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11 November 2007

Major Stations Drop Troubled Whoopi Goldberg Radio Show


Syndicated Whoopi Morning Show On Last Legs

Essentially admitting they'd made a mistake in backing her, Clear Channel executives have begun to pull Whoopi Goldberg's morning radio show from major affiliates.

Already suffering from a dearth of local stations willing to carry the radical leftist's show, Wake Up With Whoopi has lost two of its biggest outlets in just the past few weeks. Chicago's WILT-FM and WISX/ Philly are the stations pulling the plug.

The latest blows have radio insiders wondering how much longer the program can remain on the air in any form. Here, the prediction is that she may not last into the new year.

Goldberg, now a co- host of ABC's The View, kicked off the show with great fanfare and mainstream media publicity just last year. But it failed to catch on beyond Clear Channel's own stations and even some of those balked at carrying the program.

According to the show's own website, only ten affiliates remain, with New York City as the sole major market outlet still on the list.

In Chicago, coverage of Goldberg's cancellation has been particularly blunt, including this Sun- Times story by Robert Feder:

How badly did Whoopi get walloped? In adults between the ages of 25 and 54 -- the group most coveted by advertisers -- mornings dropped from 11th place with a 3.0 percent share under (former local host Melissa) Forman to 19th place with a 1.8 share under Goldberg, based on comparable Arbitron summer surveys.

In Philly, a local host will also replace Whoopi, which many in the radio industry see as vindication for broadcast veterans who have increasingly been cast aside in favor of celeb programming, only to see them fail soon after.

In fact, even some who share Goldberg's leftist viewpoints may well celebrate her show's coming demise, as it once again proves there's no substitute for on-air experience. The concept of allowing Hollywood types to "play radio" during career lulls has created an enormous level of resentment, especially when successful broadcasters are pushed aside to accommodate them.

As for Whoopi, who will shed any tears? She's got her seat at the table for The View's gabfest and is busy pushing her "progressive" views in the pages of Ms magazine.

Before the show is completely cancelled, let's hope Whoopi has the sense to pull the plug on herself.

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  • “Wake up with whoopi” That’s scary.

    By Blogger pf1, at 12 November, 2007 01:06  

  • Brain, pounded out :
    Already suffering from a dearth of local stations willing to carry the radical leftist's show

    Reminder..... IT IS OVER NOW
    24% of America are still registered Republicans, half the nation supports impeachment, Repub congress and Senate barely has a 10% approval rating....

    Whoppi is the radical!!!! Keep projecting as every day less and less people consider themselves Repukes. Your blog does nothing, but make us 80%ers spit coffe in laughter.
    YOUR VIEWS ARE RADICAL, profits over people, staged media press confrences, a son of a mobster freak running for president, lies, erosion of the constitution. YOU ARE THE RADICAL, AMERICA REJECTS YOU.

    2001 is OVER, you are the minority, and you are the radical, America regrets ever supporting the GOP. To think it took 3000 to die, to get any kind of acceptance from America. AMERICA HATeS THE RIGHT

    and Whoppie, spun Donna Summer's music and the Bee Gees, some radical show that was. Did you ever hear her show, it was a f*cking music show, with next to no talking.

    Brian forgot to tell you, her show was a 10-12 song an hour, old disco music 70's formatted show. Nothing to do with politcs, rarely did Whoppiu and her partner even speak

    Brian counts on you not knowing a damm thing. So a poorly rated music show is getting canned.... What does this have to do with "radical leftist views" which Goldberg never expressed on her Bee Geees oriented music show???

    Once More, contempt is displayed by Maloney and his masters, the RNC

    Brain, you can't go ack to 2001, when the radical right was relevant, what will you EVER do???
    Bask in your glory days of Sept 2001. Remember the Golden age of neo-con fear. IT IS OVER NOW.
    We are in 2007 NOW, and Repukes are the plague to normal Americans.

    Whoppi and those radical Bee Gee records!!!1

    By Blogger Jared, at 12 November, 2007 11:28  

  • Repub congress and Senate barely has a 10% approval rating....

    I'm sure Senator Harry Reid and Representative Nancy Pelosi are rather surprised at their switch of party!

    So when does Nancy hand the gavel over to John Boehner? When does ol' Harry step down for Mitch McConnell?

    See, Congress - you know, with half the rating of the President - is DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED. They are the majority party. Dissatisfaction with Congress is dissatisfaction with the Democrats.

    How you can lay the frustration with Congress at the feet of the Republicans is truly an effort of spinning the likes of which stretches beyond all the huffing folks in spinning class at the gym...

    By Blogger Da, at 12 November, 2007 16:01  

  • I'm with you Brian. I was disappointed former KFI host, and current left-wing nut Ted Rall no longer appears on Hannity. I believe his appearances did more to hurt the left then the publicity helped.

    By Blogger Edward Orysiek, at 12 November, 2007 23:20  

  • Apparently jared has never heard the show or he is just out right lying. I am going with lying based on past history why would I believe his dribble now.

    By Blogger pf1, at 13 November, 2007 01:05  

  • pf1, please take your illiterate filth back to, or over to rightfromtheright.

    "Dissatisfaction with Congress is dissatisfaction with the Democrats."

    Da, I heartily disagree. It is not merely "dissatisfaction", it is DISGUST, and it is by no means limited to Democrats or Republicans, it is across the board.

    Speak to a dyed-in-the-wool Republican voter in a district that's been Republican since cotton-picking times and you'll hear the same vitriol...and it's not just immigration any more.

    It's not a question of volleyball anymore...the voters want fundamental change.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 13 November, 2007 20:06  

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