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13 February 2008

Talk Radio Helps Defeat Anti-Troops Resolutions


In Pro-Troops Victories, Medium's Increasing Strength Evident

Today's dual victories for American troops have a second, added benefit: they underscore our contention that talk radio is as influential as ever.

While talk's mainstream media opponents dwell ad nauseum on the supposed inability of key hosts to deliver success in divided partisan primaries (a contention Rush Limbaugh has since turned on its ear), conservative hosts are leading the way in battling and defeating anti- troops resolutions across the country.

Generating the most attention so far is the successful effort led by KSFO/ San Francisco's Melanie Morgan, where an anti- Marines resolution declaring our troops "unwelcome" in the perpetually- unhinged city of Berkeley has gone down in flames.

Through Move America Forward, the organization she leads with other pro- troops activists, thousands of patriotic Americans took to the streets of Berserkely to fight the city's anti- American action. They were met by substantial numbers of hate- filled moonbat activists and young East Bay hip-hop basketcases (see photo above- left). Michelle Malkin has more here.

In addition, Morgan has filed a fresh report at Human Events, see it here.

The protests generated a great deal of national print and television coverage, including CNN, FOX News and even the jihadists at al-Reuters. Bloggers and other talk hosts did their best to highlight and promote MAF's showdown.

Though generating less attention, an equally disturbing anti- troops resolution proposed in upstate New York has also gone down to defeat, with talk radio playing a key role, according to trade reporter/ editor Perry Simon.

There, the Albany County Legislature considered an anti- Iraq resolution, but WROW-AM / Albany host Mark Williams (photo left) rallied listeners in opposition to the move, which is reported to have generated a large number of telephone calls to local officials:

(WNYT-TV) The county Legislature chambers were packed Monday night with lawmakers and citizens who came out to speak on the anti-war resolution. Many spoke out against the resolution, but some spoke in favor of it.

The resolution was co-sponsored by legislators Phil Steck and Doug Bullock.

One supporter of the resolution told NewsChannel 13 the two legislators were swamped with phone calls -- some threatening -- on Monday. The issue had caught the attention of a local radio talk show host.

Notice how the TV reporter refuses to credit Williams by name. That's because successful talk radio is constantly undermined by the mainstream media. They see it as a threat.

Though John McCain may have secured the GOP's nomination, the medium's ability to motivate listeners into taking action proves talk radio is actually gaining public influence, despite what the mainstream media would have us believe.

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  • Brian, I think maybe the websites (Michelle Malkin's, in particular) probably played a bigger role in this victory. Most of talk radio (except for Melanie Morgan) came late to this dance.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15 February, 2008 22:33  

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