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07 February 2008

Randi Rhodes Airs Unhinged Anti-Romney Skit


Rhodes Skit Says Romney Supporters Will Kill Innocent People

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Apparently unable to learn from past mistakes, or just too unhinged to know better, Air America Radio host Randi Rhodes has aired another psychotic "parody" skit. This time, the faux ad, supposedly for Mitt Romney, says his supporters will commit mass killings if John McCain becomes the nominee.

Airing on Super Tuesday, the recorded bit marks the second time Rhodes has gone overboard in this way: in 2005, a similar clip depicted a Sopranos-style hit on President Bush.

But her latest stunt makes that one sound tame by comparison. Here's a transcript of the "ad", followed by a YouTube clip with the full audio:

ANNOUNCER: The following is a paid advertisement from Republicans for Mitt Romney, or mass suicide. If John McCain is the Republican Presidential nominee, it will destroy the Republican Party. We’re Romney supporters and we know. Cause, if you vote for John McCain, we’re going to go on a killing rampage. Hey, better dead then moderate.”

REPUBLICAN CHARACTER VOICE: "Look, I for one don’t want to die in a hail of gun fire from crazed Mitt Romney supporters, but it’s better then nominating a man who opposed the Bush tax cuts. Hell, John McCain spent years in a North Vietnamese prison. A prison? That doesn’t make him a hero. That makes him an ex-con.”

ANNOUNCER: Exactly, and um, you know what men do in prison. You see if John McCain is President, he’ll make sodomy mandatory. Now, Mitt Romney, well, he believes all sex should be outlawed.

SECOND REPUBLICAN CHARACTER VOICE: As a true Republican, I’m prepared to poison my own children if John McCain is the nominee, but I do wish there was another way.”

ANNOUNCER: There is. If Mitt Romney is the nominee, he’ll give everyone a free new car, made by people in Michigan, with company-paid health care and pensions just like 1955. If John McCain is the nominee, well, we are going to kill everybody, then turn the guns on ourselves. So choose wisely this election day. This has been a paid ad for Republicans for Mitt Romney, or (gun cocking sound effect) mass suicide.

And here is the YouTube clip with the audio:

Though Rhodes "apologizes" after the skit, it's clear she knew what she was airing.

And even if she didn't, there's a cardinal rule in radio broadcasting: you can be forgiven for a gaffe that occurs during a live broadcast, but there's no excuse for running prerecorded bits you haven't first personally reviewed. Even if this is a case of her production team running amok, Rhodes is still ultimately responsible for her own broadcast.

Needless to say, your Radio Equalizer doubts that's the case based on her history.

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  • Air Deadbeat is still broadcasting?

    I haven't seen a moonbat mentioning AD and their on-air personalities (can't write talent) on forums like the DU for, gotta be at least 6 months or more.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 February, 2008 19:56  

  • hehe
    ...thought it was pretty funny!

    Is this another example of the lack of a humor gene on the right?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 February, 2008 21:37  

  • "This marks the second time..."

    Well, check your math, Brian. This is the third time. You forgot the "Fredo" joke back in 2004. Let's face it: Somebody should put up a photo of Raunchy Rhodes with the caption, "This is what crystal meth will do to you".

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 February, 2008 22:20  

  • Does she somehow think this stuff is funny?

    Of course someone could do a parody of the Conservative reactions to John McCain being the apparent nominee, but Randi Rhodes doesn't have the talent to pull it off.

    Well-done satire can be humorous, even if it is about "our guys", over-the-top sarcasm, with no elements-of-truth, is just annoying.

    By Blogger on-the-rocks, at 07 February, 2008 23:16  

  • Maybe she was too drunk to notice.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 February, 2008 23:21  

  • Rhodes has a stinging case of herpes. And if you did, you'd understand her constant anger. So don't dip it in her, because you'd hate to hurt like that!

    By Blogger Spaz, at 08 February, 2008 00:57  

  • I respect Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity, even when I don't agree. But they've gotten so shrill about Senator McCain I can't even listen any more. HERE'S WHAT I DON'T GET: Why are they so tough on McCain while they were willing to cut the erstwhile pro-choice candidate Rudy Giuliani so much slack?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 February, 2008 02:15  

  • Inadvertently stumbled onto this cesspool. Rhodes really is sick! Poor thing.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 February, 2008 06:12  

  • Rhodes offered her apology to her listeners. Both accepted her apology.

    By Blogger Jonathan, at 08 February, 2008 07:42  

  • This is the most despicable disgusting thing I've heard from a liberal. I dont always agree with McCain but I respect his service to the country and I plan to support him in November against the Communist or the Marxist.
    Rush just pokes fun with his parodies of liberals and he's accused of hate speech.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 February, 2008 08:54  

  • Astonishing what you're "shocked shocked!" about.

    I don't seem to recall this Hysterical Housewife-on-chair terrorized by-mouse tone when Rush devoted days to "Barack the Magic Negro" (all the while claiming that it was the LA Times what made him do it.)

    I guess what's shocking is what can be construed in a manner most valuable to your ideological bent.

    I mean SOMEONE is being an agent provocateur here. Are you SURE it's Randi Rhodes?

    And do I for a moment believe that you'll ALLOW this comment?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    By Blogger ed waldo (Hart Williams), at 08 February, 2008 09:14  

  • Just before being consigned to Hell, are the last words one hears, "I'm sorry about this, but...", and the next to last, "I know you didn't mean it that way, but..."?

    By Blogger Broadsword, at 08 February, 2008 09:29  

  • Is this the same Randi Rhodes that fell down in a drunken stupor outside a bar and tried to blame Blackwater hitmen for it?

    LOL! No wonder her name is a household word! /sarcasm

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 February, 2008 10:19  

  • "I don't seem to recall this Hysterical Housewife-on-chair terrorized by-mouse tone when Rush devoted days to "Barack the Magic Negro" (all the while claiming that it was the LA Times what made him do it.)"

    Hey, Waldo? It was this column that gave him the opening.

    Limbaugh just ran with it.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 08 February, 2008 10:25  

  • Exactly Ed, Barrack the Magic Negro was great when the drug addled, young boy soliciting, 3 times divorced, Anti-american, scum Limbaugh aired it.

    the right.. a bunch of hypocrites

    and I thought it was FUNNY, good job Randi Rhodes

    Im in full support of mocking these Anti-American, Anti-worker, anti-veteran, Anti-children wing nut bastids!!

    mock em, expose em, deport em.
    the right is the enemy of America

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 08 February, 2008 10:38  

  • I'm simply shocked. No, I'm shocked and appalled.

    At this skit thing? No. It's pretty much in line with standard fare from Air America. I'm just shocked anyone still listens to their tripe long enough to get upset by it.

    By Blogger Yashmak, at 08 February, 2008 10:41  

  • "Does she somehow think this stuff is funny?"

    It's funny, because it's so true.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 February, 2008 10:44  

  • Hey, pretty good. I thought it was funny.

    Get a life, conservatives!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 February, 2008 11:32  

  • It IS funny - and the people on the "right" suffering from "McCain Derangement Syndrome" need to get a sense of humor and realize that this is a centrist country, not the rabid, ranting right-wing outpost they dream of.

    By Blogger Mark In Irvine, at 08 February, 2008 14:14  

  • FWIW, I thought it was funny too, in a sick, dark sort of way. What's undeniable though, is that if a republican (like Rushbo, for example) had pulled a stunt like this using Clinton and Obama, the left wouldn't just have been outraged -- they'd be demanding he be kicked off the airways.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 February, 2008 17:20  

  • I caught this in my e-mail:

    "Funny. I referenced the LA TIMES story you send me the link to. Obviously I already read it.

    But since you want to "correct" me: Limbaugh had a rationalization for saying "negro" when he read the column on his show. And perhaps the first time, but by the third hour, it was obvious that it was just an excuse for putting on his white sheet and hood, and by the third day, there was zero rationalization for his racist ranting.

    Just because the LA Times says something borderline racist doesn't give Rush a justification for burning crosses. And what was funniest of all was that he would JUSTIFY his long disparagements by saying "the liberal media will act like I came up with this, but it was the LA TIMES!!!!"

    After a couple of dozen times, even conservatives ought to be able to "get" it.

    But thanks for "correcting" me. Next time, try reading what I said before you correct me on what you THINK I said.

    Ed Waldo"

    DUDE! I stand aghast at your brilliance.

    May all my toilet paper be covered in sand.

    And BTW? Wipe up; your mangine is leaking.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 08 February, 2008 23:25  

  • I think it's pretty funny, and I was (eventually) a Romney supporter.

    It's funny not merely as a parody but as an insight into the leftish mind. Remember, these are the people who quiver with rage and fear every time Ann Coulter takes a deep breath prior to speaking.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 February, 2008 14:51  

  • Freakin' amazing! Whenever the right-wing hosts spout their verbal diarrhea, (i.e., killing Hillary, bombing San Francisco, etc.), and then called to task, their lame excuse is "It was just a joke." This is akin to the schoolyard bully who was caught extorting lunch money from other kids.

    When the liberals do it, it is presented as a parody up front. Obviously, some people do not understand comedy in the form of the ludicrous. But it is comedy. Calling for the assassination of world leaders, the bombing of certain American cities, printing pictures of Hillary on shooting targets and offering them for sale to listeners, IS NOT!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 February, 2008 08:19  

  • This is supposed to be funny?

    Boy, no wonder you leftards are so angry all the time: you wouldn't know funny if it bit you on your keister. Rush says something genuinely funny and you call it hate speech, and then you have to pretend Rhandi the Hag's most pathetically bitter skit yet is somehow funny. Compared to you losers, even Adam Sandler seems at least moderately funny.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 February, 2008 17:43  

  • OMG! Is this why we dont hear her anymore?!?!?!?!?!? After yeaers of listening to her, trust me shes said a lot worse! WE WANT HER BACK! SHES A VOICE THA PPL NEED TO HEAR!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 March, 2009 17:05  

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