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04 June 2007

Fred Thompson, Jeri Thompson, Talk Radio


Talk Shifts To Wives Of GOP Candidates, Who Needs Issues?

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Which matters more: where presidential candidates stand on the issues, or the physical appearance of the women standing next to them?

If you chose the latter, congrats, you're the target audience for a political silly season that's already underway, perhaps earlier than ever before.

With Fred Thompson jumping into the race, why bother determining how he would deal with frivolous issues such as Iraq, government spending, taxes or illegal immigration? It's far more important to dwell on his wife's age and measurements.

Late last week, your Radio Equalizer began to notice talk hosts spending airtime on this subject, but topping them all was this catty Sunday Boston Herald piece by WTKK / Boston libtalker Margery Eagan:

GOP wives are a pol’s breast friend: Front-runners get ample attention on the front lines

Does the heaving bosom play well among Bible Belt Republicans? Among New Hampshire primary voters?

How else to explain, as debate week begins, the bursting out all over by GOP front-runners’ wives? What’s with this ample - and aging - display of decolletage?
Mrs. John McCain, 52, just gave Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren an at-home tour wearing this tight, bubble-gum-pink wraparound shirt cut to her sternum. Three inches of cleavage. Poor Greta, the consummate professional in blue blazer and yellow button-down, didn’t know where to look.

Meanwhile nearly half the pictures you see of Judy Nathan, aka Mrs. Giuliani, also 52, are very bosomy. Is this supposed to convince those wondering about Rudy - you know, after he bunked with the gay guys post divorce #2 - that he’s not just A Big Hetero but A Big Hetero Who Loves Big Hetero Breasts?

Flashed around the country Thursday was yet another full cleavage shot of Fred Thompson’s child wife looking almost as well-endowed as Alex Rodriguez’s stripper/pole-dancer girlfriend. “That was quite a dress,” said one GOP analyst, breathless.

Perhaps Fred’s wife “Jeri” - yes, with an “i” - helps Fred with AARP, Viagra-ed up men: “You still got it goin’, Fred, you dirty dog.”

Doubt it helps him with women. Let’s face it, we’re all thinking the same thing: Fred’s 64. He’s really drooping. She’s 40, and not. Next to her, he looks 110.

“You wouldn’t see any Bush boobs,” says my GOP guy.

Nor any Reagan, Carter, Nixon, Johnson or Kennedy boobs either. Why should you? Why should any would-be first lady, America’s mother, thrust herself upon a trusting nation?

The only wife of a GOP heavy-hitter who hasn’t practically bared her chest is Ann Romney, the best looking of them all, by the way, though I did once see her in a black leather jacket at a holiday party. Va-va-va-voom.

Happily, we’ve not seen any Democratic skin. Somebody told me Bess Truman once flashed the British ambassador in a darkened corner of the West Wing. I find that extremely hard to believe.

Glad to know Eagan's a confirmed Democrat based on the Frump Factor. Who cares if terrorists are plotting to blow up JFK, or if millions of illegals are invading the country?

No doubt she's thrilled to have Rosie O'Donnell in her camp.

Unfortunately, this is hardly an isolated incident. On some lefty blogs, Thompson is somehow guilty of being a hypocrite for marrying Jeri. If you can, try to follow this "logic" from Salon's Glenn Greenwald:

Social-Christian conservative Fred Thompson, who believes in traditional marriage (he's "pro-traditional-marriage"), is pictured below with his current wife -- 25 years younger than he, 4 years younger than his own daughter -- after the 2006 White House Correspondent's Dinner:

When explaining his profound and solemn opposition to same-sex marriages (he voted (a) for laws prohibiting same-sex marriages and (b) against laws banning discrimination against gays), Thompson said: "Marriage is between a man and a woman, and judges shouldn't be allowed to change that." According to The Politico's Mike Allen, this is what Thompson said earlier this year about his own life:

During a question-and-answer session with House members on April 18, Thompson was asked about his colorful dating history from 1985 to 2002, while he was divorced.

"I was single for a long time, and, yep, I chased a lot of women," Thompson replied, chuckling, according to an attendee who took notes. "And a lot of women chased me. And those that chased me tended to catch me."

The remark drew laughter from men and grins from women, according to witnesses.

It's always a great mystery how people who are on their second or third wives with children from each marriage can stand up with a straight face and proclaim themselves to be believers in "traditional marriage" and -- far worse -- to insist that the laws be structured so as to allow and endorse their own highly untraditional and un-Christian marriages while prohibiting other citizens from entering their own. And it's even more of a mystery that individuals such as Thompson are able to spout (though, with vigor, personally contravene in their own conduct) such platitudes and still be taken seriously.

First, we don't know the real cause of Thompson's first divorce, do we? So how do we know whether he's guilty of un- Christian- like behavior?

Beyond that, how is a marriage between a 65- year- old man and 40- year- old woman immoral? Where does any Christian faith condemn such a union? This is truly absurd.

It's pretty early in the game for such silly rhetoric, don't you think? If this is any indication, get ready for a very nasty presidential contest, especially from the angry left.

UPDATE: others are following this issue from different angles, including Michelle Malkin and The Palmetto Scoop.

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  • Please Brian

    and the GOp has not attacked in similiar ways?

    gimme a break

    Nobody remembers John McCain had a love child?

    it is hypocritical for the party of values to have so many divorces, but wait, the GOP does not care about Christian issues anyway, those issues are for the usefull idiots, they promise the Christian morals, and deliver none of them

    A. no ban on gay marriage
    B. no overturning of R V W

    The GOP pandering to the Christian fringe, will hurt them in the long run, the Christian fringe will eventually stop voting for the GOP and normal Republicans will see their party are a bunch of vote whores.

    Within the next 10 years, expect a HUGE GOP split up........

    Notice the Anti-Gay presidnet is silent on Chaney's lesbian daughter and the child they had!!

    imagine if say Clinton's daughter was a lesbian?
    imagine what the right wing would be doing!!!

    No the wive's of Christian values candidates should not ber showing skin!
    That is by there standards demonic secular anti-Christian activity!

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 04 June, 2007 12:57  

  • The woman spends more on plastic surgery than most of the women they are trolling for votes from, make in year.

    Im sure it leaves a bad taste in the mouths of some, just not Fred's. But what do you expect from a candidate that channels more money to his son using PAC's than he does the GOP, to whom its intended for.

    Now I aint sayin they are gold diggers...but.... ;)

    By Blogger beansox, at 04 June, 2007 13:05  

  • Yeah, America's so ready for a sex kitten and a tramp as First Lady.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 04 June, 2007 13:06  

  • These latest examples are offshoots of the trend towards nonsensical journalism, just redirected towards Republicans instead of Democrats.

    None of it is defensible. All of it helps corrode our democracy as we know it.

    By Blogger Everett W., at 04 June, 2007 13:58  

  • and the GOp has not attacked in similiar ways?

    And that makes it okay?

    And actually, most of the attacks I've seen in recent years have come from Coulter, who's fairly marginalized. And I remember Rush being savaged by pretty much everybody after he took a cheap shot at Chelsea Clinton on his TV show. Doesn't seem as mainstream as you would like to make it.

    normal Republicans will see their party are a bunch of vote whores

    Both parties are...

    No the wive's of Christian values candidates should not ber showing skin!

    What should they wear, a burqa?

    But let's face it: you hate everything labeled either Republican or Christian, don't you? (And those aren't interchangeable...I could go on in great length about that and its effect on postmodern politics, but I won't.)

    By Blogger Snowed In, at 04 June, 2007 14:37  

  • See a tongue-in-cheek list of the top ten reasons GOP voters prefer Fred Thompson be their

    By Blogger Daniel DiRito, at 04 June, 2007 14:51  

  • "And actually, most of the attacks I've seen in recent years have come from Coulter, who's fairly marginalized."

    That's ridiculous. Remember the persecution of Hillary, that started when she stepped on Big Pharma's toes during the first Clinton term? Then the lush in a housedress, Barbara Bush, was completely unscathed...only to transition to Kerry's wife, who was lambasted for her money, her ethnicity, and outspoken nature.

    "But let's face it: you hate everything labeled either Republican or Christian, don't you? "

    Not really...the minister of propaganda has been critical of all religions' influence on politics equally....I'd contrast that to the politics of hardcore evangelicals who slavishly support Israel and pro-Zionist causes, when right-wing
    religious Jews hate Christians more than anyone, and wish to enslave them....meanwhile the Muslims had far more respect for us prior to American policy taking the side of true terror in the Mideast (religious Zionism, Wahaabism, radicalization of Pakistan, etc.)

    "What should they wear, a burqa?"

    He is contesting the fabricated nature of Thompson's traditionalist
    image, against the decadent manner and immoral personal choices that exemplify the life he has lived and the way he has abused his personal freedoms, showing us he has contempt for the entire concept in the first place.

    Arms for hostages, anyone??

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 04 June, 2007 15:09  

  • I have five words to say about this by Joe "Howard Stern Wannabe" Scarborough, a commie sellout if there ever was one:


    Politics is NOT a beauty contest--because there's so much that is ugly about corrupt politicians--on both sides of the aisle!

    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 04 June, 2007 21:17  

  • What's so comic is that Thompson has had two big careers...

    1) lobbyist
    2) tv star.

    Forget his gold-digging wife...what serious credentials does he bring to this race?

    By the way, rumor has it it's his wife who wants him to run...he's too rich and lazy to actively pursue the presidency...he'd need a Rove, as Bush had, to turn him into a serious candidate.

    By Blogger John, at 05 June, 2007 01:38  

  • Fred Thompson was a Republican lobbyist for eighteen years.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 05 June, 2007 11:34  

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

    By Blogger Memmie, at 13 June, 2007 22:09  

  • Oh to be 39 pregnant and still be able to get away with wearing the dress that sent that Eagen person into a hissy fit.

    "what serious credentials does he bring to this race?"

    took on corupt gov in his state, and won. helped take out a corupt pres. Went from being a barely passing teenage father, to a guy we're seriously talking about making president. I love a great american sucess story.

    By Blogger Memmie, at 13 June, 2007 22:15  

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