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12 September 2006

Jerry Springer, Young Turks, Air America Lineup


Air America Releases Schedule, Will It Matter?

Air America Radio has released yet another version of its new lineup, this time a "final" one, according to several publications today. Given the unbelievable number of changes made over the last month, however, we're surprised by the lack of media scepticism here.

After all, even previously announced changes have disappeared and reappeared over the past two months, without explanation.

Key to the new schedule is the loss of Jerry Springer, news that was first broken here in August. In the weeks since, however, there was a tremendous effort by Jerry's representatives to keep him in the lineup. Clearly, his people cooked up another plan when that didn't work out.

Even now, the fate of his program isn't entirely clear: one report says that Air America will syndicate him to other stations, but our own information indicates that Clear Channel has its own plans for the show, which could include competing against Air America's offerings in some markets.

Beyond that, mornings will now feature the Young Turks, an Internet and satellite- based talk show hosted by a group of partisan activists. How many stations will pick up the program isn't clear, a good guess would be between two and three dozen.

We'd go over the rest of the new schedule, but it's not clear whether that really matters anymore. With the network broke, in disarray and its remaining lefty audience base angry over the botched firing of host Mike Malloy, these moves do nothing to address the lack of revenues and huge talent expenses.

Meanwhile, a Today Show appearance by Jane Fonda has led to a Radio Equalizer traffic surge, as Google searchers look for more information on the feminist talk radio network she discussed on the program.

So far, the only Internet mention of the appearance has occurred at the New York Radio Message Board:

Posted by Ellis Bromberg on September 12, 2006 at 11:22:33:

This morning on the Today Show, Jane Fonda discussed the new women's-oriented radio talk network she and Gloria Steinem have organized, GreenStone Media.

She had some interesting things to say about research that appeared to indicate women were listening less to terrestrial radio than in the past. She blamed it on station managers who are mostly men and do not understand or care what women listeners want to hear on the radio.

She mentioned that the network was starting on AM, then going to move to FM in the future. Matt Lauer asked her why they aren't on satellite radio. Fonda said that most of the listeners they're trying to reach do not have satellite, that radio was where the audience was.

We've previously covered GreenStone's plans here and here.

Wish we had a clip of her Today Show appearance, while we search for it, enjoy a 1968 Barbarella preview:

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  • AAR just launched AP Video news on its website. Odd move given your past post that AAR couldn't pay its AP bill. Yet another case of Brian making a mountain out of a molehill.

    By Blogger Justin, at 12 September, 2006 18:29  

  • Why are you still defending them, Justin?

    I knew that when the post was written. This was different: it involved the newsroom's ability to use AP wire services.

    They were having trouble paying their AP bill and trying to work out an arrangement, but the AP was holding them to the contract. They know the story was correct at the time of publication.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 12 September, 2006 20:50  

  • Speaking of Air America, guess what I heard on my car radio a few days ago? WLIB radio out of New York -- and I was driving in the Midwest. WLIB isn't easy to pick up in this neck of the woods, given the competition from WOWO in Fort Wayne.

    But of course, this time WLIB was playing urban gospel music, not broadcasting Air America. As for New York's new radio home for Air America, I couldn't hear a peep out of it.

    Granted, this is just one isolated example, but I can't help wondering how many people who used to listen to the New York affiliate won't be able to hear the new one at 1600.

    And what does it say when station management seriously believes listeners will prefer gospel music to Air America's programming? (Don't laugh at their logic -- for the most part, WLIB got better ratings from its previous Caribbean format than the lib talk radio that followed.)

    By Blogger The4thEstate, at 12 September, 2006 23:21  

  • Weird also that many people prefer sports radio over gospel, reggae or whatever other format gets programmed. How in the world can people be stupid enough to listen to some dudes describing a sporting activity and then talking or speculating about it afterwards.

    No one ever underestimated the gullibility of the American people.

    By Blogger @whut, at 13 September, 2006 01:14  

  • Well, I can no longer receive it, and I'm a few miles from Manhattan.

    But that was exactly the right-wing's cut off working- and middle-class working suburbanites off from essential news and vital information.

    They don't mind anyone preaching to the already converted.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 13 September, 2006 12:59  

  • Justin,

    care to revise and extend your remarks?

    C'Mon Br(i)an. This deserves a HUGE SITYS post!

    By Blogger BF, at 13 September, 2006 13:30  

  • uh WHT, nice condescending snooty crap comment there, congrats. Sports nuts are no worse than cooking nuts or dog nuts or whatever your hobby or leisuretime fascination. When they moved the Browns I stopped following football, but since I was a kid I was pretty much a football nut, and yeah when I'm driving around in my car I would listen to goofy ex-jocks kick the coach around and discuss the players. Its talk about something I'm interested in, like car guys listen to car shows about cars they don't even own or women to cooking shows when they don't bake. Its just mindless stuff to get you through your day.

    It doesn't make them gullible or rubes for listening to sports radio. Now listening to the hateful venom, conspiracy theories, demogoguing and outright lies and disinformation on AAR, yeah, that's gullible and dispicable.

    By Blogger docweasel, at 13 September, 2006 17:01  

  • The problem lies in the fact that neocons approach political discourse on the same level that they approach sports.

    It's all the same thing to them.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 13 September, 2006 18:54  

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