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06 November 2007

Liberal Host Discloses "Violence Fantasies" Toward Dana Perino


Malloy Advocates Violence Against Perino, Bushes

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Taking a disturbing trend in liberal talk radio rhetoric a step further, "progressive" talker Mike Malloy has told listeners he has "violence fantasies" toward White House Spokeswoman Dana Perino. In addition, he has called for physical torture of the "Bush crime family" if they refuse to "tell the truth" about his perceived political grievances.

Is it time to double- check security at the White House?

From Monday's first hour, here's a partial transcript of the syndicated talker's third segment:

I used to have violence fantasies about Scott McClellan because of the inpenetrable wall of idiocy and supposed ignorance, some of which was probably not supposed, that behind which he used to hide at every press conference. All those feelings are being shifted now to Dana Perino, violence fantasies."

[moments later]

We're going to start by hauling every one of these pigs that have ruined this country in the past seven years, we're going to haul these pigs out in front of the American people and they are going to be forced to testify. If you testify and tell the truth, tell the truth, nothing will happen...

But if you don't tell the truth, then we're going to use enhanced interrogation techniques on you. We're going to let you go for a little swim. We're going to make you think you are drowning. And some of you, just for the hell of it, we may allow you to drown.

And here's the exclusive Radio Equalizer YouTube clip of the segment. It is unedited, listen to the entire excerpt to fully grasp the extent of Malloy's extremism:

Were this an isolated incident, it might not be as significant, but it follows a pattern of on- air language advocating, supporting or suggesting violence toward Bush Administration officials by "progressive" talkers.

To cite just two of the better- known examples, an anti- Bush skit aired on the Randi Rhodes Show in 2005 caught the attention of the US Secret Service. Might they have an issue with Malloy's Perino rant as well?

In addition, in 2004, late Seattle libtalker Mike Webb called for President Bush's "execution" for supposed "war crimes".

If you're wondering why liberal talkers go to such extremes on the air, the answer couldn't be more simple: it's a true reflection of their personal beliefs.

But should there be consequences? What if Malloy were to inspire one of his crazed listeners to take action against a White House official such as Perino? One suspects it wouldn't trouble our "progressive" friends very much.

QUESTION for readers: should the White House be alerted to this?

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  • An amazingly unhinged moonbat, even by leftist non-standards.

    By Blogger Jack Coleman, at 06 November, 2007 17:00  

  • Oh, batsqueeze...

    Malloy is perhaps the brightest "talk titan" to emerge unscathed from the neocon AAR debacle, his opinions represent a substantial and growing number of Americans fed up with the Bush Crime Family and its aftermath, and you, Brian, and your sychophants are simply green with envy because you lost the moral high ground a long time ago, and your handlers wouldn't allow you to speak ANY original thought that might, out of a morbid sense of curiosity, decide to make an unprecendented visit to the depths of your mindscape.

    Clean up your own filthy, festering backyard.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 06 November, 2007 17:20  

  • So this Malloy fantasizes publicly about abusing women, eh? Nice...

    By Blogger eLarson, at 06 November, 2007 17:41  

  • Malloy has gone off the rails so far he should be hospitalized and medicated, not allowed on the air to arouse the loons.

    The violent fantasies are nothing new for him, either. I've been hearing this crap from him for years, and it's not just aimed at the President or Republican politicians. He fantasies on air about committing physical violence against Republican voters, too.

    The guy's a disgusting cretin.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 06 November, 2007 18:19  

  • The community of nations may see more and more of the very kind of threat Iraq poses now: a rogue state with weapons of mass destruction, ready to use them or provide them to terrorists. If we fail to respond today, Saddam and all those who would follow in his footsteps will be emboldened tomorrow.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 06 November, 2007 18:26  

  • Should the WH be notified?


    By Blogger Chromium, at 06 November, 2007 18:32  

  • Dems already did this to republicans. Why would anybody have a problem?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 06 November, 2007 18:44  

  • Good for Mike!

    By Blogger Steve J., at 06 November, 2007 19:59  

  • He fantasies on air about committing physical violence against Republican voters, too.

    That's why we have the 2nd amendment. Bring it on dickwad.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 06 November, 2007 21:30  

  • He wants to beat up the White House spokeperson? Malloy sounds like a total nut-case. Just like other wacko lefties on Kos and HuffPo.

    I wonder if he is a follower of this organization: (

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 06 November, 2007 22:02  

  • "He fantasies on air about committing physical violence against Republican voters, too."


    Hopefully the populace will realize the art of the possible...

    It is not wrong to annihilate the evilians in our midst; in fact, it is the essence of patriotism.

    So, this negatively impacts Malloy's effectiveness as a talk show host how, exactly?

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 07 November, 2007 00:09  

  • This guy would have been right at home participating in Mao's Cultural Revolution (about 10 million dead, conservatively). I can just see him cheering on the executioneers.

    He's just being honest, though; this is where Progressivism ultimately leads -- to public show trials, purges, and tyranny. Deviant opinions and behavior (such as voting R) will not be tolerated!

    Maybe he'll move to the Cuban paradise when he gets fed up enough with the rest of the country not recognizing his genius -- we should be so lucky.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 November, 2007 00:19  

  • Right on Mike. 70% of America is with ya.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 November, 2007 01:14  

  • Malloy is insignificant in the radio world. His few listeners are freaks just like him. His messed up kids don’t even want anything to do with him.

    He did to much drugs in the sixties and has not returned to earth yet.

    By Blogger pf1, at 07 November, 2007 01:44  

  • To hashaddict: Up yours, pinko.

    Brian, your exit question is amusing...irony intended? Should the WH be notified? After all, none of that moron's three listeners is likely to be in the White House.

    By Blogger ProudGulfWarVet65, at 07 November, 2007 03:49  

  • Wow, sounds like some dork needs to lay off the "hash"...

    If "hashfanatic" were right, the White House have interrupted Malloy's rambling while he was on the air and taken him in for "re-education," complete with all the rubber hose beatings and head-dunkings that the tinfoil set masturbate to so fervently.

    What do you mean there are no concentration camps for these undesirables!? I thought the Bush Crime Family told Halliburton to finish those things by now so that Bushitlerchimpycheney Mcneoconzionistconspiracy could get their sets and reps in. Obviously, the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is slacking...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 November, 2007 08:44  

  • Cons still do not get it, America agrees with Mike Malloy, and Malloy is doing radio, having fun, being creative, expressing his disgust with the enemies of America in the White House

    Funny, when Coulter was talking about executing a president with a 70% approval rating after impeachment, the right was silent

    They will never get it, they are a tiny minority.

    Calling the majority "moonbats" will NOT help your radical Anti-constitutional , ant-bill of rights, Anti-american cause.

    America has firmly rejected the radical right, 2006 was not a wake up call to them, they are still so high with power , 2008 is going to be devestating.

    Need more proof the media is G.O.P slanted and opposite the will of the people?

    Ron paul broke the fundraising record for 1 day in capmaign fundraising history, the MSM pretended it did not happen.

    I don't support Ron Paul, but this proves 1 clear FACT, America is rejecting the wing nut branch of the GOP (the modern face of the GOP) REJECTING IT , BIG TIME

    and the military is raising more money for Ron Paul and also Democrats than wing nut Republicans. This is a FACT, google it, the military supports Ron Paul and NOW the Democratic party

    Your the moonbats, your the fringe, your the outsiders, the crack pots, who continue to cling to a failed neo-con ideology. America rejects it, the military rejects it

    and G*d Bless Mike Malloy. Good work, you got the wing nut, fringe moonbat, 12%ers paying attention. The voice of the American people has spoken, and conservatives are terrified when the American people speak

    By Blogger Unknown, at 07 November, 2007 10:47  

  • Oddly enough, I can find common ground with both "hashfanatic" and "Kensington" above. I agree with "hash" that Malloy is probably the "Brightest 'talk titan' " coming out of the "AAR debacle".

    Kensington is also right that Malloy is a "cretin". In fact the two comments are not mutually exclusive, though it speaks badly about other leftie commentators.

    See how easy it is for us all to get along?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 November, 2007 11:28  

  • And they fired Don Imus for what? This man is allowed to be vulgar and obscene and get away with it. This is disgusting.

    By Blogger Peter V. Bella, at 07 November, 2007 14:31  

  • Middle Class Guy

    So calling nice black girls who play basketball "nappy headed hos" is acceptable, but being dramatic and imagining defending this country from freaks like perinoi and the GOP is offensive?

    bad news Middle Class

    most of this country, wish's Bush was never president, 80% buddy

    We the people are not offended by Malloy's statements.

    Most Americans are not low life bigoted party over country idiots, like you Middle Class.

    80% odf this country wouild nod in approval if they heard Mike Malloy last night.

    Malloy a family man, patriot and very verile 70 year old.

    Nobody is a bigger family man and role-model for family values than Malloy. My personal hero, Mike Malloy.

    I hope when I'm 70 I could have kids still, and be married to a younger lady like Malloy.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 07 November, 2007 15:10  

  • Middle Class racist

    Most Americans feel the same way as Mike Malloy

    Deal with it

    most Americans do not think black basketball stars are "nappy headed ho's"

    do you not understand your type, the pasty white bigoted, Limbaugh loving Republican are the minority in this great nation (thank g*d)

    Less and less people think like you
    Less and less people agree with you.

    Malloy American role model, family man and patriot.

    Imus, billionaire elitist scumbag, closet bigot.

    Americans hate the Bush administration, learn to accept it.

    If Bush dies tonight, there would indeed be mass celebrations in the street, if Cheney died, business would have to close tomorrow, there would be a national celebration so big, it would have to be a holiday.

    lib lib lib media

    keep repeating it!!

    By Blogger Unknown, at 07 November, 2007 15:16  

  • Well, to be fair, Middle Class Guy, Imus had an actual audience and not merely a collection of loons who hear him primarily through their fillings.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 November, 2007 15:46  

  • "oh batsqueeze" you say, hashfanatic? What a coincidence, that's one of Muck Malloy's favorite phrases. He also closes every broadcast with a smarmy and adolescent "keep it lit" (psst, Muck, the '60s ended decades ago, man). You wouldn't be Malloy in all his lurid glory, would you, ah, "hashfanatic"?

    By Blogger Jack Coleman, at 07 November, 2007 22:40  

  • No, just a fan, although clearly not as much of a fan as you are, since I don't listen to "every broadcast" as you claim to...

    Hell, if my own side's radio personalities were as ill-suited to radio as yours are, I guess I'd listen to the opponent's programming as frequently as you do.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 08 November, 2007 19:06  

  • Mike Malloy is a true patriot - and now he's famous. Thanks Bill!

    Extra special thanks go to the rubber chicken brigade that listens to you - they are a very entertaining lot, though not very attentive, I'm afraid...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 November, 2007 08:27  

  • It's called cognitive dissonance. And Malloy is not stupid when it comes to this.

    You wingnuts can't have it both ways -- you can't suggest that waterboarding isn't torture, and then complain that Malloy is suggesting that the Bush administration be tortured.

    The way he laid it out is classic. First, he said that the Bush administration officials would have the opportunity to tell the truth. If they tell the truth, nothing will happen to them. If they don't, then they get waterboarded.

    Malloy is FORCING conservatards to examine the ridiculous logic that goes into waterboarding/torture. And they are too brain-dead to even notice... Most of them, at least.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 November, 2007 09:01  

  • "Mike Malloy is a true patriot..."

    Oh yeah...Che Castro and Che Chavez would say so, I'm sure. Che Stalin too, no doubt.

    "Malloy is FORCING conservatards to examine the ridiculous logic that goes into waterboarding/torture."

    As for you, anonymouse twink, speaking of "ridiculous logic", the distinction between waterboarding and "torture" is that if the former is applied by the book it doesn't result in death, physical agony, or permanent disfigurement. And it's highly effective.

    Under the definition of "torture" I would cite as examples electroshock, severing organs, limbs or parts thereof, extracting fingernails, gouging of eyes, and lashing-to mention a few. The one thing such methods have in common with waterboarding is that both induce emotional distress-which, by the way, is the idea.

    Anyone who isn't a wussified pinko should appreciate that distinction. I'll exempt McCain on that because I don't think he's emotionally capable of making the distinction, having been truly tortured.

    You two and hashfascist-and your shared boyfriend Malloy-obviously don't understand that the Press Secretary isn't exactly an insider; he/she is basically issued a talking points memo to work from. All four of you can eat clinton and die, okay?

    By Blogger ProudGulfWarVet65, at 11 November, 2007 02:53  

  • You know what's amusing about Malloy, anonymous and hashfanatic, is how he endlessly rants about torture, then talks about his fantasies of torturing people who work for Bush. He is like so many of you left of center - scratch the surface and a totalitarian isn't far below. His is the voice of the guard in the gulag.

    Hashfanatic, I listen to Malloy the same way many liberals listen to Rush. But unlike you, I could never be a fan of an obvious sociopath like Malloy.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 November, 2007 19:48  

  • If you listen to him carefully, it is evident that he is not "advocating" real violence against anyone. He is merely venting understandable frustration with an inept and criminal administration. What he feels is actually warranted for those malignant cretins in the White House is a good, long prison sentence, not actual torture. Listen again.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 November, 2007 12:20  

  • And the AA moonbats wonder how they lost NYC, San Diego and Austin TX......

    Even the libs realize these clowns have nothing worth listening to.

    The funniest thing was the radicals asking how could the station in Austin be changing to a spanish-only format, didn't they already have a few spanish stations??? LOLOL!!!

    It would be 100% funny if it wasn't so indicative of the ignorance of a huge voting block.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 November, 2007 11:34  

  • LOL... I've missed Malloy these past few years. It was he who really gave voice to those of us tired of talking in reasoned tones to blockheaded childish retards who think that just because you care about something other than the hairs on your own ass that you are somehow a milder weaker form of human being. What's great about Malloy was that he gets UNHINGED about the bullshit and let's that spirit fly freely into the ether. More than any other host on Air America during it's early phases, it was Malloy who REALLY started putting the spikes on the end of the boot into the chest of spitwads like Limbaugh or Hannity. And as for the peroxided handmaidens they put forth with the old school emasculating lines about men of the left(while simultaneously filling their back channels with rape fantasies against gay women, Hillary, feminists, etc.), Malloy simply wipes away the Maybelline and Anne Klein suit to show the sister traitor underneath. In short.. Malloy reminded us that we are in a WAR with the right.. it may be Ralph Reed and Frank Luntz using ads and wordplay by polite daylight NOW.. but eventually it'll be those guns, militias, and Blackwater when we get close to their power centers. Be ready, be vigilant, be persistent everybody!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 February, 2008 04:20  

  • Here's a news flash for you, anonymous pinko...if that day ever comes, we'll friggin smash your sorry asses. God knows, cowards always go down easy, whimpering, and so it will be with you. Bend over for your boy Malloy if you might as well, as you'll end up in the same place.

    By Blogger ProudGulfWarVet65, at 02 February, 2008 20:18  

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