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19 December 2006

Buffalo, New York and Albany, Oregon Dump Libtalk


Libtalk Dumped In New York, Oregon

In what is now becoming a common occurrence, two additional stations have dumped their liberal talk radio formats, with more rumored to be on the way.

Outlets in Buffalo, New York and Albany / Corvallis, Oregon have dumped lineups that featured "progressive" programming from Air America and elsewhere. Thanks to readers Joe in the Beaver State and Mark in the Empire State for their tips.

In Albany, libtalk was dropped so quickly and quietly last week that few seemed to even notice its demise. Already, KTHH AM 990 "The Truth" is but a memory, with no trace of its former website remaining. It has apparently returned to its previous classic country format.

And in Buffalo, not only has Citadel's WHLD Newstalk 1270 dropped libtalk for gospel music, but the station's manager has warned listeners that he expects rival Entercom's local "progressive" outlet to disappear soon as well. He's urging fans to contact that station's manager to lobby for its continuation:

However there is something you can do to preserve progressive talk in Buffalo. Call Entercom or make an appointment and pay them a visit. Tim Wenger is the GM of WWKB as well as WBEN. Give him a call at 716-843-0600 and let him know how important a progressive talk station is to you. Also let him know what you want on it. I think your input could be very helpful to make KB a station progressives can call their own.

You better act fast though, because rumor has it that they’re going to dump their “progressive line-up” in the very near future. For more contact info click here. Over the last year Entercom, Buffalo has shown their general lack of respect for progressive talk and progressive talk listeners by devoting almost no resources to the station (reportedly they even powered down the station to 10,000 watts to save money). A ton of phone calls and visits could help change that, heck you might even convince them to offer real local shows. It’s not much of a consolation, it’ll never be the Voice of Reason, but it could be better than nothing if you let them know how you feel.

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  • Maloney, your bitch Bill O'Reilly finally went to Iraq to show support for our troops. Wow! I'm shocked. Now Hannity, Imgraham, and O'Reilly have been in Iraq for a total of 14 days all together. This far-leftist named Franken is on his 4th tour of Iraq since the beginning of the War. I wonder if O'Reilly will call himself a "Combat Veteran" again? His bitch-ass never even left the Green Zone, he must be just like all the other Journalists that won't leave their hotel room like Imgraham said. What a coward!

    I haven't been on this website in a long time but wow! Now your attacking Olbermann. Why not go on his show and try to prove him wrong. Nah, you'll be like your bitch-ass buddy O'Reilly and continue to put down Media Matters but not take them up on their request for an appearance. Does David Brock scare you? You used to love him.

    By Blogger Iraq War Veteran, at 19 December, 2006 12:37  

  • Funny, your accent sounds just like the Minister of Propaganda. Do you have any relatives in the (counter)government? No, that would be too simple an explanation, Occam's razor regardless.

    More likely, you you're just from the same strange planet, where personal attacks are more important than the issue, vulgar language is learned at mother's knee, and it is a point of pride to ignore the real issue in any topic raised for discussion.

    By Blogger Lokki, at 19 December, 2006 12:55  

  • Hey Peskoff,
    You really a SSG? Are you really in the military? Because you sound like a spoiled little trustifarian to me. What M.O.S. are you. I'm guessing you're in the rear with the gear, since you have the time to lambast bloggers.

    WTF did your little O'Reilly rant have anything to do with (yet another) talk radio station(s) dumping the liberal talk format? How many is that now?

    BTW, Brian has been ripping on Olbermann for some time now.

    By Blogger njmiller, at 19 December, 2006 12:57  

  • Why not go on his show and try to prove him wrong.

    Because Olbermann is too chicken to invite him?

    By Blogger BF, at 19 December, 2006 15:27  

  • Have any of the trolls given a reason why so many of their format stations have been dropped?

    By Blogger emerson, at 19 December, 2006 17:00  

  • Emerson-the short answer would be neocon coercion and Zionist support from within media conglomerates, in order to stifle the approximately 70% of Americans who support impeachment hearings and an immediate pullout from Iraq.

    Only with total media suppression can the neocon "big lie" be totally perpetuated on the American people.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 19 December, 2006 18:55  

  • Or, in this case, it might be that, for example, WHLD was averaging a 0.5 rating. (Albany/Corvallis does not seem to be measured by Arbitron.)

    HF, there is a logical fallacy in your assumption that all people who want to see troop reductions in Iraq also want to see impeachment hearings.

    By Blogger Snowed In, at 19 December, 2006 22:36  

  • I didn't say all....but a far larger amount want impeachment PROCEEDINGS (meaning, they want at least the formalities to commence, to get down to the bottom of things) than do not...

    The Democratic machine is far more conciliatory and "bipartisan" than most people on either side really want them to be, at this point...

    Never underestimate old-school conservative exasperation at the Bush neocons, as well, and particularly at Bush's irrational arrogance...

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 20 December, 2006 00:35  

  • So let me get this straight: the WHLD PD is asking people to support his failed format on a competing station?

    And was the decision to drop ProgTalk made before or after Entercom started making noise about dropping ProgTalk?

    I think the main problem now facing the ProgTalkers now is that there is a stampede effect now taking shape, and any perceived dip in ratings or profitability will give PDs the justification to make the switch.

    Hash - lay off the pipe, and stop channeling Mel Gibson. Next thing we know, you're going to start calling Laura Ingraham 'sugar tits' or something.

    By Blogger SierraSpartan, at 20 December, 2006 02:10  

  • JD....oh, don't tell me you're still're a good, good Lewinsky to Dershowitz, now.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 20 December, 2006 02:28  

  • The Boston Globe says that WKOX and
    WXKS in Boston switch to Rumba

    Thu. at noon
    . Ironically enough,
    under the new format local DJs will be hired. One reason why prog. talk may not have done well in Boston is that local hosts weren't hired (other than
    Jeff Santos, a recent hire who only
    was on Sundays).

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 20 December, 2006 04:51  

  • Hash,

    Ahh, I see you hate the Jooos along with anyone wles who disagrees with you.

    You got a Klan robe in your closet?

    By Blogger PCD, at 20 December, 2006 08:45  

  • HF, you and I both know that impeachment proceedings will be viewed by many, many people as payback for the Republicans' treatment of President Clinton in the late 90s. That may be enough to make the Democrats shun the idea.

    And I meant "all" in the sense of the 70% you referenced. You did say that 70% of this country's population want an immediate pullout and impeachment hearings, yes? I simply counter that 70% (of those who care, I suppose) are against the war, but not all of them want an immediate pullout of troops or impeachment hearings.

    And as for asking people to support WBEN's prog-talk format: WBEN and WHLD's ratings combined still can hardly break a 1.5. Compare that to top-rated WWKB, which has about nine times those ratings, and see why this does not appear to be a viable format in the Buffalo market.

    By Blogger Snowed In, at 20 December, 2006 09:15  

  •'d be surprised. What I'm hearing (and this is more logical then I expected, and correct), that why should a pullout be delayed? To kill even more Americans (and Iraqis) needlessly? This is understood...most people GET's Bush's complete denial of any problem, and a total lack of a viable plan, that they don't...As I said, this remaining 29% of contemptuous fools don't even matter anymore in the dialogue.

    PCD...I'm sure that you do indeed equate anyone who dares to criticize the holy Zionist entity's role in the Middle East conflict as a raving's the ultimate debate-ender, and you exploit it to full effect.

    Well, guess what? You need to find another sacred cow to latch onto, because there is a growing awareness that your slavish personal fealty to the Israeli right-wing cause and a false religion that nullifies the existence of 95% of all Americans, not to mention the fact that you place Israel's interests above the sovereign US's survival is growing old, really old.

    And I'd be willing to bet you have no such compunction about demonizing the evil "Islamists" in your altruistic quest for freedom of speech, religion, and personal dignity....

    It's YOU that needs to question whether or not you've inadvertantly (or perhaps, even deliberately) contributed to creating America's next disloyal bedfellow...

    It is really sickening. If you rail against "dhimmitude", at least apply the same standard across the board.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 20 December, 2006 11:17  

  • Hash!:

    As a neo-con and a Jew (oops, did I repeat myself?) who supports the right of Israel to exist I admit my people control the world. I can do this because you are so utterly helpless to shape your own destiny. What you do is meaningless, yet you try anyway. It's almost cute.

    How brave, if utterly futile. We can erase you at any time, but our files indicate you pay taxes - half of which go directly to Israel. You amuse us, Hash, with your full grasp of reality outside the Hebe Matrix you live in. You're dangerous because you know the truth, but we can handle it, having all our Jew powers and all.

    The exact figure on impeachment approval was actually 87%, but Moishe in the polling department suppressed the number to make it look more "real".

    Oops, gotta scoot. My local chapter of the Bilderberg Group is have a latka cookoff and mine always win. It's the Christian baby blood I use that makes all the difference.

    By Blogger emerson, at 20 December, 2006 11:28  

  • This is understood...most people GET's Bush's complete denial of any problem, and a total lack of a viable plan, that they don't...

    See, that's the trouble. Neither side has this situation planned out fully, because neither side can answer the question, "What happens if/when Iraq becomes a hardline Shi'a anti-American theocracy?" The whole area is still reeling from the last time that happened in a Middle East country.

    And by the way, pointing fingers is not going to be the answer at that point. Besides, those at whom the fingers are pointed could themselves turn and point at the Carter administration, who could turn and point at the Eisenhower administration, and so on. Lots of people, of both parties, had a hand in screwing this up.

    By Blogger Snowed In, at 20 December, 2006 13:02  

  • Emerson....yawn. What can I tell you? Whine to $chlu$$el-Gelt, $ultankni$h, linda$og, or some other racist homophobe neocon death cultist that will reinforce your sense of ethnic superiority and false moral rectitude in the face of the genocide you support. Perhaps you will even succeed in getting yet another museum or memorial built in your town, that no one will ever visit.

    Snowed....I'd disagree on the Iraq point, in that, if it were not for our interference, Iraq would NEVER have become the anti-American, Shia-fundamentalist state it already is....and I'm not positive that Iran is the big bogeyman it is painted out to be, as much as a neocon excuse for war without end in the region...

    And I believe the Iraq Study Paper, while not really telling me much I didn't already know, does go a long way in suggesting at least a way forward out of this pointless quagmire...

    Good point, good post.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 20 December, 2006 19:49  

  • "and I'm not positive that Iran is the big bogeyman it is painted out to be, as much as a neocon excuse for war without end in the region..."

    Damn. Just, damn. If anywhere close to 30% of the U.S. populace believes that tripe, then we as a nation are well and truly fornicated.

    In 1937 and 1938, people accused Winston Churchill of being a warmonger, only looking for a means by which to remove from his past the spectre of his failures at Gallipoli. Instead, he merely saw Germany for what it was - an expansionist, fascist dictatorship with designs on political, if not physical, control of the entirety of Europe.

    Hash conveniently forgets that the United States has been in an undeclared war with Teheran since 1979 - both sides merely have not chosen to up the ante to full-on war as of yet, but that will probably change in the not-too-distant future, no matter what assurances James Baker gives to Crazy Mahmoud.

    Perhaps Hashfanatic should change his nick to "Neville Chamberlain."

    By Blogger SierraSpartan, at 21 December, 2006 00:16  

  • And perhaps you should change yours to Baruch Goldstein.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 21 December, 2006 00:48  

  • Hash,

    look in the mirror, you demented soul. You throw around unfounded percentages that purport to support your utter manure.

    What gas do you use in your chambers or did you go to Tehran with David Duke?

    You are a hater, hash, through and through.

    By Blogger PCD, at 21 December, 2006 10:27  


    Yes, everyone in America shall refrain from all criticism of Israel and the role that the Jewish lobby plays in governing American foreign policy, because YOU invoke horrors of the past!


    We hear you, we accept your views, your actions, renounce our own traditions, culture, and belief systems for the Noahide Code and the Project for The New American Century you have blessed us with!


    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 21 December, 2006 20:10  

  • Nice, hash.

    I suggest you change your name to a well-meaning but hopelessly pollyannish former Prime Minister who thought that talking with a madman would make him less mad, and you suggest I change my name to a lone ranger nutjob who shoots a bunch of people in a mosque.

    This is why logical argument escapes you - you conflate every disagreement with the most personal of attack. Are you sure you and The Strawman aren't the same person?

    Unfortunately, your example does not hold, as I frankly would like to see the entirety of Islam exterminated. Doing so would solve about 75% of the armed conflicts going on around the world at this time, and would also nicely knock down the price of oil.

    It's getting expensive these days, filling up that Ford Expedition.

    By Blogger SierraSpartan, at 21 December, 2006 22:20  

  • Unfortunately (for you, that is), exterminating the Muslims would solve none of the American's problems, whereas making you and yours go bye-bye (puff) would...

    This uncomfortable little fact of life is something the Western world is slowly beginning to come to grips with, if not openly admit...

    So much for pat solutions.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 22 December, 2006 01:42  

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