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06 December 2006

Air America Radio, Boston Affiliates


Boston Stations Dumping "Progressive" Radio

Even in the land of Ted Kennedy, Barney Frank, Deval Patrick and other left wing extremists, liberal talk radio just couldn't seem to take off.

Despite at least two years on the air, Boston's "progressive" simulcast of WKOX- AM and WXKS- AM is kissing libtalk goodbye and gearing up to dance the rumba. That means yet another end not only to Air America's programming, but to the other leftist shows it was running, as well.

Already, Clear Channel Communications, owner of the stations, is advertising for new help:



Boston’s newest AM station format “Rumba,” aimed at Spanish speaking listeners, is looking for a seasoned professional to head up our WKOX-AM/WXKS-AM sales department.


• To recruit and retain a staff of 3 to 4 or more sales people.
• To meet and exceed the 2007 revenue goals for WKOX/WXKS AM.
• Meeting and exceeding personal and individual revenue billing goals for 2007.
• Work with Director of Sales to accurately price the WKOX/WXKS inventory through Best Rate and MERS.
• Work with Director of Sales to manage and oversee Account List Management for WKOX/WXKS.
• Developing a sales strategy and business plan to sell and market “Rumba” for a Major Market, Boston.
• Must be able to generate revenue through a combination of selling air time plus integrated internet strategic campaigns.


• Must be Bilingual (English and Hispanic)
• Four year college degree preferred.
• Previous experience in sales management or senior sales experience in Hispanic formats for Radio or in Hispanic ad sales for radio or television or cable.
• Must demonstrate a successful track record of meeting or exceeding sales revenue budgets in radio sales, TV or Cable Ad sales.


• Compensation will entail a base salary, commissions and a year end bonus.
• Position will report to the Clear Channel Boston cluster Director of Sales.

If you meet these requirements, please indicate your interest by submitting your resume and cover letter to:
Clear Channel Radio Boston
Attn: Lisa Cassidy
99 Revere Beach Parkway
Medford, MA 02155
or via email to

Oddly enough, just days ago, the company was planning new talk lineup changes, according to Boston Radio Watch. In fact, it had even begun a listener poll to determine which shows it should add.

These particular stations have really brought out a number of lefty conspiracy theorists who believe the lack of ratings were the result of not enough signal power and a promotional shortfall by the company. But these same arguments could be made regarding a number of other talk outlets that have in fact succeeded.

ELSEWHERE: Wade has the latest on big rumblings in Providence talk radio, read his report here.

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    • Must be Bilingual (English and Hispanic)

    ===> They want to hire someone who speaks Hispanic??

    By Blogger Chromium, at 06 December, 2006 21:52  

  • Fits in with the whole neocon plan to import cheap Spanish-speaking labor to replace the American working class.

    The peeons have to be entertained, after all...

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 06 December, 2006 23:29  

  • Hey, Maloney, I loved the image you chose to illustrate this story—it's a nicely racist and sexist image of a latina making herself sexually available. That's way cool.

    Fact is, progressive radio is profitable and here to stay.

    And, right-wingers are foolish to think that they're less threatened by Latin music than Al Franken.

    First people rumba, then they elect commies.

    By Blogger John, at 07 December, 2006 01:05  

  • Maloney got an erection at the notion of A.A losing an affiliate in Boston. As I speak I'm listening to Hartman online from Progressive talk, Phoenix, as thouands are doing. Over the air radio is dead in the water. The 70+ crowd will listen to the ignorant, filthy hatemongers on their transister radio, making Limbaugh #1 on a DEAD medium. Terrestrial radio is dead, progressive talk is thriving on podcasts and webstreams.
    10PM-MIDNIGHT(EST) Monday and Thursday on Blogging at

    America danced away conservatives on November 7th. Neo-conservatism is DEAD.

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 07 December, 2006 01:48  

  • >>neocon plan

    you mean like the liberal plan to let
    'em all in so they can vote Democratic?

    "Hasta la victoria!"--Ted K at a
    pro-illegals rally

    I can't argue that SOME conservatives
    do like the "cheap labor" idea. And
    some liberals like the "vote Dem."

    If prog. talk radio is profitable
    why's it going off in liberal Boston? This actually may benefit
    some libtalk fans though: believe
    it or not, the likes of WRKO or
    WTKK might air Hartmann, Miller,
    or Schultz on tape delay (more
    powerful signals). Supposedly the Jones shows were semi-decent but the ones from AAR, like Franken,

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 07 December, 2006 04:01  

  • raccoon, consider that Jones Radio Network also syndicates Neal Boortz (libertarian/conservative) and Clark Howard (financial advice) when looking at JRN's bottom line.

    In terms of CT-Stan, WICC 600 airs Clark Howard, while WSTC 1400/WNLK 1350 air Boortz and Howard.

    The service also has various music formats to syndicate to stations across the country. A couple of CT stations use the Jones Music service, both locally owned;

    97.3 WZBG Litchfield, which is owned by NBC Sports pres. Dick Ebersol and wife actress Susan Saint James

    1350 WINY Putnam (way up in Eastern CT-Stan) owned by Osbrey Broadcasting. In fact Gary Osbrey is AM Drive host.

    Oh and to MOP, Neocons are FAR FROM DEAD! Just you wait until another 9/11 hits us--it will take that for America to realize that voting for Democrats means a vote for terror:

    Oh sure the DNC can say there never was a meeting with them and HAMAS, but hook someone up to polygraph and the truth will come out!

    I can say the people of Minnesota, Franken's home state, have paved the way for Islamofascism by their electing Keith Ellison to Congress--a former member of the Nation of Islam who got some dough from CAIR, a group with ties to Islamofascist terrorists who want Islam to reign supreme in the states:

    "CAIR promotes a radical Islamic vision, as evidenced by the fact that its co-founder Omar Ahmad told a Fremont, California audience in July 1998: 'Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran … should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.'

    In a similar spirit, Ibrahim Hooper told a reporter in 1993: 'I wouldn't want to create the impression that I wouldn't like the government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future.'

    In 2003 Hooper stated that if Muslims ever become a majority in the United States, they will likely seek to replace the U.S. Constitution with Islamic law, which they deem superior to man-made law."

    From Discover The Network by the way.

    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 07 December, 2006 07:38  

  • Fact is, progressive radio is profitable and here to stay.

    Other than the part about being "profitable" (AAR is currently in Chapter 11 and having a tough time finding a buyer) and "here to stay" (5 dropped affiliates in the last month), that statement is 100% accurate!

    By Blogger BF, at 07 December, 2006 08:45  

  • Patriot Hack posted:

    Oh and to MOP, Neocons are FAR FROM DEAD! Just you wait until another 9/11 hits us--it will take that for America to realize that voting for Democrats means a vote for terror:

    Hysterical, America would understand who's fault it would be, just like 9-11, when the filthy, corrupt administration IGNORED every warning, see "patriot world", America is a lot smarter than YOU and the 30%ers who cling on to disgusting hatermongers like Savage's words as if they are the bible itself. A congress and Senate with Democrats would not be responsible since the GOP has their cabinet in charge of the executive branch, intelligence, and the military.

    You shriek away abou CAIR, who is not the issue, I know where you are going with this (I monitor Michael Savage) you hint at Prager, and his disgusting remarks, Prager is absolutly pathetic. He thinks a Jew should swear on both the new and old testament, he is a sell out to America where we have freedom of religion, he is such a desperate neo-con lemming, he would actually support a Jew swearing on a bible which he/she does not follow. He is a sad sad sad man, deserves to be tossed off the Holocaust Memorial board, he is an ANTI-AMERICAN FREAK, who craves a THEOCRACY. He is such a coward he would sell out his Jewish roots, to be part of the neo-con cabal. This is part due to his fear of Muslims. Disgusting.

    Every day another 1000 Americans reject conservatism, and Limbaugh, Hannity, O'riley, the NY post, Savage, Levin, Ingrham and coulter are the EXACT REASONS WHY

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 07 December, 2006 09:31  

  • >>music formats

    Yes one of them being country; a station I've listened to from Vermont,
    WUSX 93.7, uses it I believe...also
    Jones does Sunday afternoon NFL
    broadcasts I believe.

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 07 December, 2006 11:48  

  • "...nicely racist and sexist image...."

    But what else would you expect from an unrepentant Fenian bastard?

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 07 December, 2006 23:54  

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