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23 August 2007

Bill Press Comments On Reading And Bush, Liberal Talk Radio,


Former CNN Host Blames Bush For Reading Deficiencies

When does endless Bush- bashing become so silly that it no longer succeeds in infuriating opponents of so- called "progressive" politics?

While that point may have been passed some time ago, libtalker Bill Press certainly isn't helping his movement regain credibility. Filling in for Ed Schultz yesterday, the former Crossfire co-host and California Democrat Party honcho once again moved anti- Bush rhetoric into new territory, blaming him for the fact that a significant minority of Americans apparently don't read books.

From the show:

PETER (Press show news anchor): Here’s what’s making news from the Center For Kids Who Can’t Read Good: an AP poll reports that (Press briefly interrupts) One in four Americans have not read a book in the past year. Now, some people might not know how to read (clears throat and says ‘President Bush’ in lower voice), but this is about literate Americans who just don’t want to read.

The typical American claims to read about four books a year and half of Americans read fewer than that. Here’s the interesting part: (Press interrupts and says ‘that’s disgusting’): the poll also found that 22% of liberals say that they have not read a book in the past year…

PRESS: No! No! Wait! Throw them out! They don’t belong in the party, no, they don’t. As the chief liberal (unclear), I say they no longer belong.

PETER: 38% of conservatives say they haven’t read a book in the past year, though, so…

PRESS: The difference is that liberals can read and conservatives can’t. I mean, that’s, no wonder, that is really embarrassing.

PETER: That is kind of embarrassing.

PRESS: But you know, what do you expect when Bush is the president, right? My Pet Goat.

First, this is factually incorrect, as Bush is known as a particularly voracious reader. In addition, Laura Bush is a former librarian and known for promoting literacy. She holds a Master of Library Science (MLS) degree from the University of Texas.

In addition, this provides an additional example of the "progressive" left coast's obnoxious tendency to see itself as "well- read" while the rest of the country is apparently home to millions of Homer Simpson- like idiots.

The question not asked, however, is what specifically these people are reading that makes them so superior to the rest of us. The survey was about quantity, not quality. Reading one brain- damaging Noam Chomsky diatribe after another does not lead to real intelligence.

By the way, if you're surprised to hear Bill Press is now a radio libtalker, please see our background pieces, including one on his shady early backers.

AT NEWSBUSTERS: new example of anti- Bush bias at Google News.

FOR Boston- area talk radio updates, see our other site. New: ratings update tough on one local station

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  • O.K. conservative peeps,

    MOP is not posting much these days and I promise not badger you; therefore it is time to share your deepest conservative thoughts on what Maloney is posting.

    Lay it on us.

    By Blogger elmonica, at 23 August, 2007 16:25  

  • “I was in Crawford and I said I was looking for a book to read and Laura said you oughtta try Camus, I also read three Shakespeares.”- George W. Bush

    "I beat him last year, 110 to 94,"
    Karl Rove, on his annual reading contest with W.

    Does anyone really believe that Bush is reading 1.5 books per week? Between working out 3 hours per day and all of that reading, when does he make time for presidenting?

    By Blogger Dermot, at 23 August, 2007 18:46  

  • Bill Press is a Manure Spreader. I tagged him with that name when he started on KFI in Los Angeles back in the early 90s. His lack of ethics and lack of ability to reason hasn't improved in all this time.

    By Blogger PCD, at 23 August, 2007 19:43  

  • As opposed to Hugh Hewitt??

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 23 August, 2007 23:00  

  • Hash,

    You partisan dimwit. Hewitt handed Press a bigger audience when Hugh went on sabbatical. Press lost the audience and his show on KFI.

    You may not know it, but Press came on after Hewitt on Saturdays. I actually helped Hugh do a cross for Press. Press was devatated after being classified as a manure spreader.

    Press is an idiot. On KFI, on his first show there, he claimed that Clinton's salary of $200,000 was in the Constitution.

    By Blogger PCD, at 24 August, 2007 10:29  

  • Perhaps Hughie needs to go on a permanent sabbatical, then...

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 24 August, 2007 10:43  

  • Dermot,

    He doesn't work out 3 hours a day, and yes I believe he can read that much. I typically polish off 800-1000 pages on a 10 hour flight. A typical 200-300 page book is gone in a few hours. So yes, 1.5 books a week is entirely possible, not much of a stretch at all...

    Just turn off the TV for an hour each day and read, and you'll be surprised how many books you can consume in a month.

    By Blogger Da, at 24 August, 2007 13:41  

  • And with the garbage that passes for TV programs these days, that can actually be done.

    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 24 August, 2007 20:08  

  • "...garbage that passes for TV programs..."

    Yes, sadly this is true.

    And it is getting worse.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 24 August, 2007 23:38  

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