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18 September 2007

Bill O'Reilly, Huffington Post, Media Research Center


After Exposé, HuffPo Responds With Rumormongering

As if to prove their point regarding the Huffington Post's lack of content standards, Arianna's online playhouse has resorted to childish antics in reponse to an O'Reilly Factor exposé that aired Friday.

Sparked by a newly- released Media Research Center paper analyzing the HuffPo's dubious history, the O'Reilly Factor invited report author Tim Graham to discuss his findings, which apparently sent site contributor Steve Young into a tizzy.

For some time, Young has played the role of anti-FOX pit bull on the HuffPo site, so it's no surprise he would again use his space to attack O'Reilly. But what he chose to write just two days later only serves to prove the MRC's point: this supposedly "progressive" site has no standards whatsoever.

From Young's latest HuffPo update:

Like a former leader of the pride, the beaten old lion is losing his power - and his sexual appeal to the under-65 year old lionesses - to a younger, more virile young leader. But that's not what is driving the Nospinster bat-crazy.

It's more. Big time more. Big time "Al Franken will be doing an 'I'm good enough' back-flip in the Minnesota senatorial campaign snow" more.

The buzz around the watering hole is that the Big Cat may be losing his radio gig and it's got to be driving him off the deep end.

It's always rather pathetic when the lion becomes the wildebeest and drinking from the dried up Kool Aid waterhole makes him even more vulnerable... and sad.

The air, thick with inside-the-loop chatter telling of the Bill O'Reilly's Radio Factor's possible demise, Bill's patience, what little he had to begin with, is wearing as thin as his mane.

No longer the hunter, he knows all too well the prey's sorry plight as Bill's dropped all pretense of fair and balanceness, going whole warthog against the Democrats and any other group or person who has any connection to the left: Mediamatters, Moveon, Dailykos, Tim Robbins, Rosie O'Donnell, NY Times, Frank Rich, George Soros, et al. Hysterical, one-note scapegoating, similar to some columnist(s) I know who seems to have a sick infatuation with reporting every single hypocritical misrepresentation delivered by Bill. Attractive guy, the writer, but still, a bit neurotic.

"Complete disinformation" is the response your Radio Equalizer received from an inside FOX source yesterday when asked about this particular report from Arianna's rumormongering website.

And while Bill O'Reilly's radio performance has been mixed in some locations and stronger in other cities, there hasn't been any known industry buzz about his radio show being cancelled. In fact, he's picked up several new cities in the past few weeks.

If anything were to happen to his program, however, it would probably be related to ongoing problems at his syndicator, Westwood One. Should a meltdown occur there, my sources say he would be picked up by FOX News Radio.

It would be easy to ignore Young's rants if not for the fact that Radio Equalizer readers have been writing to ask if the rumor is true. For that reason, it seemed important to hold our HuffPo friends accountable for their words.

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