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09 December 2006

Talk Radio, Melanie Morgan, Wikipedia Vandalism


Online Enemies Again Target Wikipedia Entries

Memo to radio talk show hosts and prominent conservatives: have you checked your Wikipedia entries lately?

After repeated instances of online vandalism that have resulted in a highly inaccurate biographical article, one talk show host is fed up and demanding corrections be made immediately.

KSFO morning talk host Melanie Morgan, co- author of American Mourning: A Story Of Two Families, has issued this statement in response to the misinformation:

Being in the public eye carries a price, but sometimes that cost is downright ugly. Left-wing bloggers are now resorting to blatant lies and distortion at Wikipedia.

Yes, I know that it is a common tactic, but it is dismaying to see the wretched excess of these people.

I have sent a correction to Wikipedia, but it's tiresome to have to deal with the slander of the Left.

Notice how these people weave the lies with the truth (truth that is always unflattering?)

And here's the vandalized article:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Melanie Morgan, (original name Pauline Friedman), born 1948 in Beverly Hills, California, is an American conservative radio host based at KSFO in San Francisco. She has previously worked as an anchor for KGO-TV. She is the co-chairman of Move America Forward, a conservative political organization.

Morgan was addicted to gambling and her addiction was the subject of the TV-movie High Stakes: The Melanie Morgan Story. She has served as president of the California Council on Problem Gambling. She also admits to having neglected her newborn son while addicted.

Morgan was criticised for her comments regarding the New York Times publication of a story regarding US government tracking of terrorist funding. She said that editor Bill Keller should be tried for treason and "If he were to be tried and convicted of treason, yes, I would have no problem with him being sent to the gas chamber."[1]

At the beginning of December, 2006, Morgan publicly called for incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's assassination, telling several Fox News Channel talk shows that she would like to "paint a bullseye on her laughing eyes."[2] On December 6, when the Report from the distinguished members of the Iraq Study Group (ISG) was published, Morgan was dismissive. "'Suggesting that (Iran and Syria) can be our friends carries the heavy stench of appeasement. It is more reminiscent of Neville Chamberlain's capitulation to Hitler than Ronald Reagan's resolute stand against Communism during the Cold War."[3]

Here is Melanie's response:

I am dismayed to see that your left-wing bloggers are deliberately distorting the facts about my biography.

I am NOT Pauline Freidman, nor was I born in Beverly Hills, California, nor was I born in 1948.I have NEVER called for the assassination of Nancy Pelosi, or anyone else. Even the most cursory of Internet checks would reveal this information to be false.

I am Melanie R. Morgan, born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1956.

I am a talk-show host for KSFO Radio in San Francisco,Chairman of Move America Forward, a non-orofit 501(c)3 located in Sacramento, California. My on-air discussion of Nancy Pelosi was in context about her targeting the President of the United States and other Republicans with political hate speech. My response was that I am going to target Nancy Pelosi for an accurate representation of her TRUE political views, history, and Ms. Pelosi's political history in a BOOK that I am planning to write.

Please correct immediately.

Melanie Morgan

As of yet, the corrections have not been made, but her statement has been added to the bottom of the article.

The biggest question is why Melanie's opponents feel they can gain ground by resorting to lies and distortions about her background. Is it because they know they can't win on the issues?

UPDATE: Morgan's article has been stripped of most of its content, with the offending language removed. But it will still need to be rewritten.

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  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger barooosk, at 09 December, 2006 22:20  

  • Since Morgan does not challenge the other parts of the Wikipedia listing, I can only conclude that those other statements are true. Including

    He statement that NY Times editor, Bill Keller should be tried for treason and "If he were to be tried and convicted of treason, yes, I would have no problem with him being sent to the gas chamber."

    and that she also admits to having neglected her newborn son when she was addicted to gambling.

    By Blogger barooosk, at 09 December, 2006 22:27  

  • every one of these right wing freaks is a total fraud, usually railing against the very thing they are doing most, or angry because they are not getting it. women hate the soft pudgy bald men who lack even an inch of sexual energy, causing them to force themselves on under-age wards whose trust is placed in them.

    I witnessed this personally when I was growing up in GOP Redneckland and attended some conventions of the Young Republicans. I sat through workshops where they schemed how they would eliminate Social Security while calling it "reform." Particularly annoying was the incessant obsession with homosexuality, which anybody knows for the past 25 years means you are dealing with a closet case exposing what's on their mind. I was actually convinced they hated gays as a legit issue until I was coaxed to go to what turned out to be a gay orgy attended by all of the soft, pasty pudgy Little Lords Fauntleroy. Sickening.

    America is on to them now. There isn't an ounce of integrity to one of these righties since William F. Buckley's time, and even he is a bit of a patrician crackpot though like Goldwater he is horrified but what these snakes todayh have sunk to. Even his brightest acolyte, Michael Lind, was so disgusted by the fraudulence of the whole enterprise that he quit National Review, switched sides and wrote the definitive expose: "Up From Conservatism." Every issue is dissected to show the complete and utter fraudulence from top to bottom.

    By Blogger gregrocker, at 09 December, 2006 22:57  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 10 December, 2006 08:33  

  • Then why don't you all work for Wikipedia?

    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 10 December, 2006 08:34  

  • Oh, the trauma of it all....

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 10 December, 2006 09:31  

  • "Online Enemies"?

    That's phraseology worthy of Valentin Beria.

    Lighten up, a bit. It's not as if these pranksters were lying us into a war wherein hundreds of thousands would pointlessly die!

    By Blogger metrodorus, at 10 December, 2006 10:40  

  • oops, that's Lavrenti Beria!


    By Blogger metrodorus, at 10 December, 2006 10:42  

  • oops, that's Lavrenti Beria!


    By Blogger metrodorus, at 10 December, 2006 10:47  

  • And, finally, I do have to echo the thought previously allued to in this comment section:

    Among enlightened people, it is considered bad form to call for the execution of journalists in public forums.

    It's just not done.

    By Blogger metrodorus, at 10 December, 2006 11:46  

  • Hey Baloney,

    I congratulate you. The incisive exposes penned by MM and yourself were obviously the tipping point in initiating the downfall of AAR.

    I listened to AAR from the beginning. I listened to Mark Maron and Rachel Maddow. Laura Flanders had an excellent show. The Young Turks were pretty entertaining. Mike Malloy was often worth a listen. Even Al Franken whose talent wasn't all that suited to talk radio often hit high points with his traveling shows and his interesting guests.

    AAR was such a relief after listening to legions of bloviating, propaganda-spewing, RNC talking-point huckstering, lying gasbags like yourself. Last Nov 7. led this mass of hacks into a group head explosion whose echoes you can hear today.

    Well AAR will probably go dark. I'll miss the many, many hours of liberal talk radio that will be removed from the air across the country. Baloney, with all that open air this will be your greatest opportunity to get back a hate talk show after you were dumped from 710Kiro AM in Seattle, one of the happiest days of my life. You can go back to leading your audiences on about the "story you're just not hearing", i.e. your loony tune, right-wing hack twist on the RNC talking points of the day.

    As to my first paragraph about your expose - NOT!!!!!

    By Blogger Dovish, at 10 December, 2006 13:56  

  • People,
    Maloney did a fine job in creating his Wikipedia entry as well. It says his blog is only slightly leaning toward conservatism to which I say MY ASS.

    Plus it highlights the pinnacle of his fine blogging career. Can you guess what that was? You got it. It was the Gloria-Wise story which led to his joint-appearance on Bill O's show with Michelle Malkin. It brings tears to my eyes. Let us hope he can milk that story for another 10 years.

    By Blogger Elmonica, at 10 December, 2006 14:53  

  • One of the solutions to this problem is to stop linking to Wikipedia.

    However, our host linked to them above. Instead, he could just provide their URL in bare former: (or whatever).

    WP's guidelines also don't consider bloggers credible sources and frown on using them as sources. Bloggers should return the favor by finding other pages to link to, even including those at if you really need to link to WP's content for some reason.

    By Blogger LonewackoDotCom, at 10 December, 2006 20:53  

  • "Leaning"?

    Hell, Maloney's done bent over the couch!!

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 11 December, 2006 12:37  

  • I like how her comment says "I am NOT Pauline Freidman". She does not deny that she is Pauline Friedman though.

    I have had the unfortunate opportunity to wake up to this woman's voice after accidentally falling asleep during the entertaining "Coast to Coast AM" show the night before. Pretty much everything that comes out of her mouth is hate speech as far as I'm concerned. She's really unhappy.

    By Blogger *'""*:·.-:¦:-·honeyrococo·-:¦:-·:*'''''*, at 27 May, 2007 16:43  

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