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25 August 2006

Talk Radio, Seattle, San Antonio, Indianapolis


When Execs Interfere, Talk Radio Suffers

To just about anyone working in the talk radio industry, it's no secret that very few middle and upper- level managers share the conservative viewpoints that have made so many stations successful. In fact, in the Radio Equalizer's own experience, many are quite clearly far to the left.

So, as an ever- greater number of veteran talk programmers are pushed aside in favor of sales managers and other corporate suits without experience in the format, it's inevitable that the emotionally- based temptation to impose their own lefty views would soon overcome common business sense.

Topping the endangered species list for years has been Seattle's KVI-AM, considered by many to have become the first conservative- themed talk radio station in the country back in the early nineties.

But with notoriously- liberal family ownership and now lacking a qualified program director, KVI yesterday signed its own death warrant by adding a liberal host in midmornings and promoting a "moderate" (read: Lincoln Chafee) airhead to the all- important afternoon drive slot.

In my latest Inside Radio column, we examine the annoying and self- destructive urge to interfere with what makes talk radio successful. Also in the piece: a look at the latest political fallout from the loss of country FM radio in Los Angeles.

To read it, click here.

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  • Most media people have liberal core values even though they likely bend over backwards not to show it. Most of the nation's university faculty are liberal to the core with the science and technology fields having the highest percentage. I imagine that conservatives absolutely hate this trend and would much rather see "home schooling" continue through college and into graduate school. I predict one day we will see a "home-schooled" PhD with a thesis on the merits of "excellence in broadcasting".

    By Blogger @whut, at 26 August, 2006 01:33  

  • wht,

    the freaks in Kansas were doing their damndest to roll back the teaching of evolution.

    By Blogger none, at 26 August, 2006 01:42  

  • Brian,

    I read your post and your other, more detailed magazine write-up.

    It reminded me of a story I heard about Ed Sullivan that may be true or may be an urban legend.

    That story is that Ed signed the Beatles without hearing them sing. When asked how he could do that, he supposedly said, "I don't have to hear them sing: I just look at the girls' reactions", referring to their screaming fans.

    It seems today's programmers could look back to Sullivan for success.

    By Blogger Chromium, at 26 August, 2006 14:38  

  • "those that support it cannot even allow it to be questioned"

    That is because it is so repugnant to anyone educated in the sciences and to anyone who believes in separation of church and state.

    Intelligent Design is nothing more than a spin on Creationism, which is the belief that God created the world. The appropriate place to teach that is in Sunday school.

    By the way I have no problem with schools having religious study classes that compare the worlds' religions and their beliefs.

    By Blogger none, at 26 August, 2006 17:26  

  • The strength of any intellectual position generally can be indicated by the way in which adherents to that position deal with heterodoxy stated toward that position.

    Those who cling to the anthropogenic climate change theory or to either side of the evolution debate should spend some time looking at themselves in the mirror, because the means of their defense is becoming more and more shrill.

    Galileo spent time under house arrest because he believed that Copernicus and Archimedes were more correct than the Roman Catholic Church, and publicly so stated. I have a suspicion that the Kyoto Protocol advocates wouldn't mind seeing the same fate befall people like Bjorn Lomborg or Patrick Moore.

    By Blogger SierraSpartan, at 27 August, 2006 20:00  

  • "The strength of any intellectual position generally can be indicated by the way in which adherents to that position deal with heterodoxy stated toward that position."

    True except when the motivations of the opposition is transparent and disingenuous as it is in the case of the frauds who try to impose their faith on others.

    By Blogger none, at 28 August, 2006 01:14  

  • You mean like the Kyoto protocol supporters?

    By Blogger SierraSpartan, at 28 August, 2006 01:15  

  • The Radio Equalizer post was about execs meddling in radio formats, but this thread somehow drifted over into evolution. Advice from a religious chemist from the state next door to Kansas:

    Headhunter: If you are a scientist, then you should use fully rational, not emotional arguments. My question to you: Why do you think lonewatchman is a lard-ass? Unless you know things from some other source, lonewatchman may be anorexic, a marathon runner, or a competitive bodybuilder. You started the name calling. And you say you want to discuss "the science": You should want to discuss the objections from the other side, such as your explanation for the Cambrian explosion. Remember that Darwin himself said he could not explain it with his theory. That was a long time ago. Update us with your knowledge.

    Elmonica: Yes, people on one side are trying to get creationism on an equal footing with evolution in science classes. This is ridiculous. However the pro-evolution side turned down a compromise offer to have one minute of one science class per year devoted to alternatives to evolution. What do you think this showed: Confidence in scientific logic or fear that little minds might be unconvinced if presented with a few moments of the contrary view?

    The school board "moderates" won a majority in the Republican primary in Kansas, so national attention on this issue will soon go away, since after the election there will be a pro-evolution majority on the school board, since the Democrats are all pro-evolution.

    By Blogger Chromium, at 28 August, 2006 12:47  

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