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06 December 2006

Jerry Springer Show Cancellation, Media Reaction


Trashmeister Claims He's "Too Busy" To Continue Show

While we have no doubt that Jerry Springer's career really has taken off since his well- regarded recent appearances on TV's Dancing With The Stars, several Radio Equalizer readers have pointed out the free pass he's received from the media over the cancellation of his liberal talk radio show.

Rather than point out the obvious failure of his "progressive" program, the AP and other media outlets have allowed him to make excuses, such as a lack of commitment to the show:

CINCINNATI (AP) Jerry Springer ended his syndicated radio show Tuesday after nearly two years, saying he's too busy with other projects that developed following his seven-week stint on TV's Dancing with the Stars.

Springer made no mention in the opening minutes that the show would be his last, instead launching into a critique of what he called George Bush's "runaway presidency that has so destabilized the Middle East while at the same time endangering America."

Later, he kidded with his "Team Springer" sidekicks, saying he hoped they found jobs, and told one caller he might consider running for office some day.

Although it was the last of Springer's live shows, reruns will be aired the rest of the week while Springer gets ready for his daughter's wedding on Saturday, he said.

Springer said it was the wedding that led him to go on Dancing with the Stars so he could learn to waltz with his daughter. He became an audience favorite, and that led to many other business opportunities, he said.

"These things are not going to come around again, partic- ularly at my age, so I might as well take advantage of them," said Springer, 62.

Springer said he is filming a Bud Light commercial next week, has been asked to play a recurring character on the George Lopez ABC sitcom, and in February will play a rabbi in the movie God Only Knows.

"Radio is a full-time job, and I honestly don't devote the time that I should to radio," Springer said. "I can't do the job if I'm not going to do it seriously."

Springer, a former mayor and news anchor in Cincinnati, began TV's trashy Jerry Springer Show in Cincinnati in 1991, later moving production to Chicago. He started the daily radio show in Cincinnati in January 2005, saying he would bring unabashed liberal views to talk radio.

Syndication peaked at 53 stations, and remained on about two dozen in its final week.

Only in that last line is there any hint that the show might not have been succeeding, but the story abruptly ends there. Can you imagine a high profile conservative's failure to catch on generating this kind of mainstream media sympathy?

Another point not made is that Springer's show was actually yanked off the schedule months ago, but continued in syndicated form until this week. We first reported on that development back in August.

What's important to monitor here is how the mainstream media, which provided Air America Radio with so much free publicity in its first two years on the air, is now busy covering up liberal talk radio's colossal failures with these kinds of excuses.

As for Springer, we know he's a political animal at heart, so one can imagine we'll see him return to the fray at some point down the road.

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  • From today's Boston Globe buried beneath an article about the Met
    opera (I assume this means progtalk is gone totally, or does it just mean AAR-produced shows?)

    from today's Globe by Clea Simon:

    AAR gone in Boston soon...

    Spinning the dial
    Fans of "Boston's Progressive Talk Radio" will have to find another outlet soon. Although Clear Channel representatives are not discussing details, the national radio group, which has been selling stations across the country, acknowledges that change is in the works for the two local AMs that carry Air America and related programming -- WXKS-AM (1430) and WKOX-AM (1200). Saying that details will be released within two weeks, Clear Channel vice president of programming "Cadillac Jack" McCartney acknowledged this week that changes are pending and that Air America "is history." . .

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 06 December, 2006 15:13  

  • it is now after 5 on wednesday, the deadline for AAR to find a buyer. since you haven't posted anything, i can only assume that they found a buyer and you became so disillusioned that you took your own life.


    By Blogger hardcore conservative genious, at 06 December, 2006 17:34  


    I'm glad his radio program will be off the air--now all that needs to be done is for NBC Universal to cancel his TV show, and that's that!


    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 06 December, 2006 18:17  

  • No hardcore,

    I am sure Maloney is working on an another exclusive right now which Drudge would never link to even on his worst or slowest news day.

    By Blogger Elmonica, at 06 December, 2006 20:24  

  • Imagine the sad life of a brain damaged right wing freak like Maloney, who dedicated his career to gloating over a network losing affiliates. Brian's brain is so warped from Limbaugh and Savage and Hannity he still has not come to grips with the fact that America rejected the failed ideology of the neo-conservative profit over people agenda. Commercial radio had it's worst year probably EVER, it is no surprise new products are failing on RADIO, "free-fm" the infinity/cbs brainstorm to create cookie cutter "hot talk stations" with identical websites= FAILED. The Jack-FM format FAILING all over America, "moving format"= FAILING all over America, "jamming oldies"=FAILING. New formats in radio are flopping, over the air radio is DEAD. Limbaugh, Savage and the right wing blowhards have that 70+ listenership, still listening on transister radios, so they do well. Younger aimed radio is FAILING. I know teachers who tell me 17 year olds do not even know what radio is, IPODS dominate. Air America failing on terrestrial radio is no surprise. In the long run Air America and similiar formats will be successful via podcasts, this is the way the industry is going.

    10PM-Mid (EST) on Monday and Thursday
    check out our new site Podcasts on I-tunes comming very soon

    Less Oxycotin, more reality.......

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 06 December, 2006 22:54  

  • And cut off some of the posters' Zyprexa, so we can watch 'em REALLY dance!!

    Notice how it is the so-called "moderate" hosts that are biting the dust, yet the fans of true progressive voices seem willing to follow their shows, wherever they wind up?

    Every nurse understands you cannot wash infected laundry with plain must use bleach.

    And follow it up with some bright sunshine, by hanging it out on the line.

    Let's ask ourselves:

    WW$D? (What would $chlu$$el do?)

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 06 December, 2006 23:36  

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