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18 January 2007

Andrea "Andi" Parhamovich, Iraq, Air America Radio


Former Air America Staffer Killed In Iraq

From Iraq today, very sad news:

The National Democratic Institute reports that one of its convoys was attacked yesterday morning, January 17, in Baghdad, leaving four people dead and two wounded. Information is still being gathered about the incident, but it appears that the three-vehicle convoy was ambushed and sustained heavy damage.

One of the confirmed dead is a staff person, Andrea "Andi" Parhamovich of Perry, Ohio, and the other individuals were dedicated security personnel from Unity Resources Group (URG). The names of the security personnel are being withheld at the request of URG management.

The Institute expressed its deepest condolences to its Iraq staff and the families who are facing this tragedy.

"There is no more sacred roll of honor than those who have given their last full measure in support of freedom," said NDI Chairman Madeleine K. Albright. "Yesterday, in Iraq, Andrea Parhamovich and our security personnel were enshrined on that list. They did not see themselves as heroes, only people doing a job on behalf of a cause they believed in. They were not the enemies of anyone in Iraq; they were there to help. Now, the prayers of all of us at NDI are with them and with their families. We pledge to do everything that is within our power to see that they did not die in vain. We will honor their example, keep alive their memory, and carry on their work."

A graduate of Marietta College, Andi, 28, developed her career in political commun- ication with the Mass- achusetts Governor's office and Department of Economic Development, Air America Radio and, most recently, the International Republican Institute in Iraq before joining NDI's Baghdad staff in late 2006.

An outgoing woman who made friends quickly, Andi wanted to use her education and skills as a communications specialist to help Iraqi political party leaders and parliamentarians develop strategies to reach out to voters and constituents.

Andi's work helped to build the kind of national level political institutions that can help bridge the sectarian divide and improve Iraqi lives. An energetic activist who inspired her colleagues with creative ideas, Andi forged impressive relationships with Iraqi political leaders, many of whom have expressed their deep sadness at her murder.

Clearly, Parhamovich was working for the good of all Iraqis and her murder only sets back the cause of freedom in the country.

Packing quite a lot of experience into her resume, Parhamovich interestingly worked both for a Republican Massachusetts governor and the liberal Air America Radio network. Her tenure at the latter must have been stressful and there's little doubt she was especially excited to assist in Iraq's reconstruction efforts.

We're very sorry to hear of Parhamovich's passing and thank her for her important work in Iraq.

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  • God Bless her memory.

    God Rest her soul.

    Thank you for this post, Brian.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 18 January, 2007 18:24  

  • Yeah, thanks, Brian - for taking this story as a completely ludicrous excuse to make a dig at Air America Radio.

    Don't like AAR? I just don't care. I don't like it either.

    However, utilizing such a story to further your own pathetic goals - even if you don't consider the goal of slamming AAR at every opportunity - even if it's in such an obviously mean-spirited way - how low will you sink?

    By Blogger TJ, at 18 January, 2007 18:53  

  • Her tenure at the latter must have been stressful

    Your total lack of class is impressive. I can't tell you how happy I am ( I speak for some others as well) that you are in no way affiliated with WRKO. Any entity that would affiliate with you is by definition disfunctional.

    By Blogger TED, at 18 January, 2007 18:58  

  • It's very fair to say that regardless of how you feel about Air America, it was a stressful place to work.

    There was a NY Attorney General's investigation into the company's finances, bouncing paychecks, a revolving door for managers and almost constant turmoil.

    As a PR person, Andi was in a difficult position as none of what was going on was her fault, yet she was part of the company's public face anyway.

    There's no doubt in my mind that she found her work in Iraq to be far more rewarding.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 18 January, 2007 19:24  

  • How pathetic you are to try and justify that comment in reporting on the death of this young woman.

    You have no more an idea of what her experience was like at Air America or in Iraq than I, or anyone else who was not in either place with her.

    It is clear from your post that you are truly deranged. Your hatered for a radio outlet has caused you to exploit the death of a brave young woman.

    You are too childish to truly grasp how ashamed of yourself you should be.

    You are a sad excuse of a boy.

    By Blogger TED, at 18 January, 2007 20:02  

  • if you had a shred of direct evidence concerning your assertion, you would have said so already, Brian.

    Rather, you took a very sad story as an inappropriate opportunity to make a dig.

    This is how pathetic maloney truly is, folks.

    Enjoy your fandom of such ridiculousness.

    By Blogger TJ, at 18 January, 2007 20:24  

  • Requiescat in pace.

    Brian, that dig at Air America was bit callous and does create the impression in me that it was the only reason you called attention to this woman's death. Lighten up a bit, please. I, of course, no more know your thoughts than you know hers, however, so I'll give you the benefit of a doubt.

    So you believe that working at Air America is more stressful than working in Iraq? And that's why this woman jumped at the job? That's a real leap in logic.
    And it really trivializes this wonderful woman's motivations.

    By Blogger John, at 18 January, 2007 20:28  

  • I think the real issue here is that I ticked off a few of you on the left over a couple of the other posts. Plus there are one or two Entercom managers who are becoming pretty unhinged as well, I'm hearing about that.

    Again, if not made clear before, the point is this: she was looking for more rewarding work than defending Air America's troubles. She found it.

    I may not have worked inside the place, but through my inside sources and two years of reporting on the network, I came to know the working conditions quite well. It hasn't been a fun place to work for anyone.

    Air America is pretty much dead, so writing about it is in a historical sense at this point.

    As a result, there's no "let's get Air America" agenda at work here. It's over, or maybe a few of you don't realize that.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 18 January, 2007 20:37  

  • I didn't even notice Brian's attempt to tarnish this young woman's experience at AAR while reading his otherwise respectful acknowledgement of her passing, and I'll not comment further on it in this instance, preferring to let this and other such examples of insolence speak for themselves.

    It appears she was held quite in high regard by the other staffers at Air America. I happened to be listening to Franken's program as it was ending and he read the announcement. I don't care for Franken personally, but he was quite choked up, and I assure you the tears were geniune. Randi followed immediately, and lamented the unnecessary and sad death of this bright, energetic, idealistic young professional woman, who gave of herself to try and help the people of Iraq restore order out of chaos.

    I urge all of you to reject-for once-the relentless, cutthroat culture that talk radio has degenerated into....Consider, if you would, how you would react, if, say, Flipper from Hannity or George Weber were to have been, God forbid, cut down in their prime. Realize that the people that make talk radio happen behind the scenes are HUMAN BEINGS, not just disposable cogs in a pointless treadmill of avarice and greed.

    They have dreams, they have curiousity and spirit, and they make the programs you love HAPPEN.

    Please remember Ms. Parhamovich as such....she gave of herself not for ratings or profit, but because she BELIEVED she could help.

    Again, God rest her soul in peace.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 18 January, 2007 22:03  

  • You haven't a shred of evidence that "Air AMerica is just about dead." Vacationing here in Honolulu, I hear Stephanie Miller coming out of every tenth car - the ones with the drivers laughing their asses off at your pathetic pasty pudgy wingFATS.

    Back home at KTLK -Los Angeles, there was recently a listener uprising on a weekend show with a half dozen consecutive calls complaining about the glut of commercials - Audi, Carl's, Jr., Lexus, 20th Century Fox, Geico, May Company - you know, the radical leftist crowd! Yet not a day passes, that the bulbous pasty one fails to smear Air America as having failed - even in a pretend "obituary" which is a new low for the lardass trickster.

    Meanwhile, two Congressional committees are preparing subpoenas for the program directors of stations which deliberately smothered progressive talk radio in its crib. We'll learn how Fox News and the Washington Times spent billions floating failing a network/newspaper until enough dupes could be found to pay for Hooked on Phonics and natural Viagra advertising. Air America was expected to start and stand on a shoestring, yet helping to swing a landslide election is somehow called "failure".

    We know who you Young Republican dirty tricksters are and exactly what you are up to. Don't be surprised if you are served with a subpoena soon and given an opportunity to repeat your lies before Congress, earning you the chance to be the Little Lord Fauntleroy buttboy of Big LeRoy at Club Fed.

    By Blogger gregrocker, at 18 January, 2007 22:04  

  • You haven't a shred of evidence that "Air AMerica is just about dead." Vacationing here in Honolulu, I hear Stephanie Miller coming out of every tenth car

    Uh ... Greg? Stephanie Miller does not now nor has ever worked for AAR. So that data point, while interesting, is quite irrelevant.

    By Blogger BF, at 18 January, 2007 22:20  

  • My condolences to the family of this young lady.

    Now, how does the hate and anger of TED and GregRocker honor this young lady? It doesn't. It just makes you and similar commenters look like very small and angry people.

    By Blogger PCD, at 19 January, 2007 08:22  

  • Fudge, I don't see anyone on MY side of the aisle making political hay out of this girl's death. If it were not for your twisted ideologies and greed, this young lady would have had no cause to be there in the first place.

    Rogue government, conservative hate unleashed upon the world.

    Thanks for the love.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 19 January, 2007 09:37  

  • Hash, see then next post. Ms. Lewis, who is on your side and spends boucoup portions of Progressive Insurance's profits on left wingnut groups is doing more than you accuse me of.

    Like I said in that thread, To be a hypocrite is part and parcel of being a liberal, far left wing nut.

    hypocrite hash.

    By Blogger PCD, at 19 January, 2007 13:44  

  • Ms. Lewis' commentary was based on fact and not grounded in malice, as Mr. Maloney's one-line assumption and irrelevant swipe at this girl's former employer was.

    Oh, dear, a "connection" with Progressive Insurance? Maybe THAT proves Brian's assertion that George Soros funded Air America!!

    Conservatism's death grasp continues to murder innocent Americans, while the lemmings whine....

    I'll reserve my pity for the innocents that deserve it.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 19 January, 2007 21:58  

  • Of course Soros funded Air America, he's a unitholder to this day. What are you talking about? This isn't in dispute.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 19 January, 2007 22:26  

  • Really, Brian?

    If you go to Mass and throw a dollar into the collection plate, do you consider yourself to have "funded" the parish?

    Let's not be disingenous now.

    You said what you said.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 20 January, 2007 13:37  

  • hate to step on hash, but I don't believe in playing word games.

    I do believe (well, know, actually, that Brian does, however).

    The Transitive Verb "To Fund" does not mean that someone who "funds" something is the sole contributor.

    Therefore, if George Soros provided a dollar to Air America Radio, he in fact did "fund" that company.

    However - if the reader is incapable of making such a distinction, that is not Brian's fault.

    How Brian presented George Soros as being a financier of AAR - major/minor contributor may be in question - but I'm not going to go read and find out.

    Simply, by definition, George Soros did "fund" AAR - perhaps not soley at any given time - perhaps as or not as a majority contributor.

    But, the definiton of "fund" has been correctly met.

    By Blogger TJ, at 20 January, 2007 19:02  

  • No, the intent of the original post regarding George Soros was quite demonstrate to the Rethug lemmings that Soros DID bail out AAR when no one else would....

    They cannot fathom why this young girl elected to work at any job that wouldn't stuff their pockets full of gold, any more than they are capable of understanding why anyone would actually volunteer to HELP a foreign people in a warzone, regardless of how ill-fated such a mission was to begin with.

    This is why I have inquired, directly, on this blog, on REPEATED occasions, as to how exactly George Soros allegedly "funded" AAR, only to receive no answer.

    Sorry, but the George Soros allegation was as hollow and baseless as countless other ridiculous assertions that the lemmings eat up like candy.

    Simply, Brian is a liar.

    How many demonstrations of this simple concept do you need to see before you get it?

    As Randi Rhodes so eloquently puts...when they tell you who they are, BELIEVE THEM!!

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 20 January, 2007 21:22  

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