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23 October 2007

Southern California Wildfires, Liberal Talk Radio


Libtalker Blames Bush, Iraq For SoCal Fires

As if on cue, libtalkers lined up to be the first to find a way to blame the president and Iraq for Southern California's raging wildfires. Always up to the task of 24-7 Bush- bashing, host Mike Malloy quickly got to work during last night's show.

Here he is during Monday's opening segment:

The situation in Southern California is horrific and it's getting worse, I understand, by the hour. Jessie in that area writes, 'San Diego County is in deep trouble. We have no National Guard to help. We'll keep you posted.'

Only she didn't use that word 'trouble,' she used a different word. No National Guard to help ... um, I've heard some report today, I don't know if it's true, it was picked up by several of the cable news agencies, it was a spokesman for one of the
fire departments, a firefighting organization, I don't know, I heard it in passing, but I heard it two or three times, and they said they have more fires have developed than they have firefighting units to fight these fires.

And this is a perfect example of where the National Guard is vital, but the National Guard in, I don't know what the, how many units have been called up out of the California, maybe none, you know, but I do know this - there are enough National Guard units in Iraq fighting Bush's filthy war and occupation to put different areas of the country in serious peopardy over when issues like this or natural disasters like this develop. Another part of the Bush legacy."

And, via a Radio Equalizer - YouTube production, here's the audio in question:

Too bad the evidence so far points to a well- planned effort to coordinate emergency efforts. From CNN:

(CNN) -- Stinging from the painful lessons learned from wildfires that claimed 15 lives four years ago, authorities in San Diego County were quick to warn and evacuate residents this time.

The county's new, Internet-based emergency notification system issued a multitiered alert -- by phone, by e-mail and by text message.

The result: Some 300,000 people evacuated ahead of the flames.

"We do know that we have placed now over 270,000 calls ... evacuated over 300,000 people, which is a very significant number," County Supervisor Ron Roberts told reporters on Tuesday morning.

All law enforcement agencies in the county are on tactical alert and about 600 officers are patrolling the areas affected by the fire, authorities said.

They are working 12-hour shifts with no days off, and will be helped by the California National Guard.

There were reports of scattered looting and at least two arrests.

Whatever the truth, in the next few days, expect many, many other lefties to join the Blame Bush Bandwagon. Already, it's well underway at the DailyKos.

In addition, your Radio Equalizer is quite aware that a "conservative" has proven equally unhinged over the fires. We'll deal with that in another post.

NBC blames global warming for SD fires

AS DOES Harry Reid

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  • I'm sure those liberal commentators, who so respect and need the National Guard now, were denouncing their liberal brothers and sisters that were picketing and defacing military recruiting stations that recruit those National Guard folks a week ago and various other times in liberal California cities. What a bunch of bunk. Did it ever occur to them that their efforts against recruiting, if successful, would have a more significant effect on the National Guard than the Iraq war? Nah. Might require some thought for that.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 October, 2007 17:39  

  • These people whining for the national guard... they realize when that guy toting an M-16 knocks on their door and says, "OUT, NOW!" is violating Article Four of the Bill of Rights, right?
    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

    That passage does not allow the government to discern some idiot too stupid for their own good, and be forced to leave their property.

    See "that crazy coot living on Mt St. Helens that got dug out of the ash."

    By Blogger Unknown, at 23 October, 2007 18:04  

  • Who's Mike Malloy?

    By Blogger Rich in MT, at 23 October, 2007 19:00  

  • It's great to see that conservatives so trust the drive-by media / CNN that all it takes to brush aside a criticism of the government is a report from CNN. Who knew the Clinton News Network was so reliable?

    Anyway, the sudden surge of faith in conservatives in the MSM aside, this report doesn't say anything about the availability or lack thereof of the National Guard troops, nor does it say if the normal (whatever that might be) number of NG troops are available, or if more NG troops were available, that more or more successful firefighing might be done, nor does it say that normally the plans would call for more NG support than is currently available.
    No, the article essentially said that someone made 270k phone calls, some people managed to leave by themselves, and that the working non-stop police would be helped by the NG. In what capacity or to what extent isn't revealed.
    I have no knowledge that a shortage of the NG has hampered SoCal firefighting efforts (which I assume Beck would applaud, or something), but your CNN quote hardly refutes the charge.

    By Blogger TorrentPrime, at 23 October, 2007 22:39  

  • Ah, just when Bush needs another photo op to boost his dismal polls, here come da' fires. What do you bet, headline Faux news showing Bush hugging a dead fireman's widow, while standing on a pile of smoldering home debris with a bull horn tellin' the firefighters they're doin' a heck of a job but they'll be doing much better now that Halliburton or Blackwater is taking over. Kool-aid drinkin morons.

    By Blogger bluestatebastard, at 24 October, 2007 01:34  

  • BluestateB - What would be your reaction if Bush did not show up in California?

    By Blogger Ymike, at 24 October, 2007 10:12  

  • For what it’s worth Department. Yesterday I posted a fake news story on the "Satirical Star," a satirical newsletter on my site ( The story indicated that certain celebrity liberals would blame Bush for the California fires. I thought it was far too wild a proposal for anyone, even a liberal to make. But I suppose one can never overestimate the idiocy of hysterical liberals who live, as Dr. Sanity says, in “a world where, if you believe something is true, then it is....a world where something can be considered ‘fake but accurate.’”

    By Blogger Danny Deluxe, at 24 October, 2007 12:11  

  • TorrentPrime, you miss the point. What the article DOES point to is the fact that there was a coordinated enough effort already WITHOUT the National Guard that was largely successful. Therefore, most posturing on the supposed lack of a national guard presence seems to be nothing more than disgusting, disgraceful attempts at political exploitation.

    By Blogger Joe Liberty, at 24 October, 2007 17:26  

  • "What the article DOES point to is the fact that there was a coordinated enough effort already WITHOUT the National Guard that was largely successful."

    Joe, I guess that if your idea of "success" was to have several gigantic uncontrolled fires ravaging American communities and homes, and the lives of at least seven Americans, and a cable news network viewed worldwide reporting that al-Qaeda torched them, perhaps we can connect the dots between that and our "successes" in Iraq...

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 25 October, 2007 16:15  

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