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21 November 2007

Liberal Massachusetts Judges Open Door To New Killings


Massachusetts Liberalism Again Claims Innocent Victims

With yet another example of pro- criminal sentiment resulting in the murder of innocent people, the Bay State's perpetually sick and corrupt judicial system is under attack today by talk hosts, columnists and bloggers across the country.

While Massachusetts liberals remain stubbornly addicted to their failed social policies, Americans pay for it with their lives.

In the latest case, a Washington state couple was executed last weekend after a convicted murderer facing new charges was released on bail and allowed to move to the Evergreen State. Because the crackpot Massachusetts judge was originally appointed by Mitt Romney, the case may have implications for the upcoming presidential contest.

This mess predates Romney by a longshot, however: the conditions that led to the release of Daniel Thomas Tavares Jr after serving just 16 years for the brutal murder of his own mother says a great deal about rotten Bay State politics.

The Boston Herald has the best explanation of this judicial meltdown:

The couple was executed in their home in rural Graham, Wash., Saturday after an alleged argument with Daniel Tavares Jr., 41, who in 1991 pleaded guilty to hacking his mother to death with a carving knife in their Somerset home in served 16 years for that crime.

Tavares finished his sentence on June 14, but was immediately re-arrested on a warrant charging him with two counts of assaulting Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center prison guards during his troubled stint behind bars, Department of Correction officials said.

Worcester prosecutors requested $50,000 cash bail for each of those charges, an amount approved by Clinton District Court Judge Martha Brennan, according to court documents.

But Tavares appealed the bail and on July 16, Superior Court Judge Kathe Tuttman released him on personal recognizance. Tavares was freed and fled the state to marry and live in a Washington trailer with Jennifer Lynn Tavares, who met the convict at Walpole after answering an inmate personal ad. He defaulted on a July 23 court date, prosecutors said.

In an interesting comparison between two blue states, Washington may seek the death penalty for Tavares, which would be impossible in Massachusetts, since it doesn't exist there. In the Bay State, even hacking your own mother to pieces doesn't result in a lifetime behind bars:

Death penalty possible for Graham killings


TACOMA, Wash. -- Pierce County prosecutors are deciding whether to seek the death penalty against the man accused of killing a couple in their home near Graham.

Daniel Thomas Tavares is charged with aggravated murder for the shooting last weekend of his neighbors, Brian and Beverly Mauck.

Court records say Tavares told investigators he shot the couple because Brian Mauck called him a punk during a dispute over $50 that Tavares says Mauck owed him.

Beverly Mauck's father is fuming mad, pointing the finger of blame straight at the Bay State:

The father of a Washington woman slaughtered along with her new husband - allegedly at the hands of a convicted Bay State killer - said his daughter’s accused murderer never should have been released from prison here.

“It’s because of stupidity in Massachusetts that my daughter is dead,” said Darrel Slater, 55, who is preparing to bury his daughter, Beverly Mauck, 28, and her husband Brian Mauck, 30.

Is this were an isolated case of judicial malfeasance emanating from the Bay State, it would be one thing, but there's a pattern of this kind of behavior. From Joe Fitzgerald's excellent column in today's Boston Herald, "Shame on Soft- on- Cons Bay State":

It’ll be some time before he and others out there can turn their full attention to questions that ought to be dogging Massachusetts now, such as how can someone who butchers his mother at 25 be free to kill again at 41?

It was only a few years ago the same question was asked when Nathaniel Bar-Jonah, notorious for abducting and molesting young boys, persuaded officials at the Bridgewater Treatment Center for the Sexually Dangerous that he was fit for early release.

The first thing he did upon his release was attack another young boy, and yet the commonwealth, philosophically reluctant to properly punish, still gave its blessings to a deal that required him only to live with relatives in Montana.

That’s where this barbarian cannibalized a 10-year-old boy, whose remains he added to spaghetti sauce that he served to friends and neighbors.

If a commonwealth could be considered an accessory before the fact, Massachusetts ought to be in shackles.

Brian and Beverly Mauck didn’t even have to live in Massachusetts to be hurt by it, as many are.

And elsewhere in Massachusetts today, a federal judge injected a left- wing political agenda into a ruling in favor of a crack dealer:

A federal judge has freed a Boston man who pleaded guilty to selling small amounts of crack cocaine, saying that he dealt the drugs out of desperation and that long prison sentences for such crimes often do more harm to black communities than good.

US District Judge Nancy Gertner sentenced Myles Haynes to the 13 months he has served in jail since his arrest. She said that he appeared to be an honest man whose two admitted drug sales were isolated and that lengthy federal prison terms for such crimes are depleting cities of a generation of young black men.

"Isn't it time for us to say that there is on the one hand the impact of the drug trafficking and on the other hand the impact of mass incarceration of African-Americans from crack cocaine?" Gertner said from the bench Monday. "To suggest that the public safety requires the further incarceration of Mr. Haynes makes no sense."

Gertner then set aside sentencing guidelines that could have kept Haynes behind bars an extra 20 to 28 months. While federal judges sometimes depart from guidelines, it is rare for them to air such outspoken views from the bench.

Glancing at Haynes's 8-year-old son, Myles Jr., in the gallery with the defendant's family, Gertner added, "Indeed, when I see your son, I think that public safety requires that you be with your son so that he doesn't follow in your footsteps."

US Attorney Michael J. Sullivan criticized the sentence by Gertner, a Clinton-era appointee who has often accused the US Department of Justice of pursuing ex cessive federal prison sentences for nonviolent offenders.

Though Romney has played a small role in today's outrage, the bigger picture is the legacy of New England liberalism, which time and again embraces criminals and revictimizes their prey. As a resident, your Radio Equalizer finds their continued arrogance in the face of continuous ideological defeat fascinating.

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  • And this has what to do with radio?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 November, 2007 16:34  

  • WE can all agree it is not wise to release someonew who hacked their mother to death..... Liberals all agree too, poor decisions by the judge. What does it have to do with liberalism??? Nothing

    Liberals are not in favor of releasing violent felons.......
    As far as the crack dealer. Nobody should be in a jail cell for years on end for selling tiny amounts of drugs.

    The drugs are allowed into the country, EASILY PROVEN.

    85% of the worlds heroin is made in Afghanistan, and we are still there with boots on the ground, and have not done a damm thing about it.

    Small time dealers are victoms of a racket, the WAr on Drugs is a scam, if it was not a scam, we sould have stopped Heroin 100% by now, we are in the country that prodices almost all heroin, we have our ARMY there, does anyone remember that???

    and real conservatives agree with me, the war on drugs is a SCAM, as is the war on Terror.

    psucedo cons are not conservstives. Brian you are NOT a conservative, your a counterfit conservative.
    Ron Paul is a real conservative, a

    By Blogger Jared, at 21 November, 2007 17:57  

  • "Massachusetts Liberalism Again Claims Innocent Victims" A judge appointed by a Republican governor. I guess anytime anyone is released from prison it is those Liberals. Especially the stacked Republican US Supreme Court. Do you ever tell the truth or do you think people are so stupid to believe your headline! I guess it would be hell to pay if it was a Democrat who appointed the judge, who I am sure is a good Republican!

    By Anonymous Dan W., at 24 November, 2007 23:16  

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