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27 September 2007

Bill O'Reilly Harlem Restaurant Flap, Response


To Survive, O'Reilly Must Avoid Mistakes Of Others

By now, it should be obvious to everyone that the Media Matters / mainstream media alliance isn't going to back down until Bill O'Reilly has been removed from the airwaves.

Determined to prove the O'Reilly Factor host is a racist, this crowd smells blood and is not about to give up without Bill's head on a platter. Why should they? Don Imus is still off the air, isn't he?

In a state of panic after using clearly bigoted language on his own show earlier this year, Imus made a number of mistakes, some of which cost him the program. How can O'Reilly avoid the same blunders? Is it already too late?

Here are your Radio Equalizer's do's and don'ts on how Bill should behave from here:

Don't start apologizing. Unlike Don's overtly racist speech, O'Reilly has done nothing wrong. He's the victim of a smear campaign, one where his words have been taken out of context. Bill, every time you start to think you should say the word "sorry", make sure you stop yourself. Apology tours stink.

Do not appear as a guest on talk shows hosted by Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, or others who are out to whack you. Just say no.

Don't listen to network executives who attempt to guide you a certain way through this mess with the hint that it will save your show. They're looking out only for themselves and will flush you down the toilet the moment it becomes necessary. Just say nyet.

Don't say another word about the flap on your show. That's letting your enemies steal precious airtime. How about covering the monks who are dying in Burma for freedom and democracy? They deserve our time, Media Matters doesn't.

Ask your FOX counterparts to stop covering this topic on their shows as well. Yes, we know you don't have control over other network programming, but it's worth making the case that these clowns shouldn't be dominating FOX airtime outside of the O'Reilly Factor, either.

Do take a refresher course on how Imus handled his situation and make sure you're doing the opposite.

Make no further public comments about the situation. Let others fight the battle for you. That's what blogs and talk radio are there to do.

Bill, as we speak, the mainstream media have smeared your name from one coast to another and around the world. You have the power to stop this madness right in its tracks. Don't become the next Imus.

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  • No wonder you're on the outside looking in.

    That blowhard O'Reilly is gonna ride this like a surfboard.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 27 September, 2007 03:19  

  • Brian,

    I think Bill learned his lesson after he suggested that MSNBC bring back Donohue to replace Bathtub Boy. He realizes that it usually is best to ignore the snipers and let his show stand on its merits.

    Another thing: In the Imus case, there was a specific small group of offended people that the public cared about. Their coach gave a moving speech about how the Imus remarks negatively affected them. There is no specific person or small group in the O'Reilly case.

    Finally, after all the fuss from the left about how Al Gore did not claim to have invented the Internet (but rather, took the initiative in creating the Internet), it is clearly seen that many media are attributing words to O'Reilly that he did not say. For example, he did not say he was "surprised".

    By Blogger Chromium, at 27 September, 2007 19:51  

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