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02 May 2007

Barbra Streisand, Air America Radio, Talk Radio


Babs: No Music, Just Air America!

Long after most people had assumed Air America Radio was dead and buried, the liberal talk radio apparently maintains one big fan: Babs herself!

Telling the Daily Telegraph she listens to almost nothing else, including music, the singer / lefty activist is under fire for charging a whopping £500 ($1000) a ticket for her upcoming shows.

Oddly enough, according to Neil McCormick, she wouldn't answer questions about political issues:

Ungrateful fans may be complaining about high ticket prices on her forthcoming tour (up to £500), but my impression was that Babs needs the spending money.

Shopping was a big theme of the conversation. Her "shopping assistant" was name-checked twice. She didn't say much about music, but then the biggest-selling female artist of all time is not much of a music lover.

"I don't listen to music at home," she said. "I don't play music. Never. I never turn on the radio except listening to Air America, which is a political station."

Neither did she discuss the controversy of ticket prices, referring such questions to her manager. And, when I strayed from the script to ask her about politics, I found myself mysteriously disconnected.

Has Barbra learned her lesson about mouthing off in public? Maybe that kind of talk is better left to her unhinged Air America friends.

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  • Considering AAR is one of the top streams in America, I doubt Babs is the only listener, I stream 24/7 AAR, it is always on in my house, at my job, and in my car, the only station I EVER listen to is AAR. Same for hundreds and thousands of patriots everywhere.

    Maloney is urinating his pants over the prospect of the new improved AAR, programmed by an actual PD with experience. Picking up Lionel will only help them, as he is a solid talker with a large listenership already.

    I predict AAR to be in better shape than previously EVER before, with a real P.D. If AAR had "zero listeners" , nobody would drop money into it, over and over again.

    as far as Babs, SCREW her. As a Brooklynite Im disgusted with how Babs had ignored the beautiful and legendary but abandoned Lowe's Kings Theatre, the place she worked in as an theatre usher. With her kind of $$$, she could have dropped millions into this landmark and turned it into a cultural center for the minority community where this building is located. shes a hypocrite as far as Im concerned.
    She does not represent the majority of Americans who are Democrats. She has never returned a single call from old timers trying to ressurect this beautiful palace theatre.
    One of the few things I agree with the right on, Babs is a hypocrite

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 02 May, 2007 12:24  

  • i am from the community you mention,
    mop, and i agree

    babs couldn't get out of flatbush fast enough, and ALWAYS forgot where she came from

    not just the kings, which will rise anyway, but erasmus, vanderveer, even the fdc, etc.

    she could have done DIRECT charitable work for the underserved, underprivileged people of the community, and helped to bring two ethnic factions of the borough who are perpetually at loggerheads back together....more missed opportunities

    mop, i will contact you and speak with you at length regarding the flatbush avenue corridor, sudden reemerging interest in it's long-neglected institutions, and the onset of effects of gentrification i see happening, not all of them necessarily welcome

    mop, it is very dangerous to listen to only one source of information

    aar is hardly (except for rhodes and sometimes hartmann) providing hard-hitting, incisive programming these days, it is (unwisely) being watered down for lighter tastes and simpler minds in a (vain) effort to try to boost numbers and defeat the corporatist boycott of advertisers

    obviously there are other outlets such as nova m, head on, that offer more progressive alternatives...npr, while tedious to listen to and (i believe) a covert front for the
    right, does offer some intelligent quality programming....television offers centrist commentary on networks like bbc worldwide, euronews, etc.....even aljazeera can be worthwhile to check out for timely updates on breaking angles of the catastrophe unfolding before us in the middle east, that one can follow up on for oneself and get a clearer picture...

    most of all, it is ESSENTIAL to monitor wabc in new york....yes, it is horrific and distasteful programming, but the liars are getting stronger, finding new and inventive ways to manipulate the fools that feel "disenfranchised"...each program microtargets a key wingnut demographic that the fascists cannot lose (forget rush, it's the sliwas, the gamblings, etc. who slowly break down the intellect of their listeners with their moronic, robotic rhetoric of fear)....

    it is vital that we stay on top of developments with the knuckle-dragger contingent, confront them, point out discrepancies and outright fraudulence, or all will be lost

    (remember perpetual cancer victim ingraham using her influence to almost subvert the congressional election, and never being held accountable, because she is a neocon darling)

    remember that lionel is leaving wor, and malzberg, may his name be erased, inveigled his way back into the industry via wabc by doing late-night sports commentary....

    and brian, if you seriously believe barbara streisand is a "leftist", you really need to be on the same sort of antipsychotic drugs poor patriot world washed out on...

    i'm serious....

    this would be equivalent to referring to giuliani as a paleoconservative....

    it was said ronald reagan, may his name be erased from memory, would make politics easy, and for the "common man"....i'd hate to think anyone meant THIS common and easy..

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 02 May, 2007 22:04  

  • Hash, you are psychotic. Streisand, or BS, is so far left that she shames Lenin and Stalin.

    By Blogger PCD, at 03 May, 2007 10:28  

  • Hash
    If you still live in Brooklyn, you should one night be a guest on our little program. I do sometimes listen to Nova-M and the Phoenix stream, I like Malloy and that host from Center For American progress,ohhh his name slips me, he is on in the morning. NPR i listen to occasionally, I found this hed-on radio network online which offers some interesting hosts.
    WABC, I do indeed monitor their programming, Levin, Ingrham and Agar, being the 3 hosts I listen to mostly, usually I can't handle it, and my blood pressure rises, especially during Levin. Sliwa nad Gambling make me sick as well. I once had it out with Malzburg on the air around 3 years ago when he was on WWRL, he is a disgusting freak. I know someone who lives in the same Condo complex as Malzberg, they hate him, he is an arrogant punk.
    It is sad to see what happened to Flatbush Ave, Im so surprised you knew what I was talknig about, I love old movie houses, one of my hobbies is to visit these locations. I still nevr entered the Kings, they had a tour, I found out about it too late. I remember watching Kung fu and slasher films at the Albamarle Theatee when i was a kid, the church that bought that place kept it in beautiful shape, I once stopped by, so interesting to visit a place I loved when I was a kid, now a Jehova's witness center!

    Keep in touch

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 03 May, 2007 13:48  

  • malzberg is an oysworf
    and now wor has hired him
    to replace lionel

    so much for neocons
    not taking over talk radio outlets
    by rights, the spot
    should have gone to batchelor


    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 03 May, 2007 17:07  

  • I stream 24/7 AAR, it is always on in my house, at my job, and in my car, the only station I EVER listen to is AAR.


    Get some sleep, then get a life.

    By Blogger Missouri Show Me, at 04 May, 2007 09:48  

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