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10 December 2006

Talk Radio, Rush Limbaugh's Personal Life


Even His Cat Generates Controversy

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In the twisted world of partisan politics, how could Rush Limbaugh's cat manage to become an issue?

The answer is that when it comes to dehumanizing a key conservative enemy, nothing is sacred in this stage of the game.

In many ways, talking about his cat on the air is far more threatening to Rush's liberal foes that pushing a political stance. Why? Because it reveals Limbaugh's true personal nature, rather than the demonic image that so- called "progressive" opponents have worked so hard to project.

From Rush's official transcript, here's his account of how the feline controversy began:

I told the story about the cat. I'll try to recreate the story. I love my cat. I got the greatest little cat in the world. You people know it. I pet this cat. I love this cat. I feed this cat. But I'm smart enough to know she only really wants me when she wants to be fed. I have learned enough to know that when she comes and starts head butting me or walking around my legs, she wants to be fed.

So I take her, I feed her. After I feed her, she wanders off to whatever part of the estate that she wants to hang out until she's next hungry. I said that she's a very smart cat. She gets fed. She gets petted. She gets caressed. She gets sheltered, all these things, and she doesn't have to do anything for it. And then I said: This experience has been more valuable to me than anything else in learning about women.

(Laughing.) Well, there is no sense of humor out there! I don't know how you get offended at that. I really don't. You've got to be wound too tight. (interruption) Well, the objection was not clear.

I'm assuming that in the long line of complaint letters to the letter to the editor of my hometown what a rotten guy I am, how I've dishonored my hometown, I've dishonored my family and its name, that this guy was just piling on, "Okay, here's more evidence this guy is an SOB. Listen to this lovely story about his cat."

(Laughing.) I have to laugh. So when you tell me, "Hey, you better tell the Drive-By Media you're being sarcastic that terrorism in Chicago is because we support Israel,"

I'm telling you, I think one of the greatest divides that exists, talk about bipartisanship or partisanship, the left has no sense of humor. Liberals simply have none. We've had a couple of callers this week, if you recall, just enraged and they won the election. They are just as angry as they can be, and they still are. Go to their websites.

They're still POed, over anything. I don't know what it's like. I've said it constantly. What must it be like every day to get up and be a liberal? No joy in your life. No happiness, and no humor. The things they do laugh at are funny, in a way. Not if you laugh with them, you laugh at them.

And here's how the anti- conservative Media Matters For America portrayed Rush's first cat discussion on November 30:

Limbaugh said he learned about women from his cat, which "gets loved," "petted," and "fed" and "doesn't have to do anything for it"

On the November 30 edition of his nationally syndicated radio show, host Rush Limbaugh proclaimed: My "cat's taught me more about women, than anything my whole life" because his pet cat "comes to me when she wants to be fed," and "[s]he's smart enough to know she can't feed herself. She's actually [a] very smart cat. She gets loved. She gets adoration. She gets petted. She gets fed. And she doesn't have to do anything for it." Limbaugh has previously stated, on the March 1, 2005, edition of his show, that "[w]omen still live longer than men because their lives are easier"; on January 10, he suggested that some women "would love to be hired as eye candy."

Let's face it: to some extent, Rush himself is clearly trying to antagonize his political enemies with this kind of language, knowing full well they will take the bait. But a lot of it is done tongue- in- cheek, which lefty opponents don't seem able to grasp.

Nonetheless, it's still the cat that truly makes his enemies angry: after working so hard to destroy Rush's character after the Michael J Fox flap, the last thing "progressives" want to see is their greatest enemy taking on a warm and fuzzy image.

This is also why women who dare to date Rush or are even seen with him in public face so much heat: they're standing in the way of the left's ongoing character assassination campaign.

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  • After all these years, it is still amazing to witness the zeal with which the far left attempts to torpedo Rush. From the Al Franken book to the Donovan McNabb "scandal," the left has taken step after step to force Limbaugh off the stage--and nothing's worked!

    Here's an idea--instead of trying to drive him off the air, how about defeating him in the arena of ideas?

    By Blogger D. R. Tucker, at 10 December, 2006 17:17  

  • You cannot defeat him in the arena of ideas because he stacks the deck with strawmen, phoney facts, and outright lies and then refuses to debate anyone. The college textbook on faulty logic is entitled "The Illogic of Rush Limbaugh."

    After the three failed marriages, the drug addiction involving taking more Oxycontin than entire cities, leading to total hearing loss, the serial lying which is documented over scores of occasions yet never rebutted with anything except faith-based ideology....exactly what are you right wing knuckle draggers so proud to defend?

    But please keep thinking the way you do so we on the left can continue to clean your clock. LOSERS!

    By Blogger gregrocker, at 10 December, 2006 23:06  

  • Didn't Limpbowel already dehumanize himself by thrusting himself in an opiate-fueled downward spiral?

    You think some small animal is gonna undo his filth and decadence?

    Let's see some acceptance of reality and taking of responsibility first. THEN we'll talk ideas.

    That dumbbell has only about another year left in radio anyway....will he use it wisely, or rest on his dubious laurels?

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 11 December, 2006 00:31  

  • “THEN we'll talk ideas”

    Hash you have nothing to add but short statements that mean nothing. Let’s hear again about “cleansing, purging” or some crap like that. Yeah you are just full of ideas. Take an enema and purge your ideas.

    One year left dream on.

    By Blogger pf1, at 11 December, 2006 02:10  

  • So, a drug-addled loser who calls himself "hash-fanatic" attacks Rush for overcoming a drug problem. And another leftard says that Rush's style of argument isn't intellectually legitimate... then spews a string of name-calling and personal attacks.

    The way the left is completely oblivious to its own stupidity and hypcorisy never fails to amuse.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 December, 2006 08:57  

  • V the K posted inbetween drool:
    And another leftard says that Rush's style of argument isn't intellectually legitimate... then spews a string of name-calling and personal attacks

    Excuse me anyone who uses the term "leftard" is not qualified to discuss anything that is intellectually legitamate. You sound like a 12 year old when using such rediculous expressions. Have you had your milk and cookies yet?

    drooler than posts:
    the way the left is completely oblivious to its own stupidity and hypcorisy never fails to amuse.

    That would be the right, America got tired of the hypocrisy and removed your degenerate party from power. How's this for Hypocrisy ? Limbaugh curses the memory of Jerry Garcia for being a drug addict, than proceedes to a fast food parking lot to score!!! Haggart(who spoke to W on a regular basis) preaches an anti-gay sermon than proceeds to a young boy's buttocks!! Back to Limbaugh, who raves about "liberals have no family values" as the clock ticks, he gets divorced a 4th time and still has no children. Same with O'riley shrieking about "culture war" as he harasses a female over the phone about falaffel sex!! THe whole GOP takes an anti-gay stance as Jeff Gannon prostitutes himself to old pasty male Republicans in the White House!!

    See V the K, America gets this. Your pathetic mouthpieces for the right, cost you the ELECTIONS. I hope these morons stay on the radio forever. Every day they spout theirt garbage, the radical right drops another thousand votes!

    At this stage in the game, you have no right to even utter the word "hypocrisy" unless you are discussing the GOP
    EVil Liberal Propaganda Network, on Monday and Thursday 10pm-Mid(EST) heard LIVE on and i-tunes (under top40/pop indieairplay)

    less oxycotin....more reality!

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 11 December, 2006 09:47  

  • I've always viewed Rush and his show as political entertainment. Except for his overt obsession/hatred with anything Clintonian, Limbaugh has used the tongue-n-cheek commentary style as his way of entertaining the right-wing, conservative masses.

    Limbaugh is an entrepreneur. He found a niche (entertainment for conservatives)and he has been talented enough to exploit that niche. That's the American way!

    Obviously he has his audience and his share of detractors; most of whom believe that he is either the conservatives' godfather or a right-wing nutcase. Neither of the aforementioned labels are true in my opinion. Rush is just an entertainer folks. *smh*

    By Blogger Heru, at 11 December, 2006 10:00  

  • The point of the Media Matters dig wasn't Rush Limbaugh's cat, it was his sexism. Sheesh. How could you miss that?

    Also, I think you're misreading the current liberal mood about Limbaugh. He helped bring in the Democratic majority with his idiotic attack on Michael J. Fox's illness. Most of us on the left are grateful for Limbaugh's help in Missouri, not hungering to discredit him any more than he does on his own.

    By Blogger Rogers, at 11 December, 2006 10:33  

  • Check out "V the K"'s extremist, racist, homophobic, pro-Kahanist viewpoint over at, then reread his babblings over Rush's (giggle) "recovery", and stop and consider what kind of psychopathic fascist bloodsuckers actually comprise the vast majority of Limpbowel's loyal yet dwindling listenership...

    PF1, tell us more about how you helped "defend" us from the Islamofascist hordes....another LOSER looking for a free ride.

    These "patriots" are filthy, smelly parasites that support the real enemy....I am proud that my existence offends them.

    May Jeane Kirkpatrick rot in hell (till "el Rushbo" gets there", God merit it be soon....

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 11 December, 2006 12:36  

  • You may not like Rush Limbaugh, or Hannity, even Savage, but you have to respect their ability to maintain a large audience year after year after year. And any talk about "dwindling audience" is just that - these guys will continue to enjoy high ratings long after Air America is gone, and no amount of name calling is going to change that - like Liberace (old story I heard), they are laughing all the way to the bank.

    Of course, most of the rest of the media leans to the left, or, if you prefer, in favor of Democrats, (yes, the main stream media is owned by large corporations, but it still leans to the left), so that may be some of the attraction for some people. But much of the attraction is that they know how to keep you (maybe not all of you, but enough people) listening.

    The other irony is that the audience for conservastive talk radio, is better educated and politically diverse, than anyone expected, according to a survey I recall reading. And for entertainment, its not bad - makes the commute go faster.

    Years ago, radio was ALL about, and ONLY about music, the only time you heard talk was on Sunday nights, and it was dull stuff.

    But now even my teenage kids don't turn to the radio for music, that they get from the internet - there's nothing on radio related to music but rehash of the same tired play lists (if I it Boston? doing "More Than A Feeling Again" I'll jump off a building.)

    So what else is there on radio? As I said, Limbaugh is entertaining, makes the time go fast if I'm on the way to a meeting or something, AAR, which I've tried to listen to, was/is just...nasty or boring. And if you don't agree fine, but more people listen to Limbaugh, Hannity and Savage than listen to anyone else on talk radio - they must be doing SOMETHING to draw such a large, diverse audience, even in blue states, that consistently.

    By Blogger thinkcon, at 11 December, 2006 17:17  

  • Thinkcon, I appreciate your concerns, but I'll stick to what I know here on the ground, and I maintain that Limbaugh seriously runs the risk of not being heard in the New York market moving into 2008-2009....

    He represents the worst of the Republican Party's excesses, even though there are hosts that deserve that dubious honor more...

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 11 December, 2006 21:04  

  • Ah, how sweet it is to be attacked by America-hating, moonbat half-wits.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12 December, 2006 12:39  

  • Just wait, you bootlicking parasite.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 12 December, 2006 13:58  

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