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17 September 2007 Hoax, Talk Radio, NYT, Newsweek


Hoax Website Claims It Created Talk Radio Outrage

Did a now- outed hoax website succeed in tricking issues- oriented talk radio hosts, sending a number of them into on- air tirades? As they cover the backlash brewing over, that's what several mainstream media organizations have been claiming in recent days.

Snopes has the background on this spoof site here.

But so far at least, none have provided specific examples of talkers and blogs duped by the site, which claimed to offer teen brides for "sale" by their parents. That hasn't stopped both the New York Times and Newsweek from repeating these claims.

Actually, the NYT did mention three stations in its report:

In the last few days, the site’s “publicity director” has also appeared on at least half a dozen talk radio shows around the country, including on Las Vegas (MIX-FM), Houston (KRBE-FM) and Philadelphia (WYSP-FM) and mixed it up with belligerent on-air-personalities and hostile listeners, whom he neglected to let in on the ruse.

One problem: none of these are talk radio stations. Instead, they are music outlets overseen by rock jocks, most of whom have the brains of an ice cube. Without letting that factual error get in the way, the NYT was obviously thrilled to characterize political talk radio hosts as a bunch of easily- fooled idiots.

Worse, to back up its assertion, the NYT points to a page from the hoax site, which goes straight to an error message.

And today, PRWeek followed up with its own report, repeating the assertions made by the New York Times. Taking it even further, the publication rips the "US public" for falling for the scam:

Kyra, a 14-AND-a-half-year-old brunette in the Southeast, "is bright and funny and full of life, and while she has little direct experience with the opposite sex we have made sure she is aware of everything she needs to know to be a good wife and mother." And she can be yours for only $27,995!

Well, not really. Real 14-year-old girls can be wooed with little more than a super-sized order of fries and a charm bracelet. But Kyra, with her lack of carnal knowledge, is noticeably cheaper than 16-year- old Kristin J., who has a "wild streak" and retails for $49,995.

Both of these hot young brides-to-be are available for lecherous, wife-seeking pedophiles on the one stop girl-shopping Web site, which bills itself as "an introduction service assisting those following the biblical tradition of arranging marriages for their daughters."

Outrageous! Despicable! And a complete hoax! The site was a clever attempt by an activist to shine light on the ridiculous array of childhood marriage laws dotting our country. But, as expected, the public, fiercely opposed to parody detection, responded (via angry talk radio hosts) with mortification and bloodlust.

Well played as always, US public.

The activist, John Ordover (who also played the site's "publicity director" to bamboozled radio hosts) has done an admirable job of bringing the classic politically motivated PR stunt into the digital age. He leaves silly teen marriage laws and several disappointed, dirty old men in his wake.

In the end, the real hoax appears to be any assertion by the mainstream media that talkers and bloggers fell for this Internet swindle. Show us the evidence, will you?

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  • Brian said

    none of these are talk radio stations. Instead, they are music outlets overseen by rock jocks, most of whom have the brains of an ice cube

    ummmmmmmm. Limbaugh was a rock n roll D.J, so for once I guess you are right..... No difference between what a RNC host and a D.J does, No difference, one reads liners, the other reads RNC talking points

    I called a right winger the other day, local in NY, Gambling, I had him scrambling for the dump button, and I did not curse, he could not defeat me in a debate based on FACTS, he was shrieking about Hillary at the Petraus hearing, when I mentioned Admiral Fallon's opinion on Petraus, and double attacked him with Petraus not following his own counter-insurgency handbook, to show how Clinton's criticism is not treason as Rudy Guiliani and Gambling implied, but rather VALID, I was quickly dropped off the air

    right wingers are F*CKING HACKS, can not defend their own view when confronted

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 17 September, 2007 15:39  

  • Correction, Maloney.

    WYSP was a talk station with the now disastrous Free FM format. Last Friday it went back to rock at 5PM. For the record, the first song played was Welcome to The Jungle--I think that was or is Jim Rome's theme music. WXRK a few weeks ago in NYC also abandoned Free FM--or Freefall FM would sound more appropriate.

    And true, Limbaugh was a rock DJ, including time at an AM station in Pittsburgh, KQV I think.

    Oh, and MOP in your call with Gambling, did you have anything to back up your statements--or were you shilling for free health care like the empty **** Shrillary. THAT IS SOCIALISM! But I guess in school you were taught to be a socialist and it stuck!

    Me, I've still been purging from my nightmare at UCONN-I-STAN!

    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 17 September, 2007 18:12  

  • Kyra resembles Mary K Ham. Who's zooming who?

    By Blogger i b squidly, at 17 September, 2007 18:22  

  • John Ordover here (really). Just wanted to say that I turned down media requests from anyone whose reputation would have been hurt or job put at risk by believing me. The point of the site is to do good, not hurt innocent people just doing their jobs.



    By Blogger Unknown, at 18 September, 2007 16:37  

  • Hi I am Leaving a message because I am very concerned for these young ladies. I am a mother of 1. My little girl is 2years old. I could never imagine me or my husband selling our daughter it's horrible. Well I dont think that in any situation you should try to sell your kid there are such crazy people in this world and what Im trying to say is that doing this could really make you lose your children. Maria

    By Blogger maria115, at 19 September, 2007 09:34  

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