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13 September 2006

Mike Webb, KIRO-AM, Insurance Fraud Trial


Former Seattle Host Taken From Courtroom For Observation

Former KIRO- AM talk show host Mike Webb has apparently been taken away for observation late Wednesday, after an altercation outside a Seattle courtroom where he was on trial for insurance fraud, reports the liberal talk radio blog Blatherwatch.

Michael Hood of the site has been covering the trial extensively, along with the mainstream Puget Sound- area media.

Webb, a left wing extremist who once insisted on- air that President Bush should be "executed" as the result of "war crimes", had already allegedly made threats against others, during pre- trial hearings. A recent Seattle Weekly cover story on Webb's antics is available here.

But Blatherwatch now reports that there was some kind of fight outside the courthouse, which was witnessed by several jurors. King County prosecutors now face the possibility that a mistrial will be called.

Is Webb intentionally attempting to create an insanity route in order to avoid jail time?

Blatherwatch will be updating this story as often as possible.

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  • Ah, so the jailing of dissidents begins.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 13 September, 2006 23:50  

  • Why is your Lunatic Ass still free?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 September, 2006 04:26  

  • Ah, so the jailing of dissidents begins.


    The revolutionary catchphrase "We will fight in the streets"

    generally doesn't translate into throwing punches outside the courthouse while on trial for car insurance fraud.

    Unless, of course, government-paid car insurance for the masses is one of the revolutionary principles that you and Mr. Webb are 'fighting' for.

    By Blogger Lokki, at 14 September, 2006 12:44  

  • No, but a bit of truth in media and less trumped-up, calculated smear jobs and false charges might be worth fighting for.

    Remember, I'm not into peace and love and all that right now.

    I'm supportive of insurgency.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 14 September, 2006 13:21  

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