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24 January 2008

Dr Laura Schlessinger Sees Ratings Jump In LA, SF


Despite It All, Dr Laura Show Still Going Strong

Long before there was a concerted, well- funded effort by liberals to bring down talk radio as a whole, Dr Laura Schlessinger experienced firsthand the wonders of the "progressive" left's unhinged rage. Via a nasty pressure campaign, they did everything possible to destroy her career.

Even today, the mere mention of Dr Laura's name can make a liberal's head explode. Perhaps it's because she didn't just survive their campaign of personal destruction, her show is actually thriving today.

In fact, in newly- released ratings, Dr Laura saw big gains in both Los Angeles and San Francisco, a nice surprise as the syndicated advice talker celebrated her birthday Wednesday.

At KFI / Los Angeles, Dr Laura's ratings were up 50%, giving her a 3.9 share (25-54) and an average quarterly hour audience of 55,000, second highest in their lineup and far better than competing news/ talk stations in that timeslot.

And at San Francisco's KSFO, Laura gained 25% to turn in a 2.0 (25-54) with an AQH of 11,400, that station's best showing.

She's also recently joined Seattle's KVI, so we will soon know how the program is faring there, as well.

We've previously interviewed Dr Laura, it's found here and here.

That her politically incorrect advice has proven so popular in otherwise touchy- feely California means there may yet be hope for the Golden State's future.

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  • Nice job on O'Reilly last night. Always great to see our local talent making good on a national stage. :)

    (And I am proud and honored to be on your blogroll. Hoo-rah!)

    By Blogger CrankyBeach, at 24 January, 2008 12:28  

  • "Dr." Laura will soon be summarily cancelled in New York, for precisely the same reason hypocrite deviant Kevin McCullough was cancelled by WMCA...her "work" doesn't stand on its own merits, and there are better talents out there.

    I wonder what religion she's masquerading as this week?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 January, 2008 12:59  

  • Also saw you on O'Reilly and saw you were prepared. Don't know why Ruddy was on there.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 January, 2008 16:42  

  • Gotta love how this woman infuriates our left leaning friends...keep it up Dr. Laura!!!
    I believe she still has the 4th largest listening audience...hmm, any progressives in the top 10?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 January, 2008 18:36  

  • Maybe she has her son torture the listeners into tuning in?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 January, 2008 21:12  

  • Anyone ever notice that you have to ignore incredibly RELEVANT facts about your causes when you're a liberal. Isn't this, especially, the case when it comes to the Dr. Laura hate movement. Talk about burying your head in the sand, you really have to dig deep and really get your head in there to make a point that Dr. Laura is wrong in her point of view. She stands for parents actually PARENTING their children, being a good person, and a good citizen to our great country. My goodness, what a terrible person! (In case you're one of thsoe with your head deep in the sand, that last sentence was sarcasm).

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 January, 2008 13:44  

  • Yeah, anon.

    Such a wonderful parent, with such a wonderful son.

    Such a wonderful daughter, she left her own mother to die on the floor.

    I pity your children, "anonymous".

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 January, 2008 15:01  

  • Dear Hash,
    Dr. Laura's mother, as she has repeated many, many, many, many times was a truly difficult woman and did not want to have a relationship with anyone, that included her family. Dr. Laura tried but in the end respected her wishes. Just thought I would help you understand the whole story.
    Yes, she is a wonderful parent with an incredible son that is protecting all of our freedom! My children have a mother that is devoted to them, that makes every decision in their best interest and that will sacrifice everything to make sure they get the best upbringing possible. Now that you know the truth, I'm sure you have no choice but to change your mind.
    A Dr. Laura fan

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 January, 2008 18:19  

  • Oh and your little comment about torture and her son? That was a story ran by a tabloid like the National Inquirer. Is that the source of news we are using these days to get our facts? Gimme a break...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 January, 2008 18:20  

  • You know, Hash, after thinking about this for a few minutes I really need to say something to you. You are entirely entitled to your opinion. The point I was trying to make in my original comment was my frustration that there are people who choose to believe lies about a person or issues in order to have "passion" about their position. If you had points that were based in truth, I could not aruge with them but when your arguements are based on lies, I feel so frustrated that there is a person like Dr. Laura and her son and my parenting skills being attacked all based on lies. I hope you would be willing to put yourself in my shoes and see how your comment could be hurtful if I were to attack you in that manner, with lies and against your children or family. I've just put myself in Dr. Laura's shoes and I feel compassion for her for being attacked in this way. I hope your mind will be open to hearing my comment.
    I must say that I remain anonymous because most comments I get from people who disagree are frightening personal attacks that I worry for the safety of my family and myself. Then there are those who would just like to engage in a polite and intellectual discussion wbout our differences in opinions, I quite enjoy those interactions. Is these few and far between people that I leave comments for...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 January, 2008 18:31  

  • Anon.

    If you need a fraud like Dr. Laura with her degree in Physiology to tell you how to raise a child, you have serious issues. Dr. Laura is another unqualified fraud tossed on the radio airwaves by the radio indistry. Her job is to sell advertising, that is all. Sell, sell, sell, sell!!!

    How pathetic. They laugh all the way to the bank, at the network. Sucker born every day Anon. I actually worked for Dr. Laura's syndication company years ago "radio today" (probably does not exist anymore) the people who even worked for her, were embarassed of this product.

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 28 January, 2008 10:04  

  • This Brian guy is a joke. He gets the same Dr. Laura fantasy script as Bill O'Reilly. He lumps all Conservatives in one hole.

    Yankee Farm is my old stomping ground and I'm still in the neighborhood. Conservatives like her even less. If there is this conspiracy it's from Conservatives . They are sick of the disgrace she is. Now she's an Independent, they don't know who she is. She is all bull, it's all a game you greenhorns. Hashfanatic, you know the religion thing has been used to control masses since there was
    religion. You got her right. She sells books at church. Like politics she's going to change when she thinks it will benefit her. The parent scam is her darkest because she wrecked him. Masochist need her.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30 January, 2008 22:04  

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