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12 January 2007

New York City Radio Ratings, WOR, WABC


Winners, Losers In NYC Ratings War

With New York City's all- important Fall 2006 Arbitron ratings data now released, some radio talkers are celebrating victories, while others are likely crying in their martinis (or whatever it is talk hosts drink these days).

Thanks to our fantastic multitude of sources, your Radio Equalizer has obtained the data and here are some highlights:

Nobody's even coming close to the noon- 6pm double- feature of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity on WABC. In fact, both were up slightly in the key 25-54 demographic, crushing competition from WOR and Air America Radio.

The ongoing war between WOR's Michael Savage and WABC's Mark Levin has the latter winning this round by a strong margin, though Savage is facing longer odds on a weak station.

WOR's already flimsy programming lineup plunged to new depths this time, with Savage's program producing the only strong results. Sean Hannity is beating WOR's Ellis Henican and Lynne White show by a factor of 14!

Mornings on WOR, the Station That Refuses To Succeed, are also in horrible shape, dropping a further 17% to a level so low, it barely registers in the ratings. WOR truly defines failure in radio broadcasting, falling another 33% overall in the main 25-54 listener demographic.

While crushing WOR, WABC is also very soft in morning drive, with Curtis & Kuby suffering another big drop: down 19% in the key demo. They represent WABC's weakest link by far. We wonder if changes are on the way in this slot.

Now heard on WWRL, what's left of Air America Radio found relative share strength only during Al Franken's noon-3 shift (though Rush crushed him with numbers 260% higher) and Rachel Maddow's new night shift. She may prove to be a better evening host than morning drive personality.

Will these results bring changes to New York City's talk radio landscape? As Big Apple talk radio has been troubled for a long time, we sure hope so. It's getting pretty boring out there.

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  • So what makes O'Reilly so unappealing to the wingnuts on Radio ? Or is it that Limbaugh's Cool-Aid is just so much more enjoyable?

    Also, how did Imus do Maloney? With all that Arbitron data I would think you could have given us a bit more analysis, exaggerated and wrong as it may be.

    By Blogger Elmonica, at 12 January, 2007 01:25  

  • Ingraham vs. Lionel?

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 12 January, 2007 07:21  

  • Imus' flagship is WFAN, CBS Radio's sports station, though syndicated by Westwood One. But I think you would see WABC handle old pruneface.

    Now regarding WOR, is Buckley willing to spend some money? I mean Buckley does have corporate offices here in Greenwich-stan, known for its supposed opulence.

    Why not get rid of the old guards like Joan Hamburg and save her for Saturdays? Dr. Joy Browne is also a weak program, which gets syndicated but there aren't a lot of stations airing her through WOR's own radio network, which is rather weak. Also those quack medical programs, the infomercials touting some miracle drug--GONE AS WELL!

    To replace them for now I would have to suggest WOR going bird-fed talk. Let's say 9-noon Glenn Beck; perhaps Clark Howard could come to NYC or Boortz or Jerry Doyle for Afternoons.

    Savage has been the only positive result for WOR despite it being poorly managed. They also air lib talker Lionel--heard him a few times--CAN'T STAND HIM! If they want a liberal, it'll have to be Alan Colmes 10-1, with perhaps Lionel being on 9-10.

    Keep Joey Reynolds as it seems he's the alternative to those weirdos at Coast to Coast and George Noory.

    And if I may add some entertainment to the mix. WOR is one of the legendary stations of all time in the medium and was a part of the late Mutual Broadcasting System.

    So why not air "When Radio Was", which looks at radio's grand golden age. The program airs in one-hour formats with stations having the option of airing multi-shows.

    WICC Bridgeport for example airs WRW from 8 to 1 Sunday nights. WOR could air it from 7 to midnight. Besides, anything would be better than hearing the liberalism that is 60 Minutes whose audio is carried by WCBS.

    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 12 January, 2007 07:28  

  • Why not continuous tape loops of Chimpy the Dim Son practicing his phonics, and Condi singing Russian balalaikas in the background?

    This is New York.

    Not Dubuque, Iowa.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 12 January, 2007 09:03  

  • Patriotworld: They also air lib talker Lionel--heard him a few times--CAN'T STAND HIM!

    What's the problem with Lionel? He is entertaining, I suppose you like the shrieking freak of nature Levin? Levin is human excrement. I can not imagine who listens to this degenerates show. He is the worst host I have ever heard. Savage should be destroying him, at least the nut job Savage is educated and radio-wise has a unique style. Levin sounds like a shrieking loonatic with out an original idea in his head. Lionel is a great host, I wonder what his numbers are.
    Speaking of WWRL, their 12+ rating I believe was a .8 , WWRL has never shown in the ratings higher than a .3 once a year. A.A is helping them

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 12 January, 2007 09:15  

  • hash, you are one miserable, hatefilled waste of human being.

    Things won't change in NYC until ownership dumps management that isn't putting popular radio programs on their stations.

    Liberal radio does not provoke thought, just hate.

    Radio is theater of the mind. You have to think and be mentally able to place yourself into the program's scene, location, genre, etc. Libs for the most part can't get past verbally beating you over the head to conform to their delusions.

    By Blogger PCD, at 12 January, 2007 09:37  

  • Yes, MOP, I did take note of that...WWRL is back on the map again, despite the bizarre but inherently transparent actions and decisions of the covert neocon operatives and cosmetics salesmen currently at AAR....proving that the true talent of Seder, Rhodes, and even Franken, whose show has improved since his RETURN FROM IRAQ, can persevere and remain triumphant over adversity.

    One wonders which WABC host the unhinged Sliwa will begin barraging with threats and pleas for mercy...perhaps he can rally Lynn Samuels and Bob Grant back from the departed? HA!

    Oh, Bumbling Gambling never even saw Seder coming....too late! His Bloomberg segments and on-air fellatio of fascist Peter King have relegated his career to the dustbin...

    Coast To Coast has energized nighttime talk, for better or worse...whereas WWRL's pathetic drive-time combo of Oreo-cookie-bearing-school-vouchers Armstrong Williams and the whiny, effete prison bitch Sam Greenfield is definitely WWRL's weak link (by design), so call that a wash.

    MOP, if these aging freakazoid radio buffs didn't have AAR or progressive media to scapegoat their ideological failures on, they'd be raggin' on WBAI, even though it's a non-commercial station...

    The New York market, talk and FM, will be deader than Kelsey's nuts for at least the next year.

    Count on it.

    Terrestrial is history.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 12 January, 2007 10:58  

  • WWRL's pathetic drive-time combo of Oreo-cookie-bearing-school-vouchers Armstrong Williams and the whiny, effete prison bitch Sam Greenfield is definitely WWRL's weak link (by design), so call that a wash.

    Hysterical. Greenfield is awful, he is rude and is terrified to bash the great Hannity, Limbaugh etc. etc. williams is a joke, that show is a waste. Over the air radio is pretty dead already. Music radio has seen huge declines in listenership, talk radio is next. Who actually listens to Levin and Savage? These guys are sick bastards.

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 12 January, 2007 11:47  

  • Minister of Poop,

    I didn't realize you were such a racist, but aren't all Liberals?

    By Blogger PCD, at 12 January, 2007 14:01  

  • Im not at all racist, my wife is black BTW. Williams, I would call an Uncle tom or sellout, but oreo cookie is acceptable. Williams is a sell out as are all black Republicans.

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 12 January, 2007 14:26  

  • Those who have listened to Levin know he is the nastiest hater on radio. But did you know that it was while shouting into a woman protestor's face that he collapsed of his first heart attack?

    Sweeet karma.

    By Blogger gregrocker, at 12 January, 2007 19:13  

  • God is great....

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 12 January, 2007 23:03  

  • Boston ratings are out too. (12 +, though; said to be not as important talk-radio-wise). Still, WRKO posts a gain (as does WTKK, a smaller gain)
    while the last book to feature Air
    America Boston again has them at 0.4
    (switched to "Rumba" on Dec 21), in
    dead last.

    I'd think they may do even better once Red Sox games start airing. Whether or not Finneran tanks in the ratings,
    the station's success will rise or fall based on the popularity level
    of "Dice-K", Ortiz, Manny, Papelbon,
    et al.

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 13 January, 2007 03:35  

  • nothing funnier than a little limp dick freak like Levin colapsing while attacking a female. This little coward is a worthless piece of excrement. He deserved it. A bully, like all right wingers. Levin deserves worse than a heart attack, he deservesd his face smashed in. I normally don't lie violnce, but this little Buash whore deserves to be beaten to a bloody pulp. Nothing worse than a tough talking conservative., who in reality is a limp wristed lawyer

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 14 January, 2007 11:42  

  • Minister of Poop,

    all you are about is envy, hate, racism, and violence. Levin is a Constitutionalist lawyer, something you lefties hate because he fights legislating from the bench.

    By Blogger PCD, at 15 January, 2007 10:45  

  • Listen to you spew right wing talking points "legislating from the bench.". that is what the right has done, big business writing legislature. Levin is scum, he deserves to have the beating of his life, he is a limp wristed bully, who deserved that heart attack. Since when did you right wingers like the constitution? Don't make me laugh. Again what racism? I display no racism, I do indeed hate anti-American right wing cess pool mouths like Levin. The tough talker deserves a beating by the USMC, a busted lip, bloody nose and broken limbs will put a sissy like that in place. After a beating we will see how qucik this coward is to shriek about "sending more troops". If he can get into a woman's face and shriek, why does her try it on a MAN?? He would never dare, because, like all of you cowards on the right more bark than bite, kind of like my dog.
    Want to have real fun, goto six flags day of the "freedumb concert" and taunt the fake patriot right wing scum, they do not hit back

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 15 January, 2007 13:04  

  • Minister of Poop,

    The people attending the Freedom Concerts have more class than you will ever have.

    I believe that you are psychoticly projecting what you need to have happen to you when you talk about Levine.

    You are such a hate filled, angry lib. Oh, it is racism when you call a black man an oreo. That person's politics do not give you excuse or cover, you racist hater.

    By Blogger PCD, at 15 January, 2007 13:30  

  • Sure, a bunch of mentally retarted, non-military families, cheerleading a war and a sick radio station filled with degenerate son of a bitch scum bags like Levin. Levin is a degenerate, Ingram is a scum bag degenerate, they all are, limbaugh, Sliwa, the whole crew, degenerate anti-american flag wavers.

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 15 January, 2007 14:41  

  • minister of poop,

    You need a long vacation in Bellevue (Mental Hospital).

    By Blogger PCD, at 16 January, 2007 08:54  

  • Hosts like Joey Reynolds,Lionel and that Old Fart Joan Hamburg only keep Intelligent and Hip people away from that sinking station.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 March, 2007 11:43  

  • Personal excretions have more intelligence, wit and thought, than that jack-ass MOP. God-willing he will get his face kicked in as a salute to the Great One. MOP is cannon fodder. 101st....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 February, 2008 00:43  

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