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20 September 2007

Air America Radio Stunt, Colbert Report, Talk Radio


Over Air America Stunt, Mainstream Media Gushing

Ever hear the one about two obscure libtalkers, a radio network desperate for media attention and a fake TV celebrity? At this point, maybe you have!

In one of the least important stories of the century, a stunt concocted by two of Air America Radio's least- known personalities has resulted in an avalanche of publicity.

Why is the mainstream media gushing over this faux "scandal" regarding an allegedly stolen joke?

That's the real question. Since yesterday, over 100 media outlets have picked up the story, including the AP, FOX, New York Times, CBS, CNN, TMZ and many, many more. Try a Google News search.

Just why is this getting so much attention? As your Radio Equalizer is baffled, you be the judge:

(AP) A talk-radio host is claiming Stephen Colbert stole his joke.

Cenk Uygur of Air America's morning show ''The Young Turks'' insisted on his program Wednesday that Colbert used his joke on Comedy Central's ''The Colbert Report.'' Uygur posted a video on YouTube comparing his joke -- which he claims he first told on his Sept. 7 radio program -- with a segment that aired on ''The Colbert Report'' four days later.

In both jokes, Uygur and Colbert suggest that the Republican presidential candidates sounded like Klingons from ''Star Trek'' while speaking about the value of honor.

Renata Luczak, a spokeswoman for Colbert, said the comedian had no immediate comment but will most likely address it on the show.

As a mock conservative pundit, Colbert has often engaged in mock feuds.

So there's a chance this is nothing more than a "mock" feud? Then how in the world did it make the AP wire? Something smells funny about this story.

Your thoughts?

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