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19 September 2007

Exclusive: Bill O'Reilly Ending Radio Show


O'Reilly Giving Up Radio Show, Will Focus On TV

*** Important Update Below ***

Though not yet
confirmed by the man himself, top- level industry sources tell the Radio Equalizer that Bill O'Reilly is giving up his nationally syndicated radio show. We're hearing his last broadcast will occur sometime in December.

Carried by as many as 400 stations, the Radio Factor has turned in mixed results nationwide, with a strong performance in several major markets. It airs in most of the largest American cities, including Los Angeles, New York City and Boston. Kicking off in May, 2002, the show initially had about 200 affiliates.

With Rush Limbaugh as a direct competitor, however, it's nearly impossible for anyone to maintain much of a foothold in that early afternoon timeslot. If you're unclear on this concept, just ask Al Franken.

And with a great deal on his plate, including The O'Reilly Factor, his top- rated FOX News Channel program, maintaining that kind of load must be especially difficult.

What isn't yet clear is who will be taking over the program, if anyone, or whether it will simply be cancelled.

Incidently, there's a fascinating backstory here: just days ago, your Radio Equalizer asserted that O'Reilly was going nowhere and lashed out at his left- wing enemies at the Huffington Post for saying otherwise.

Based on information we had at the time, that appeared to be the case. But since then, according to industry insiders, the circumstances have changed greatly.

Over at the Huffington Post, FOX arch- critic Steve Young today apologized for saying O'Reilly would be leaving his radio show, but it appears he is guilty only of jumping the gun a bit. Steve may need to retract his retraction.

In the end, this move should give O'Reilly a better opportunity to focus on his nightly television show, which has always been far more important than the Radio Factor.

UPDATE: at least one site claims our report is incorrect:

Update: The Rumors are false. ICN has learned that there is currently a Radio Factor renewal deal is in the works which is expected to be signed soon.

Look, this is hardly an anti- FOX smear site. The Radio Equalizer has defended and supported O'Reilly through thick and thin and would not publish such a report without iron- clad sources. If the circumstances change and the show is somehow salvaged on a permanent basis, we will report that, but as of yesterday, the Radio Factor was set to end in December.

What we've heard this morning is that the show might get a temporary (as in brief) extension into 2008 and that it could occur partly as a result of this report and marketplace rumors.

Even if the program is briefly extended, the long- term issue remains the same: O'Reilly's a very busy guy and would probably be better off with a total focus on the television program.

Stay tuned for updates.

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  • Give the slot to Michelle Malking!

    By Blogger welches, at 20 September, 2007 01:27  

  • Are you sure this *** EXCLUSIVE TO THE RADIO EQUALIZER *** is the truth, or could it be "Complete disinformation"?
    Have you checked with your "inside FOX source"? I wouldn't want this place to turn into some "rumormongering website" that has "has no standards whatsoever".

    Just wondering, because it seemed "important to hold our" RadioEqualizer "friends accountable for their words".

    The above quotes are from:

    By Blogger Ezsuds, at 20 September, 2007 02:18  

  • woooaahhh Brian, just the other day when Huffington post broke it, it was "rumormongering" now it's an exclusive to YOU????

    say whattttt???

    This might work on a dittohead, not a human with an IQ above 10

    Im sure Benson, is like "wow an exclusive"

    PCD, are you impressed with the contempt Brian displays to his readers?

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 20 September, 2007 12:33  

  • MoPoop,

    No one is impressed with you.

    By Blogger PCD, at 21 September, 2007 08:16  

  • From Tom Taylor's newsletter/ (subscription only but free):
    "The blogosphere’s been merrily spouting rumors that Westwood and Bill O’Reilly are divorcing when his deal’s up in December – but I think you can expect to hear something quite different, as soon as today. Not sure if the renewal’s going to be for a long term (maybe one year?), but Westwood’s definitely keeping O’Reilly on the reservation."

    Taylor also notes that BOR has
    added some stations including
    the new WWWT in Wash DC.

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 21 September, 2007 12:16  

  • someone on radio-info heard he may switch syndicators and move to
    1-3 pm

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 21 September, 2007 14:31  

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