing news outlets will ever take Brian seriously again. How many times can they publish bogus information based on Brian's pseudo reporting and still take him seriously?"

    "Baloney and his wingnut kooks got it WRONG. AGAIN. But who is actually surprised?"

    "Do you hear that flushing sound, Maloney? That's you ever being taken seriously by the wingnut Murdoch media again. I'm sure you're gonna miss sucking O'Reilly's falafel."

    "Brian - why do you consistently intend on lying?"

    "Your history of lying and making dead wrong predicitons about AAR, and tactoc o fposing leading, baslesss questions gets more impressive by the week."

    "Come on, Baloney. Be a man. Admit you were wrong instead of putting up this hilariously pathetic attempt to save face."

    "Can Brian ever post a complete Blog entry without typing a series of unanswered (or unanswerable) questions? Can he? Has he? Will he?"

    "Will Brian ever stop beating his wife?"

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Eat crow?
    caw, caw caw...

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 04 August, 2006 13:15  

  • Ohio,'s more fun simply to vilify the other side (whichever side that happens to be)! Why waste time discussing issues???

    By Blogger Snowed In, at 04 August, 2006 13:44  

  • Baloney was not right. Baloney claimed that A.A would no longer have a NY affiliate, he was wrong. Baloney stated repeatedly "liberal talk" will not work, it obviously is, since it seems NY will now have 2 commercial "lib talk" stations, since LIB is going to a similiar format as A.A. The only thing Baloney was correct on is that WLIB would drop A.A radio, he was correct, but now comming in Sept, 2 liberals talk stations on the A.M dial, I for one can not be happier, although it will be hard to hear Randi Rhodes when WWRL drops to their evening power signal. A.A opened the door for "progressive/liberal talk', Clear Channel takes the format seriously, as do other big players, and it burns Baloney alive.

    watch this......
    I thought WLIB would maintain A.A, since the person reporting the opposite is a known liar and hack,
    Even a broken clock is right 2 times a day

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 04 August, 2006 14:01  

  • SeriouslyStupid,

    There is nothing worse than letting your ideology affect your ability to come clean when called out on the facts.

    Remember George Bush famous words when asked if he has made any mistakes as a president?

    Uh... I can't think of any.

    By Blogger none, at 04 August, 2006 17:30  

  • Yo, RWW (and Headhunter, too)? If "Baloney" is such an idiot, what do you call people who expressly spend more time farting around in his comments than he probably spends creating the posts?

    Other than moments of amusement, that is....

    By Blogger Unknown, at 04 August, 2006 19:08  

  • This monkey is supposed to radio?

    By Blogger Unknown, at 05 August, 2006 15:51  

  • Hey, HeadHunter? Since your roughly twelve, like RWW, how about a good noogie and wedgie to send yer ass to bed? Then you'll feel feel all"English" and read the online "Top of the Pops."

    By Blogger Unknown, at 06 August, 2006 00:12  

  • T.C: clearly jealous that 2 more liberals have a radio outlet, and he has a fantasy that he "sold apple stock and made 16K". I noticed a pattern, right wingers when attacked and exposed as mama's boy slackers, create a fantasy that they are rich stock holders. Gotta love their creative fiction skills Too bad TC, we will be live again tonight, and we are looking for a right winger to come up and debate us and have some fun, it will never be TC. Im sure there is a sane Republican somewhere, to invite on the show!
    T.C, I'm 33, you are the adult trapped with the mind of a Junior High school kid, wedgies?? How grown up. you are one sick puppy, with deep homo-erotic obsessions

    Bush wins Again: In such denial that his supporting of the Iraq invasion built a pro-Syria Iraqi government, instead of the PNAC goal of a pro-Isreal Iraqi govt, he has to project it on the left, who called EXACTLY what would happen to Iraq. Sad, sad, man lacking the testicles to admit he is wrong. Go right on with your "libs love the terrorist" BS, we all know what kind of govt is in Iraq now, a PRO-IRAN, PRO-SYRIA government, as the "liberals" told you before we went it. You support the terrorists, by cheering on a $280 Million a day Iraqi disaster, a theocracy built on the American tax payers back. Bushwins, is the terrorist enabler. Everybody gets it by now.
    was correct on the A.A /Inner City deal, wrong on A.A leaving NY forever. I understand they have a 10 year deal with WWRL, I could be wrong on the exact number, but it is LONG TERM.
    In the end, New Yorkers will benefit from the deal, WLIB will now be progressive talk as will WWRL. Drinving around Nassau this weekend I noticed the WWRL signal is decent on the Island.

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 07 August, 2006 11:15  

  • 4th Estate:
    Most likely WWRL will not be a sduitable replacement, agreed. I have said this since day 1, the signal is awful in most of Brooklyn, but strangely strong in Queens and Long Island, and with the evening power-drop the signal is even worse.

    You are polishing a turd, like most of you right wingers do, (see Brian's latest piece on defending the WMD lie, by attacking a new article on media influnce). Brian painted the picture of A.A being "hopeless" in terms of getting another affiliate. It was not "hopeless" , as they got another affiliate. Why do you have to brown-nose a complete hack, a hack, who is a FASCIST, who despises any other view point than his own, which is not even FACT BASED. In his latest piece, Maloney attacks a FACT BASED article, on American's perception on WMM's in Iraq. Maloney feels it is ok for folks to believe a LIE, because it fits his political agenda. Why would you defend this? Do you feel it is important that American's believe a LIE, becuase it makes your choice in leadership, seem better in American's eyes? In other words, PARTY OVER COUNTRY?

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 07 August, 2006 14:45  

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